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  1. Ooooh, heck yeah.


    I'm going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in October. These couldn't have come at a better time!


    You lucky girl, have FUN!!!!! Let us know how it is, I don't' know anyone who has gone yet so I'm dying to hear your adventures. Most of my fam/friends think I'm a freak when I start up about Harry Potter, lol. I admit I HATED HP for many years, I went w/ my friend years ago to Borders at midnight for one of the book releases and there were HP freaks dressed up in capes, witches/wizard hats, wands, someone even brought their terrified black cat (poor thing) some people were so into it they were calling me "muggle" which I didn't understand what that even meant at the time and some yelled spells at me b/c I was the only one not dressed up, I said "hell no, I'm waiting in the car away from these weirdo's" lol, and then about a year and a half ago I finally gave the books a chance, fell in love and am now part of the club : ) My bf humored me and watched the movies with me and took me for my July birthday to see the final one, it was awesome, ANYWAYS I'll shut up and stop getting off subject. ENJOY your trip Darbla, hope it's magical : )

  2. My research indicates they sell the Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice.


    Thanks Luna, the HP characters would mention those two drinks so often that I always wished I could try them, I think that is awesome that the amusement park brought the story to life and that LP did as well. I have been so very excited for new releases ever since I found this beautiful place last July, but this one reallllly got me, it takes the cake and I didn't think it could ever get any better than it has been. I needed this cheer too, I've been so miserable lately and it's funny how finally one day comes along and things fall into place perfectly on their own AND then there are even some happy unexpected surprises that feel like it's meant just for YOU to make ya feel special! Well that is today for me, finally a break, you all do that for me when I need it most, thanks <3


    Glistening Buttons sounds pretty awesome too, can't wait to hear more about them : )

  3. Thanks, Honeybee! Yep, the artwork is up. Try a page refresh? We can see it on our computers over here.


    Awwwww, your welcome :toast:


    Thanks for the tip, I refreshed and logged in again but I think it's our computer. Our security program blocked Google Chrome a few weeks ago and drove us all crazy, it is probably doing something weird again. It's all good, I know the artwork is GORGEOUS as always and I'm still so completely happy cuz I was having HP AND LP withdrawals and now I get a massive hit, ahhhhhhh, he he :(

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!! OMG, I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter and so sad that it's all over, especially lately. I just watched a few of the movies this past weekend to cheer up as a matter of fact AND NOW I am so very thrilled you're keeping it alive. I NEED to get my hands on some of these, THANK YOU LP for yet another freakin' awesome month of goodies!!! One day I'm going to go the the Harry Potter theme park and I'll take my HP themed bottles, I think they actually sell some of the drinks/foods mentioned in the book, ahhhhhhhhhh, I so happy : )))) Def. have to check out the cook book too ; )


    P.S. Is the artwork missing this month or is it not showing up on my computer? Thanx <3

  5. Awww,Honybee,how beautiful :love: and no I do not think it weird at all,our pets are family and closure is a good thing...I have my pet cemetary,and enjoy maintaining it and occasionally conversering with my loved ones,it brings me much peace.



    Thank you Calii!!! :D


    You are right, it IS so nice to maintain the grave sites, it's therapeutic in a way and so spiritual to be in the peace and quiet and to know that your angel baby is somewhere there with you, happy you're visiting. I'm happy that you feel this way too about pet cemetery's, it's very comforting and so I'm glad that you have that.


    @cinnamonmel: I agree with Calii and bumbob to try spraying it on you hair or on your clothes, let us know how it goes b/c I hope you can find a way to enjoy it, the true scent is just amazing.

