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  1. Too bad I missed this one, but it seems to be GGG.
  2. Interesting. I do like the smell of pine trees. Probably shouldn't wear Teddy Man/Teddy Man 2 because I'm like Snoopyace, people tend to push me around or see me as "soft".
  3. Bumbob, might have been "loading buzz" from the pheromones that triggered that.
  4. Anyone tried the new Excalibur Limited Edition with Super Sexy For Men in it? Results?
  5. "you smell like hookah" That's very rude, but at least he didn't tell you that you dressed like a hookah.
  6. Darn it Luna, now I have that Leo Sayer song stuck in my head... "You make me feel like viii-king, ooooh, viii-king, I wanna vike the night away!"
  7. Paganlady, Your "flypaper for assholes" comment made me visualise a strip of flypaper hanging from the ceiling with a disembodied arsehole buzzing around like a fly and getting stuck to it... I really should not read these forums while operating on a lack of sleep... Edit: back on topic, just recently ordered Down and Dirty & Thane. I was going to get Delicious Wood, but Thane was on special. Otherwise, I'd have gotten Wood, and gotten Down and Dirty with it.
  8. "Mate, you smell like a cane train derailed in a bloody tobacco field! You must be a poofter!" "So you don't mind if I date your girlfriend then?"
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