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  1. I've seen a couple of mentions of Jouir de and now I'm a little worried. Jouir de on me goes through a pronounced "perfumed balls" stage that I just couldn't get down with. But I just couldn't pass a sample up!


    I think the peach with the honeys might add a certain "tang" out of the vial that I've never smelled before but during dry down this is juicy, sexy honey with a hint of fruit on me and it's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I don't get any moth balls scent like I did from Jouir de, personally. :P

  2. Nice Honeybee :) ...try the V4,when you run out of V3 you will be glad you did...oh and I hope Mara sees this part,how neat:


    Thanks Calii! I am excited to try out the V4 whenever I can get my hands on some and any and all versions after that. It's so nice that we have these things to look forward to in the future!


    I thought it was neat too how my SO was so perplexed about this scent, lol. I'll have to watch him now, he might try to taste test it like I hear a few people on the boards have done. :rolleyes:

  3. And Catherine! :)


    And Luna! :D


    YES YES, Special thank you to John John and Catherine and Luna! I didn't mean to forget any of you talented people, so sowwy! :Hug_emoticon:

    I admit I'm ignorant to the current LP gang and need to search the forum and read more about you guys. Is there any one else I missed???

  4. I so want to like this, but the caramel amps to an intolerable level.


    @ Halo: Me too!! That caramel is so loud! Do you think layering this with something would work? Maybe a vanilla would soften this?


    This is one of the rare times that I had to wash off a scent from LP but I *KNOW* that it's me and my skin chemistry's fault, not the perfume blend. I really love this scent in the vial, it's fun and pretty and I hope I can figure out a way to where this.


    Edit: I just remembered I have some of that oil, CPS, I'll give that a go and see what happens.

  5. I don't wear G&L (V3) very often at all. I told myself when I got it that it is soooo good that I can only wear it for special occasions but I haven't found many occasions special enough to splurge with it because I was being so overly protective of this bottle, lol.


    So I decided that last week, for no reason at all that I would break this bad habit and spray away and I'm so glad I did b/c I forgot how well this works for me and the people around me. My SO reminded me just how much we love the phero blend Lace for our relationship too. He was in a super cute mood, happy and care free and laughing a lot-- it was so nice to see his old self again that it melted my heart : ) Later on that night he said the same thing about me (awwww). It also brought back memories of when we first met, being all cutesy and flirtatious so it was a fun day for the both of us b/c we really needed that break. I also felt less anxious and more sociable which helped my come out of my cave that I've been living in lately.


    Oh and SO wanted me to write that it smells "Just like cookies, not kinda like cookies, not similar, but just like REAL, EDIBLE COOKIES". This confuses him how perfumes can mimic the scent of scrumptious food without being like "that fake, plastic vanilla stuff other girls spray on and burn as candles" but I told him it's just the magic of Mara and LP : )

  6. Hi Honeybee!


    Thank you for the kind words. I am glad they've brought a smile to your face. :)


    In general, no, because the point of the discounted price is supposed to be to trial something and then if you like it, you buy the full bottle. But for you, since you are gifting those two to Mom, I will say yes in this circumstance. :Hug_emoticon:


    Your welcome!!!


    THANK YOU for letting me get doubles! I appreciate it so much and know my Mom will too, it's so kind of you to offer that to us ; ) :Hug_emoticon:



    My parents are going on vacation the end of April as an early anniversary get-a-way so I wanted to get her (and myself) a sample of Goddess of the Blue Moon w/ La Femme Mystere because they don't get away together very often and it seems like a phero that could help her feel good about herself and sexy, she deserves that plus they are going to the Florida Keys so that'll be romantic : )


    Also I want to get her the Heart's Ease w/ Balm Bomb because PMS runs rampant in my family, sometimes it even seems the boys somehow have it, lol and if this can assist in any way with us ladies than I'm sure in our future we'll be buying bottles not just the samples. Thanks again Mara! You are an angel and you really know how to make each and every one of us customers/members feel loved and special. I hope you know how much you mean to all of us! :ange: K. sry for the mushy-gushy-goo but its TRUE, we love you! :P

  7. I revisited this one today and it's so delicious this time around. Sometimes (probably depending on my hormones) this is buttery popcorn with cinnamon and I know that's not what it's meant to be so it's disappointing when my skin turns it all wacky. BUT today it's explosive!!!!!!!!! It has so much more depth today, it is so very sexy that I feel like seducing someone ; )

    It's also still foody today without being a walking dessert (though that is GOOD too of course :P) or gourmet popcorn in my case (which is still nice if that's what you're lookin' for). It has awesome throw too which normally for me it does but I think it also has something to do with the nice weather we're having here actually. I know we get used to our own perfume after time but I keep getting whiffs every so often and I put this on almost 8 hours ago and its still going strong. So verdict is in, I cannot wait to try a sample of Red Lace!!! What an awesome combo!