  6. Aww, thanks guys <3 :abfx:


    Now for the Phero review:

    I wore this yesterday to my Aunt and Uncles dog's memorial service. Our family has some dogs and cats resting at the pet cemetery and I know some people think it's kinda weird but for us is it helps bring closure, they were family to us and we want to give them a final resting place. SO, I wore this and it was great. My Aunt was in tears but she really cheered up when she was around me and seen the brighter side at times. There were some people I haven't met yet on my Uncles side of the family and they were VERY welcoming, gave hugs and acted as if we knew each other for years, lots of smiles and very sweet. Afterwards they took us out to lunch and everyone was really talkative, upbeat and kept complimenting everyone else, and of course kept bringing up the best memories of the beloved pup, it was just a big love party that strangers kept looking at us; all the tears, hugs, kisses and laughing : ) I'm sure everyone would have been so kind even without this but I feel like the Treasured Hearts and Alpha-nol helped everyone and especially my Aunt, to be able to cheer up and for everyone to be more open with each other. Sometimes things like this can be awkward at times too but I noticed that this seemed to make everything go really smoothly. THanks LP!

  7. This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!!! No lie, I shed a few happy tears when I first sprayed this. Distant memories of when I was in Hawaii came back to me clearer than ever; swimming through the cool, blue waters of the pacific with spinner dolphins by my side; the beautiful hiking trail with tropical aromatic flowers growing all around me that lead to the hidden beach. This brought back such beautiful times that I cherish and I thank you so much Love Potion magical people for making this and helping me re-live it. Later I read the description because sometimes I rush through it out of excitement (just like with the sales, oops) and I think it's amazing how this was inspired about Hawaii, and the Rainbow Falls, I couldn't place the name of the falls but now I want to go back and visit them : )

  8. I know that LP's magickal perfumes can smell different on everyone b/c of our skin chemistry but I'm confused on this one. I might get a bottle but I've never sampled it. Is this more tropical, beachy b/c of the coconut with just a hint of brown sugar or is this more thick and spicy, like MRF with just a hint of coconut??? I really love beachy smells, even tanning oil especially Hawiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil, it's smells like summer at the beach, yum, so creamy. From LP I found Sandwitch, I love how it reminds me of summer vacations on the beach. I'm curious if Kimberley's Pumpkin Tropique has that same beachy feel? Any more reviews, anyone??? TY!

  9. So this month IS designing August then?!?! Oh wow, they sure are busy, I can't imagine. I thought this month releases' come out in July, meaning the "July releases" and then August come's out near August 25th-ish, no? Well this is my first designing August month so I still consider myself newer here and have a lot to learn still. It's almost my one year anniversary though!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ways I am starting to stalk as well, so glad that the end of the month is always full of anticipation. LP, you bring such excitement to my life::: THANK YOU : )))

  10. Yikes glad i read this! Guess my bottle of enhanced turkish delight can go....bit freaked out now! I googled it but couldn't find out much about it when i tried.



    Are you referring to the Meo-est deal? If so, I could be confused but I think this particular pheromone is/was used from a different company. Does anyone know for sure? :20628860864593fef0b8f29:

  11. Hey all...(waving) I'm new to LP products. I got PheroGirl in the mail today...VERY fast shipping. I also got a bunch of samples! How wonderful. Thank you!!


    Total props on the shipping speed...I think I'd order again if for that alone.


    I have to say the smell is really strong on me and not necessarily in a good way. From the description I had thought it would smell a little like BPAL's O, which is my favorite to-die-for fragrance. This smells heavily, really heavily of incense. :)


    Not sure of any reactions yet. I will report back later if I note any. I have two li'l dots on my neck and one on my wrist so I can periodically smell that one (can't reach my neck to smell it :020105~21: ) and see if the scent changes on me. Am I smelling the EoW?



    Edit: Oh, I can't. I just can't. :happybirthday: I don't regret the purchase, though. I'm sure I can use a dot here and there with a cover, something strongish. I just can't do the scent on its own and in quantity. I gave it about 45 minutes and it didn't change...it might have after that but it's just a fragrance that doesn't agree with me. Haven't given up on LP, though!


