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  1. lmao!!! Sounds like you both had fun, I'ma hafta get me some of this real soon : )
  2. Oh katz that is so beautiful!!! I'm so happy that you two shared that cherished moment, you both deserve it. I know those hard days too, where you just can't give much more cuz there's none left and you wonder where it went and you try try try but it's lost! I hate those times. Well, it makes me feel good that you found it and enjoyed each other : ) Hope it happens more often for you's.
  3. Hi there! Since you have a bottle you can and should play with the dose to see what works best for you. For me I use 1 spray of UNSS4W and it's perfect so test it out, that's the fun in it, figuring out YOUR dosage and YOUR sweet spots. We can give advice about what works for each of us but the best way is to try it out. If one spray isn't enough then next time go for 2. Good luck, happy testing
  4. Welcome! Great review, sound beautiful!
  5. That's true. If you say too much then you'll give it away. Yes, I think that if you choose the 6 best candidates for the job than you'd be able to get the best feedback. If someone does not have the right circumstances then you won't find out if it works for that. Oooo, such a mystery.
  6. can I try? Edit: I might not be the best candidate since we need "special situations". And about what we talked about a few weeks ago, PM. I still haven't been able to give up my "uppers" tho. Wore Cougar Sat. night and decided to stay w/ my guy all night, not be alone after effects wore off and that helped. But anyways, like LV said, if you need more experienced testers and those with the right situations than I have no sad feelings. Like Calii, if self effects are needed than count me in. I think a blind test would be pretty cool, at least for maybe the first few applications and half way give direction maybe (?). Ohhh I'm getting excited, even if I'm not a tester I can't wait to see the results. Fun, fun!
  7. Yeah, great choices! Hope they work out well for you. Cant' wait to read reviews.
  8. Hi Bboy, glad you found LP! I know with the man in my life, he likes Top Dog for work (which has MVP phero blended in it), he uses it in spray. It's a clean type of scent so he wears it to work and out with the guys. The phero blend is for work AND for going out. Its a friendly, in charge phero that lifts his mood and gives him respect from clients and co-workers. This puts me in a good mood too, when he wears this around me. Another work friendly phero blend is Dad, like Dolly and Snoop said. Dad has Intellectual Man in it and my Father actually loves this one in spray and wears it to work often. In LP's description, it says Dad evokes security, dependability, warmth, and safety. I know you said you really don't want to affect the kids but I imagine who ever you are targeting, it might affect them in some way if you'll be around them (?) So I think this might be a good one for your mostly female co-workers and for the kids if they do end up being affected. Thrill of the Chase is another one my man uses, it's good for casual date nights, it has Beta-nol so it's good for communication and the None gives him the "alpha" vibe, and the scent is so sexy, it's one of my favs on him. SS4M also works really well to grab the ladies attention. Voracious can be used for when you want to be way more than friends but beware of dosage with this one, my guy OD'd and scared me away the first time. Also he's in his 20's so he didn't' need that much since he's still producing enough of his own natural pheromones. And Ms. Right now...... they both work for me anyhow, when my guy wears them. So many choices and opinions, hope you can stock up on samples and test drive them before you leave. Good luck.
  9. AHAHAHAHAHAH, this is hilarious.
  10. @ ravenwing, YES, you are lucky you found LP first. I hope people who haven't found LP yet don't think all pheros are suppose to smell as bad as the AD ones. And luckily I only bought a few of the small samples from them before I found LP, so not much money wasted. @ JOC, if you have extra sniffies sitting around I don't see why not. I wouldn't put my all time fav. ones in them though b/c obviously the scent is altered from the neroli and alcohol. But yes, it does make them better, actually usable, though of course not as enjoyable as LP phero blends : )
  11. (Another late reply) Oh I see. For me the scented CB sticks, the cops stay covered, thankfully. I don't think I could pull off stinky cops coming through as well as you do, he he, they were in lurve with you regardless how you smelled. I think I will try UNCB though just to try it.