  8. I'm going to allow people to split it up if they want, so the whole set will be $60 ($40 discount off the individual vials), or $30 for the person's choice of 10 ($20 discount). I know that $60 is a lot to part with at one time for many of us.


    I am in awe at how beautiful these all look and sound! Great job LP, Mara, katz, Invi, and Bohemian Cats! Thank You for another magickal month of goodies. I feel sooo very happy right now, thanks for putting a smile back on my face, it was much needed lately :)))


    I don't mean to complicate things but I'm just curious if I were to order the 10 pack sampler, I know I have to choose ten but can I choose 8 and then have two doubles? Is that even allowed? Or fair? I am thinking I want to gift 2 of these to my Mom for Easter but anyways it's all good either way!



  9. Well I'll try to get some Tranquility soon, I do want to try it out in spray form and then I'll be able to give you a better report. Seeing the effects on my Aunt makes me want to get more of this ASAP. It really soothes her nerves and anxieties, she's still coming to terms with my Grama's death and she uses this one during those difficult days, she also has TM but she grabs this one more often, she's almost out actually.

  10. This is soooooo freakin' sexy! Seriously, I'm surprised this one hasn't gotten more rave reviews. When I wear this it is only in the evenings with my beloved. As soon as this hits my skin and heats up I envision a candle lit room with long, sheer drapes hanging from the ceiling, I'm laying on silky, red sheets, I'm dressed in a romantic nightie and my guy is..... well he doesn't have much on ; ) and we're sipping wine and massaging one another with exotic oils and of course we have dessert....... later.......... ; ) This is def. a sensual, sexy, romantic kinda scent that just takes you far off into fantasy land. Well the name explains it all really. <3

  11. Thanks for the tips, I will report back on this one!


    Honeybee that is a lovely story, people who don't love pets underestimate the joy the bring to us humans and the loss when they leave. I found a tiny tin containing a snippet of my cat's fur today, he died 17 years ago, but I smelt that fur today and it broke my heart exactly the same.


    So sorry for the late post cinnamonmel. I totally agree with you there. And a big awwww for your lost kitty. Big hugs and I know that time does help heal to an extent but yet we never fully heal from the scars when we have loved that deep. I'm so happy you have that fur for those days that your heart aches so much. I kept my kitties name tag and dig it out on those hard days and hold it knowing at one time it hung on his collar and jingled wherever he went. Stay strong <3


    I'm updating my review on Rainbow Falls. I just love this stuff. I finally ordered a bottle so I can stop hoarding my lil' sample spray. Out of all the phero blends I have tried this is by far the most congruent with my personality. I feel like it is me but just a bit more vibrant to give me that extra push to shine a lil' brighter. It adds to me in a subtle way,, a way that I know and recognize already. Not that the other phero blends completely change me but sometimes I put on Compromising P. and BOOM I have many sudden urges, lol. I do so much enjoy those blends that can pick me up so high or relax me when I'm upset like Teddy Man but this one just helps me to be a better me. Rainbow Falls seems to compliment my personality well, like the way I feel everyday on a regular bases. I hope this makes sense.


    As for others, it seems to make them more considerate, friendly, calmer and more sensitive to me and others which is everything I like. This has to be my all time favorite blend because of the results I get with others, self effects and the scent is just gorgeous so it all fits together so nicely. I feel like this ONE was made for me. Thank You LP for all your creations <3

  12. Ok, so I didn't like this one very much for a long time. It smelled so sour to me, almost like there were some cops in there but there aren't. It used to smell very "perfumey" to me, too mature.. My nose must have been immature or screwy because now I can pick up so many other notes, I adore this. It ends up so creamy and womanly and sexy and now I get hints of amber and musk and some florals. I'm so happy I didn't give up on this one.... or that it didn't give up on my ignorance.