    I LOVE pherogirl and soooo sorry you don't enjoy it BUT you did just get it and these oils change, seriously. Depending on your hormones or other things perfume oils can smell different depending on the time of month and skin chemistry. Also sometimes the oils them self get better with age. I didn't like a few samples I bought when I first joined here back in August and I pulled them out around the Christmas holidays and was shocked at how much I liked them.


    Also know that if you ever want to set up a page on the Trading page you can trade or sell the bottles and sniffies that dont' get much love to other members.


    Review: A bottle of this is in my future, on me this is foody, sexy honey, it turns scrumptious and not heavy at all like some other honey scents I have tried. Some others smell too dirty, earthy, or musky but this is more edible to me, like honey cookies. This is the best honey scent for my skin that I've tried. Sugared honeycomb and the newest Sexology work good on me too.

  12. Who here uses BAM and LAM together? Bewitch, Attract and Mesmerize Like A Magnet. Seriously, I think I am in love with this combo.


    It seems to make me the bubbly, shiny quality with a certain je ne sais quois. I seem to be a flower, and the bees come calling- male, female, doesn't matter.


    It seems to be a great social blend for me. It puts me in a very up-and-up bubbly mood, but if I need to sneak over during a party for some one-on-one time and more serious conversation with a friend, it seems to foster that as well. I think this is my fave mix, and I think this would be a great mix to consider.


    Mara, would you consider making an unscented BLAM mix?



    This sounds like a great idea. I have read about BLAM before but couldn't find the thread just now. I haven't tried it but I will next. I have Love Blossom and Happy Ending so those might work together good. Did you use scented LAM and BAM--- which ones? Or were they unscented?

  13. Hi to all of you. I am new to this forum. Just popping in to tell a little about my impression from what i gotten here at Love Potion.


    Voracious was one who i got a very good first impressions of when i opened my shipment from LP, and was eager to try out. So this one is the one i used most. I liked both the smell and the self effect i got from the pheromone. To me it smelled at first 30-60 minutes something that reminded me of sweet leather and vanilla. Then it turns in to a kind wood smell.


    I went to work after one spray on my neck and one at my wrist. I asked one woman, a co-worker what she thought, and explained it was a trial i considered buying and wether she thinks its worth spending my money on. She just answered "I dont know, its nice", said nothing more and went back to her work. A minute later she turns around to me and said "You should buy it, its a very nice one". Another minute and turns to me again and said "It fits your personality, both nice and kind but strong and mysterious at the same time. I really like it."


    After using Voracious for more than two weeks both at work and when going out, i do see many good feedback / hits. It looks to me as most women find the scent attractive on me, and it have for shure drawn in many women to stand as close to me as possible. There have been days where i see better results than other, but all in all i have never seen one single person reacted repulsive towards me. That might be strange since Androstenone is known to be just that in certain moments. Instead there have been a few days where i had stood there wondering whats going on. Is it really possible to see what i have seen from women when using this?


    My only downside is that it doesnt look to go very well with this at work. I get many hits from customers and from many young girls. I am 38 years old, and got flirts from girls so young as 16-17 year. Not good and very embarrasing. So even how much i like Voracious, its simply not for every day use.


    From experience with other pheromones with Androsterone, it surprise me to see how little intimidating Voracious is. Its like any woman are just eager to get in contact with me.


    Great review Q-Tips and Welcome : )


    Mara and the LP gang do a really great job with their phero blends compared to other companies so this is probably why you don't see the negative affects from Androstenone--as long as you don't OD which is sounds like you didn't.


    Voracious sounds like a great phero for you for those nights out where your searching for more than "just friends", I agree with you that it wouldn't make the best work phero blend.


    There are a few other blends that are great for a work atmosphere if that is what you are looking for, be sure to read the descriptions and reviews. My guy likes Top Dog for work, it has an "alpha-soical" type vibe. There is also Irresistible Forces, Dad, Iconic Tonic and Unscented Swimming with Sharks that work good in professional settings, maybe try some samples out, good luck to you.

