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  1. How does this compare to LP Green in general? I really enjoyed LP Green and am thinking of getting this one!
  2. This one was a surprise hit for me. After That Kind of Girl being a bit too sweet I was weary of fruits, but this one, which sweet and flirty, wasn't too sticky or cloying, but rather also pretty fresh and sexy. I find myself wearing it a lot!
  3. donthate


    This one is so interesting to me. It is warm and slightly coconutty and has this kind of warm dry tropical breeze and woods vibe. Most scents that channel summer or tropics are fruity and/or really coconutty, and this one is a different spin which makes it really unique.
  4. donthate

    Bayou Musk

    This is very unexpected on me, in a good way! I expected something predominantly green and cool. Instead it is green and woody but at the same time sweet, creamy, resiny and warm (perhaps black musky), and there's an overlying fruitiness. Very complex and really addicting! The only thing is that it fades pretty fast on me so I've been slathering my sample like crazy.
  5. donthate


    I'm really liking this one! I don't really like anything too spicy, but this is great! Can't really name notes but it's warm, spicy, incensey, and smooth.
  6. I'm really looking forward to trying this. I liked Dark Seductions a lot but sometimes it could be a little, well-dark. Can't wait to see how lavender blends into it.
  7. This sounds delicious! I'm not usually a fan of berries but I'm adding this one to my sample order.
  8. Man this one sounds amazing but I don't know if I can just buy a bottle unsniffed.
  9. This reminds me a lot of Everything Nice! I definitely get the syrupy, almost honeyed brown sugar quality that is delicious and it's spiced up with cinnamon. I'm not a huge cinnamon fan when it comes to scents so I don't love it, but it is a delicious scent!
  10. This one is really nice! It's incensey, sandalwoody, but super creamy dark vanilla makes it not heady or heavy.
  11. I get the chocolate and patchouli and fruits, but the blend makes the fruit seem like there's a floral rosey element that sort of kills it for me. This actually smells a lot like chocolate and roses on me, which isn't really what I was looking for. Interesting blend though.
  12. Hmm this one is nice. It really is like pink sugar and amber, though I wish it were deeper and richer. Although I like it, and believe it definitely can be described as candy amber but with a bit more candy, I don't love it.
  13. Valentine Queen, Moroccan Nights, and Hotness Personified sound YUM!
  14. donthate


    It's funny you should say this because I actually just ran out of my Black sample size (have my first full bottle on the way!) and I remember Bravado being similar so reached for that instead. I can't stop smelling my wrists!
  15. donthate


    Just wanted to say that in the past week I've been wearing this a lot! It's pretty chilly outside and this scent makes me feel warm and cozy.
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