  13. This is just so cute, it's birthday cake and orange and happiness. It is soft and creamy and stays so very close to the skin and I LOVE that the vanilla isn't goin' wonky on my skin. This doesn't have a lot of throw on me at all and within a few hours it's completely gone. BUT b/c the scent is just so scrumptious it's worth it, and of course with the popularity potion it makes it a winner with everyone.

  14. You know, this one is the only phero blend that I haven't actually "felt". I know I must be having issues with the dosage but I'm almost done with my sample so have to reorder sometime in the new year. Now for my Aunt, she puts just a few dabs on and she feels instantly calmer--- jealous cuz I need this right now badly. The scent is nice though, almost metallic, something about it reminds me of night; darkness without the scent actually being "deep". I will get another sample and a mini spray bottle and add alcohol, I imagine this one needs to have better diffusion for my brain to pick up. Will report back later.

  15. This is a bit too masculine for my taste though it is still def. unisex. I prefer Oleander the Great on me but my Dad and guy tried this version out and they are loving it and it really does smell so much better on them, they wear it well. For the effects I get great results. People seem to give me more respect which helps A LOT b/c I have this young girlish voice (though I'm in my mid-20's) plus I'm still working on my assertiveness so the combo doesn't help but SWS sure does. People just LISTEN and don't cut me off and I think they actually take into consideration WHAT I am saying. My Dad didn't notice any hits but he is very assertive, very bold and so he might not be getting dramatic hits like I've been getting. The boy hasn't tested this out in public yet so we'll see about him later.

  16. I have V2 and V3. I love them both equally too! It just depends on my mood which one I choose to wear. V2 is more unisex, there is a masculine quality that makes this deeper, sexier, a lil' edgy.V3 is more pretty and feminine, sunny and brighter. This one I find myself wearing when I actually feel more girly and pretty. They both work wonders for both sexes in my opinion. The girls and guys seem to want to talk to me and be around me more than usual so I have to make sure before I put this on that that is what I want, because to be honest most days, I like to be by myself, quietly observing. But all in all I like. :Emoticons0804:

  17. Sadly, I AMP the incense but strangely I'm almost liking it at times. Each time I wear it I change my mind, maybe my nose just has to get accustomed to this. I think I may just get a full bottle b/c it's so interesting. My skin chem. seems to always be changing up scents and I know with the oils aging I might regret not having this. I could always layer with a vanilla to tone it down I think.

  18. I have V2 with BI which I LOVE to use with the boy! I put this version on at night when we are together, works in an instant........ and then way into the late morning I awake with his nose stuck like glue to my neck, crazed, ready to go again. I can't believe how long the scent AND the pheros stay on in this one.


    Now for the V3, this is personally my favorite of the two. This is lighter, not as syrupy as V2. Something about it is brighter, not as sticky or heavy. It doesn't last way into the morning BUT that is okay b/c I'm lovin' this almost pinkish scent I'm picking up. For the phero's I find that my guy doesn't respond much to SS4W, must not have found the sweet spot yet for hits but for me, wow, this is awesome for self effects. I feel charged, free, a lil' naughty, a lil' extra confidence, I act silly and I have fun with this blend. This is like my Friday night, get crazy potion. They are both keepers!!! : )

  19. This one is so very sexy, it screams "look at me" just like intended. It's loud and bright from the limes with an EDGE from the peppercorn. I am in lust with this one in the vial, love at first sniff, I wanted every bottle ever made but unfortunately during dry down my skin amps the peppercorns. It's still wearable, it just loses the bright, fun loving, sexy twist. I know that with time, this may change though so I am definitely not giving up on this one.

  20. I haven't used this in a long time because it's been in my trades. Lately I've been going through them and decided to pop this one open, straight from the vial I get deep purple fruit. I just had to dab it on. The last times I tested this it turned soapy on me, the notes must not have worked with my chemistry back then and it turned to generic white soap. Now this is amazing, I had to take it off of my trades, I've been wearing it for the last few days. PP has great staying power and to be honest doesn't morph very much on me, it stays deep and resinous with a hint of fruit (just checked the notes and must be the pear) for a good 8 hours, after that the purple fruit fades and I'm left with faint resins, very sexy. This is lovely and I'm so happy I gave this one another try.

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