  14. It is.

    There's two parts to it...there is *crafting with intent* and then charging or blessing, sometimes on a *day of power* as Beccah so nicely put it.


    There's a short article here, if you are interested: http://lovepotionperfume.com/reading_room/articles/Intent


    Crafting with intent means, in our case, that we are making perfumes with the knowledge of the folklore/spiritual/religious meanings of each ingredient in mind, and we are choosing those ingredients each for a special purpose. While handling the ingredients, the goal of the potion is kept in mind....a potion for love, for money...you keep the goal in mind while brewing....this process "charges" what you are making with energy,


    When finished, the potion can be additionally charged or blessed. My usual blessing is to wish success, health and happiness on the wearer of the perfume, with an additional thought to the specific purpose.


    In this case, Ail figured out the exact time of the Solstice in Scotland and in California, and we both did our prayers/wishes/spells at the same time. (Understand that a prayer, a wish and a spell are all the same thing). We do this for every seasonal Solstice and Equinox, Full Moons and other special days.


    Sometimes we will craft a potion in honor of a God/dess, and we will do our blessing on that deity's special day.


    This calendar is fantastic...it lists all the dates for the Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman & Christian holidays, and also the moon cycles, etc.




    Thank you PM! This is all so beautiful that it gives me shivers that you and others here care SO MUCH about our well being. I can feel the good, loving energy just reading about your loving intentions. Thank you PM and Ail and everyone at LPMP and the members too for all of your blessings, prayers, wishes and rituals. You all are so amazing and I know that this is half of the reason we get so "addicted", the love keeps bringing us back. Awww, I'm being so mushy gushy lovey dovey................ but it's all so true :)

  15. Hello! Back from my trip! Update!


    While I loved everything I bought, I only used Cuddle Bunny, as it was the first thing I tried with him, and why fix what ain't broke! So yeah, things went well...


    Long story short, we had an--ahem--active weekend, and we're now in the process of trying to figure out the logistics of a long distance relationship. Even though it felt like we were headed this way anyway, I do think the Cuddle Bunny got things going sooner (first day, nearly the first hour!), and he was quite amorous the whole weekend.


    And now I can't stop smiling, hehe.


    Thanks again everyone for the advice and welcomes.


    WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news Minerva! I am also so happy for you. Ahhhh, your trip sounded so beautiful, the first time with somebody new............. I bet your over the moon :abvb: Congratulations and I hope you both are happy and have many more weekends like this soon : )

  16. Me, too...and me, too...and I DO have blond roots. Well, blond and silver! Heee! And yes, it's pheros...and YES you should give it a go, Honeybee! When I wear it, people around me just...cooperate. And I definitely get self-effects from it. I feel more outgoing in a subtle way, and kind of like I just *expect* to be listened to, if that makes sense. That in itself might be what's making people cooperate around me. I really like it!


    He he, blondes have more fun!!! :banana105:

    Well I'm actually brunette and died my hair red a few months ago, the beautiful Pony inspired me :sock puppet shaking no ha: But I still have my roots, I was deff. born a blonde : ) And you sound foxy ElizabethOSP, I love silver highlights !!!


    This blend sounds like it works beautifully for you. Thanks for the input, a sample of this is deff. going on my next order for sure now :)

  17. Thank you for sharing that awesome report with us BumBoBee :D


    OMG, that's how you say your member name?! I'm an ass, I've been reading it as Bum-bob! :) I've got some blonde roots, people tell me :lol:


    Bumbob, great review. That must have made you really happy to see him smile because of your presentation, congrats!


    I really hope to try this blend soon. I talk so softly that some people just don't take me seriously. I know I have to work on that, and to be more assertive but it does seem that for some people, once they hear my voice, they already have that negative assumption that I am "young" and not very knowledgeable. I'm thinking this might help, even if it's to make me feel more confident


    Edit: This is a pheromone blend right?

  18. I kept getting calls and emails from people asking if I sent them something by mistake and what should they do with it!