  12. I've had three to-go bottles from AD just sitting FOREVER b/c of their nasty neroli scent (I was not offered the chocolate scent). They should call it INSTANT headache more like it, no offense to anyone who likes the AD neroli, it's just that it reminds me of dollar store aerosol perfumes I'd receive as party favors in middle school. Imagine 10- 15 lil' girls spraying themselves with this toxic crap, I'd nearly puke from migraines by the end of the night, and these AD to-go's smell JUST like the $ store aerosols, they are not giving me good scent memories either, barf. I read these posts though and finally decided to experiment with some of my sniffies. I added Lusty Licious and Honey Cherry to the Instant Sexiness. Saturday Night Special and Heart of Fire to the Instant Shine. Candle in the Wind and Vivacious by Victoria to the Come Talk to Me. So far, so good. I can still smell the neroli when wet, but the good ol' LP's shine right through upon dry down and last for a long time afterwards, THANK YOU. I can actually use these sprays now without revolting. I know I diluted them a bit but oh well, at least they won't go to waste now.
  13. Who's that Lady phero blend with Popularity Potion
  14. Ahh, guess I'll have to go out and try some sesame candy before I order, YUM, just an excuse to try some new candy, he he : )
  15. A few friends and myself LOVE Vicars and Tarts, I wonder if Open Sesame is going to be on the same page as that.............. it sounds delish!!!
  16. I'm pretty sure you can wear them everyday, but then again, it probably really has to do with your own body. See how you feel after daily use and then you be the judge. Be aware that your monthly cycle may change things up a bit too. I've read posts about some women wearing a few a day, they apply in the morning, and reapply different ones in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening too. I'm guessing that if you do this for a period of time, it would be a good idea to take a days break somewhere in between to replenish neurotransmitters. Read here for more: Here Me personally, I don't wear mine every day. I have a few scents that are phero-less and I love. Sometimes I work from home and I don't go out so if I feel pretty good then I don't wear any of my precious pheros and save for days I do want/need them. I DO know that you shouldn't wear them if you are getting sick or already are sick. They can make you feel even more tired.
  17. Hey tyvey, So does unCB effectiveness differ slightly from scented cuddle bunny in your experience? I haven't tried unCB yet, I have a few bottles of the scented version. Maybe my next one should be unscented just to try it out.
  18. Hi Ishtar! Welcome! I'm sorry, I haven't tried Isis but I'm sure many members will be able to help you out soon. So glad you found LPMP, you'll love it!!!
  19. Maybe you can try the OCCO sample pack and then try the Love Blossom sample which has LAM in it and then try the Happy Endings or Dolce Far Niente sample which both have BAM in them (which Bruiseviolet mentioned before). If you are trying to save money and really want to try out all three, I'd go that route. And all three of them can be "in your face sexy" in my opinion, it's just that they do it differently. Occo's have a lot of cops and in my experience OCCO's turn my guy on, get his motor running while LAM (cops and Alpha-nol) turns him on too, but the added Alpha-nol gets him more playful while the BAM (cops and Beta-Nol) is personally my favorite because it creates a more "romantic" experience in my opinion, he makes sure I'm getting what I need. But thats just me. They are ALL so good. It's nice to have each one of them for every scenario.
  20. AHhh, can't wait to try Girly Twirly!!! I love lace, I'm in my element with this potions and have yet to try it with cops. SEXY!!! You ladies think it's gonna smell floral? The pretty spring colors and rose in her mouth makes me believe so. I'm going to be on here all day/all night waiting for the description. And the nude women are indeed gorgeous: curvy, beautiful, real women. I'm really interested in those fragrances as well.
  21. Received goodies wicked fast! I haven't even checked for my stamps.com notice since my order so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find my precious at the door today
  22. Wait..........cops??? I don't know, never knew that if it's true. Guess I should be more careful with application if this is correct. I do LOVE me some cougar. It makes me feel cheerful and upbeat. This one and WTL make me feel younger, more care free, these two are a MUST have in my arsenal. I wonder why this attracts older men when I thought it was supposed to attract the younger ones, even if you are a younger woman. I haven't noticed but will pay more attention next time. I don't wear these kinds of pheros to attract a men anyways, I just wear them for me and the good feelings they give me.
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