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  1. I like to pull my LP stash out and lay them on my bed, I sniff each and every one and I feel sooo happy and content. They are definitely made with love, they are like no other. Who's that Lady has been my newest "blues buster". Sparkle Fuchsia works really good too but lately, while wearing WTL, it will give me glimpses of my younger self, the more blissfully ignorant self that didn't really know heartache too well, she feels fun and care free, I miss that part of me and some of my most precious LP's can bring that sometimes. I'm so lucky to have found Love Potions, they got me through some really hard times and I've only been here for about 6 months, now I know I'll always have something to get me by.
  2. I get the most compliments when I wear foody scents, MRF, Sexology, Garland and lace, Compromising Positions, LP red, black. People tell me I smell like cookies, cakes, sugar, cinnabuns, yummy, edible, nommy things so it's quite sexy when you combine food scents with your skin when you think about it. But really, all that matters is what YOU like to smell like, whatever scent makes you happy, confident, comfortable.
  3. I wonder that too, I imagine it does. My skin changes dramatically during my cycle. A week before and during my time of the month my skin becomes so oily with acne breakouts. I can't use my usual moisturizer and have to use a more drying oil for that. I can't use my face primer because it breaks me out worse while pms-ing and while on period otherwise I can wear it just fine. I even notice I smell different. My deodorant doesn't work as well after a work-out while on my cycle so personally I believe the skin's pH HAS to effect the scent of a perfume oil. But that's just my guess from experience. Pandamaniac and Festival of Lights actually work on me when I'm on my period, they are so creamy with vanilla but other wise they turn into an unpleasant plastic smell. I wonder how this changes pheromones, I haven't experimented yet, usually to cranky to notice, lol, but iggypop has some interesting observations. I should really try out my pheros more next month and pay attention.
  4. Version 2 did the same thing to me, went plastic. V3 is awesome though! This latest version stays on a long time, I love it. It makes me feel all cozy. I feel comfy in my own skin when wearing it. Don't know if it's the "foody" notes or the pheros but I love the scent and feeling it gives me. It's like comfort food for my skin/chem.
  5. Hi, is this one of those pheros that are forever more (as long as suppliers still supply of course)? What about the scented phero? Cuz I'm in love and worried it'll be gone :sock puppet shaking no ha:
  6. All of the descriptions can be found here, just scroll down. Pheromones ALPHA-ANDROSTENOL Alpha-Androstenol is an attraction and mood elevating pheromone that is said to create a friendly approachable impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable. Encourages empathy and romantic feelings, creates an aura of youth and health, an impression of reproductive fitness, increases chattiness and friendliness from both sexes. May be worn by both women and men. BETA-ANDROSTENOL Beta-Androstenol is known for creating rapport and a sense of bonding between people, and instilling trust. It lends an impression that you have known a person a long time - even if you have only just met. Used in high concentration, it can have a truth-serum type effect on people. May be worn by both women and men. ~ With LAM and BAM they have cops so add that sexual aspect to it and there you go : ) I copied/pasted from LP site, I didn't' write this fyi.
  7. Oh yes, so very honest and helpful that Mara and LP angels are! I've honestly never encountered any probs with orders and haven't heard of many either but they are bound to happen once in a while, but no needz to worries girl, LP's gotcha. :angelstar-kaos058:
  8. Well of course the LP's will cheer you up, good call! I love that feeling after you place an order and know you have lovelies on the way to you : ) With everything going on, sounds like you deserve it, good luck with your new job and all.
  9. I keep logging in just to peek at the 'Lovers in Clover' label. They are just too cute, I want them both!!! Makes my heart melt............... awwwww I really want to try Pot of Gold too, I love vanilla, but sometimes it doesn't love me back. Hopefully this one will : ) OH YEAH, and the Drunken Cake too! My guy loves his brewski, maybe he'll want me to get this one too : )
  10. That's nice to hear. I bought the assorted wax melts with two Nox's and I love the scent as well. I have been afraid to try True Confessions though, in a body oil or a melt.............. I should just try it one day by the sound of your evening. I'm just afraid I'll hear something I'm not expecting or impulsively blurt out something, ha, I'm acting like it'll make me trashed, but I doubt it, I'll try it one day.
  11. It's O'tay, thanks for the post, very interesting.
  12. He he, thanks guys, makes me feel better : )
  13. This makes me wonder too now.............. any one have any experiences???
  14. Maybe your right though I'm not too good with computers. Maybe a different computer then? I'm sure there are other reliable brands out there too, maybe just have to research, hope you can find one.
  15. That sounds beautiful. I love oriental, I hope I can try it one day.
  16. Hmmm, the link is working for me (thanks bruiseviolet : ) Maybe try to google "snow drift farm" ???
  17. OMG, Thank you Mara for these amazing tarts!!!!! They smell way better than Yankee, seriously : ) I already tried out the special delivery, I so get what Luna means, it smellz like real chocolate and cherries, smells divine. I only melted it for a few minutes, it filled my room and I keep going back to sniff because it really is lasting a while. My burner is working very well with these, the scent is so strong and my room so small that I only have to warm it for a bit and the smell lingers way after I've blown out the candle. So very cool.
  18. This one reminds me of Groupie a lot! Maybe it's the same oak? The same oak that is gone forever? See, I didn't like groupie at first, hid it away for months to try aging it. Then I got Bosom Bows which I love and I recently pulled out Groupie and NOW I love it, it's so sexy, mmmmmm, funny how that happened. So Bosom Bows 2 helped a lot when I wore this to my Aunts house, who is still deeply grieving for Grama we lost. Well of course we all our in the mourning process but I believe it's hardest for her, she was one of Grama's daughters and caretaker for most of her life. When I wore Bosom Bows she kept hugging and hanging on to me and she was holding my hand a lot. Our family DOES already give good hugs and kisses but this was a lot more so. I think this really made her feel comforted and loved. It seemed she appreciated me being there so much.
  19. AHHH, do it, do it : ) He's INSISTING on buying you Love Potions, awwww what a doll! You two sound so sweet. Have fun with this, I'll have to try it out too now, I want my man to buy me perfumies, he he. You are a smart cookie, I see your ebil wayz.
  20. I'm glad to hear you had a successful evening too. Where do you find these kinds of events? I'm not looking, lol, happily in a relationship but just curious b/c I only heard of speed dating in movies or tv shows. It sounds interesting though and hope it'll work out with those 3 : )
  21. Good idea tyvey, I emailed you too Mara, a few days ago just in case. Edited cuz I can't spell
  22. O, thanks for letting me (us?) know Calii, I didn't know there were cops in it.
  23. Hi there, hope you have a good time tonight and meet some nice people. Personally I wouldn't want to wear any cops only cuz I wouldn't want the guys to be affected by them at first meeting (unless that's what you want ) But of course it's up to you and everyone's preference is different. What is your goal? For me I would go with Intellectual Woman because I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that it has beta-nol which will hopefully help you and the other daters feel comfortable opening up so you can get to know each other better. Well thats just my opinion. Good Luck!
  24. Oh, he he, oops. I was confused when we ordered the melts, I was having a hard time choosing between BB and B2 but luckily I got one of each in the mix and match. I'll try to remember to post my reviews when I receive and use them.
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