    This IS just so hilarious, he he he! Noobs just don't understand the big heart of Mara at first. It's quite rare to find this much generosity in a person, and then it hits them and they feel all special and loved : )

  19. Yup, you have $10 in credits awaiting you, my Darling! :)


    They do not expire. You can save them up and use them all at once, but they still need to be accompanied by a $25.00 paid order.


    I archived the old threads and replaced them with this one and this one: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=5803

    because I knew there was confusion - the program kind of morphed through the years rather than being firmly established...so now it's nice & firm. heh.


    You have no concerns over your posts being valid thus far, you're fine.


    Examples of posts that I would not consider valid would be things like "I haven't tried this one yet" in a review thread, or saying, "still like this one". Stuff like that adds nothing of value for the reader and just takes up space, you know what I mean? There's nothing wrong with posts like that, but they're not going to count.


    Awww, thank you Potion Master for the help, I understand now! And big hugs for being so sweet and giving and just because your so wonderful : ) :lol:

  20. Thanks for letting us know PM! I had no idea that we get credits!!! So I am over 300, does that mean that I have $5 for reaching 200 and another $5 for reaching 300 stored up? Do they expire? Can you use the credits together or only one at a time.............. Hmmm, where have I been, I obviouly missed this and I'm sure there is a thread for it, I'll go look.


    I completely understand how its a possibility that someone might just post like crazy now. just to rack up posts, I hope mine are valid anyhow.


    Thank you for your generosity <3



  21. I love Elixir of Silver. It was one of the first full bottles I ordered. The scent, the magickal ingredients and the tranq potion make this one of the most effective LPs I own for the intent. It is so like coming home and being wrapped in a cozy comforter and put to bed by a mother or a loving friend that doesn't ask too many questions about why you are sad or why you just want to be left alone.


    When I got it I had just had a breakup and had moved into a little bungalo all by myself. For the first time in years I was going to bed alone and waking up alone. I cried every night to sleep and as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning. I was so sad and lonely back then!! I got Elixir because I loved the warm woody scent and the magickal ingredients of protection and the story that Luna wrote to accompany it. I knew nothing of pheros and so I didn't really pay attention to the fact that it had the tranq potion in it but it really did work so magically at soothing and calming me down emotionally at night. I don't associate this scent with the sadness I was experiencing at the time but with the sense of calm it gave me.


    I don't have many sad nights anymore but I had one last night and this one did not let me down. For me it is more effective than Teddy Potion. It doesn't knock me out with sleep, but it relaxes and allows me to just be by myself, watch a movie and comfortably drift off.


    This is one I will be ever grateful to Mara and team for brewing up and highly recommend everyone at least have a sample hanging around to pull out for these emotional emergencies.


    I'm so happy you found LP and tranquility potion. It's nice to hear you get so much comfort from it. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm deff. going to pull out my sample, I've been feeling a bit down myself this past week. Thanks : )

  22. It does remind me a bit of laundry detergent IN A GOOD WAY :) I love the smell of laundry detergent :D


    This is a soft pineapple+ light floral scent, very pleasant and very close to skin.... it's musky, smooth and not powdery at all.


    The name really fits the perfume, it almost feels like the soft musky scent you can smell before waking up (you know how you roll between fresh sheet)... or imagine being in the time between 5-7am where the sky turn from dark to light blue.


    This scent truly captures THAT exact moment :) This reminds me of a particular time in my life- I was working for a final critique in my first architecture project. My dad and I worked together for the whole night building models and drawing plans.... and i stayed up the whole night! Didn't realised how fast time passed by and when i looked out the window... i saw the sky slowly transformed from black to dark blue to a touch of pink + light blue to light grey.... this all happened in about 20 mins? And that moment gave me a sense of peace and calm even though i was freaking out about the critique of the day! Ahh... good memory :):):)


    This is such a sweet review bumbob!!!! I know what you mean about this time of day, it's new and fresh and beautiful, I can't capture it in words like you did but there is just something so magical about the start of a new day : )

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