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  1. Thank you again! I just paid the invoice. I also put in an order through the cart and (hopefully) left a note through PayPal so you don't end up sending two packages.
  2. I would love 2 bottles, if possible, please! Thank you!
  3. Will the new PEs be put up soon? There was at least one that sounded very tempting and I've been a good girl and putting off an order...but my self-control is becoming weaker by the minute!
  4. Ah, skin chemistry is such an interesting thing. I'm almost certain that my skin amps honey and this perfume on me smells like Phero Girl with melon notes as the background. Definitely a much sexier scent than I expected.
  5. Well, I just ordered my first sampler set because there were so many great choices to just narrow it down to a few! I'm so excited to try them!
  6. My current top five in no particular order: 1. LP Original 2. LP Red 3. Mermaids of Atlantis 4. Synchronicity 5. Kittenish But the other very close runner-ups are: Everything Nice and Cuddle Bunny...and maybe CFM and Slave to Sin. It's hard to pick from all the lovely scents!
  7. On my skin the rose is the predominant note followed by a background of the cocoa butter and custard. I don't detect much of the carnation. As it dries down the rose takes a backseat to the custard, but still lingers in the background. Normally I'm not a huge fan of rose based scents, but the added sweetness and creaminess of this perfume has changed my mind. I prefer this to Sugared Roses, which to me is more of a "green" fresh-cut rose scent. All in all, this is a beautiful perfume.
  8. Same here! I've also had this reaction to the LP blends (Original, Red, etc.). Perhaps vanilla=maple on my skin? I don't get the syrup note myself, but I figure there are way worse things to smell like. And now I'm craving pancakes...
  9. The weather where I'm at has been very cold lately, so this is such a great scent! One sniff and I'm instantly whisked away to a sandy beach by the ocean. To me this is a fruity aquatic scent that my nose can't get enough of!
  10. This is quite the lovely scent. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it because upon initial application it seemed too sweet, but luckily after a few minutes it mellows out. I get mostly notes of a slighly warm, sugary vanilla. I keep going back to sniff my wrists!
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