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  1. Thanks for the tip FAWN, I do snip the wick when they are brand new, but this happens later on, maybe 20 minutes to a half hour in. I think it' might just be the design but not sure? All the heat some how creates a big flame and the flame is almost spread out on the whole underside of the bowl. My bf seen it today and thought it was hazardousness. I have to keep an eye on it now but glad I found out just a few days ago that the flame isn't suppose to be that high, other wise I still wouldn't know and sometimes walk out of my room. When I get the LP wax tarts I'll test it out again and if it ruins their scent I'll definitely buy a new warmer cuz I'd HATE to waste such good quality melts from LP. I'll keep you up to date with this prob in case any one else has it. And don't shy away from these ceramic oil warmers because of my review, I've read many good reviews on other sites and Luna's review too. I think mine may just be a funny one. It was mass made in China so maybe they measured wrong or something who knows.
  2. Thanks for the reviews. @ bumbob- That is a really pretty diffuser. I always wanted one, I used to use Young Living essential oils but they are too expensive for me. I do buy from Rocky Mountain Oils sometimes and they are very nicely priced. But these are just single essential oils that I use for therapeutic and health benefits. They also sell really nice vaporizer diffusers I believe, but this one you found looks relaxing with the light glow it gives off, thanks for sharing. I haven't really been into essential oils ever since I found LP, it's more practical because they all smell divine AND make me happy and relaxed from the pheros and I use them almost every day unlike the essential oils. I don't collect many EO's anymore except the ones I use for my skin care. Anyway, hopefully you can find one that your Dad will feel more at ease : ) @ Luna- I didn't know Michaels ' sold them, I'll have to check it out, thanks. The reason I started this topic is because I have one and I wasn't sure if I was using it correctly. I have the ceramic one where you put the tea light inside. I found out yesterday that I have been using cheapo oils/melts and thats why it's been smelling wonky. I also found out that the flame should not be touching the bottom of the bowl so I tested it out last night and for about a 1/2 hour into it the flame was just under it, everything was smelling good, then it started to smell like something else was burning tho. I checked the flame and it looked tall and somehow suctioned to the bottom curve of the bowl. I blew it out and found some black ashy, waxy film covering the bottom of the bowl and got some off with a razor but only a bit because my hand doesn't fit. So I think that's what might have been making it smell weird (and because I wasn't' using good quality melts). Has anyone else had any problems with theirs? I have no idea why the flame got so big, maybe because there was no air movement and heat rises so it just grew? Hmmmm.......... it just really bothers me because it'll smell so good and then turns into a wierd smell like someone is burning something they shouldn't be and that smell lingers .
  3. Has anyone used warmers from here OR anywhere really? The ones used with a tea light candle mostly but if you can review the electric style ones that would be nice too. Just curious how they work for you. Thanks :sunnysmile:
  4. Okey-dokey, I'm in no hurry for invoice, I might order some perfume not sure, just fyi. Take your time tho, enjoy your B day.
  5. Are the mix and match non phero melts also $5 for set of seven? If so can I please have: 2 Iced Gingerbreads 1 LP Original 2 Special Deliveries 2 Nox That would bring my total up to $25.50 I believe. Thanx.
  6. My second post of seven individual ones, thats for individual melts in one set (mix and match). Sorry about that. TY! He he, my name is "honeycomb" nom nom :ladybird_Black:
  7. Please, Rose Cookie b2 Teddy BB Floral Romance/TH SHoney/Lace Summer Sensation/Anol LP Original Open windows Spa/Tranquility THANK U xoxoxoxo Ok, just swapped Iced ginger/anol for summer sensation/anol. Is that okay, no one else reserved yet so I think so but now I'm done. I always seem to do this, ahhhh. Gonna sign out and let it all be. Thanks a million for this, can't wait to burn them : )
  8. Ok, so I'm going for a set of perfect match please and then the mix and match set. Thanks. $19
  9. Ohhhh, ok. You saved me from my confusion, I've been staring at the cart and the forum for the past two hours wondering what I should do, order or wait.......... it's good, I have to practice my patience anyway.
  10. Thanks ladies, you're so sweet to me : ) Love to you all. :ferret6: Oooh, I found dem melts, I don't know if it's ready to order though. I'm sorry to ask too, are there going to be the mixed ones that were mentioned? Or no? Just curious cuz I'll wait to order then. It's O-tay if not, just checkin. Tank u : )
  11. Potion Master, tyvey, Elliebellikins, Beccah, goddesslynne, dimitra and all the kind hearts at LP, thank you for the sympathy and kind words. It did just happen last week actually, the funeral was this weekend so we're still adjusting. Thank you for the recommendations, that helps a lot. B2 or BB sounds real good. I actually wore some of my bro's Teddy Man two nights ago because it's my time of the month and heard it helps (which it did). I went to give my Dad a hug before bed and he kinda held on longer so I rubbed his back a lil', I thought that was sweet : ) So I bet thats just what he needs, you guys are awesome.
  12. NICE!!! Can't wait! I'm so happy you share your experimental products with us : ) Thank you. I think once my family tries these, you'll be in demand. We just had a death in the family, my swt Grammy (she lived a long 85 years : ) and I really think some tranquility or some Alpha-nol would do my Dad and Auntie some good, not sure what other phero but those two sound right. My Aunt doesn't like to wear any kind of perfume and hasn't ever experienced the effects of pheros so these melts are perfect timing. Ahhh, now I'm gonna be stalking the cart : )
  13. What an amazing idea! So very creative you are. Has this even been done before, anywhere? I can see this is going to be a BIG hit. My Dad loves wax melts so I'm excited to get him some. Do you think these will be available in trial kit? Maybe one of each, well I don't know exactly how many there are, but just different ones to try? Either way I can't wait.
  14. BAM has Beta-nol in it. Here's some info. that is found on LP's site when you search for it in the gift shop. "Beta-Androstenol is known for creating rapport and a sense of bonding between people, and instilling trust. It lends an impression that you have known a person a long time - even if you have only just met. Used in high concentration, it can have a truth-serum type effect on people. May be worn by both women and men."
  15. @ soblue, yeah, hopefully Beccah's method works for you, it works awesome for me. @ Beccah, those old style decanters are glamorous, how I'd love to own a bunch and put them on my dresser filled with LP's : ) For now tho, I just use the stick from the pump-spray and swipe/dab.
  16. It was me that thought you should start with 10k since you were asking opinions. From my personal experience and from reading hours and hours of this forum, that was the best advice I could come up with since you were so unsure of which dosage to start off with. With more purchases and experience you'll learn what is best for you, there is so much LP offers, so many possibilities. With the 10k you can try applying it differently. I read that Beccah apply's some of her spray phero's by dabbing them on. (I believe it's Beccah, sorry if I'm wrong ). I've tried that method and I've noticed more hits with my Sparkle Fuchsia. So maybe try that, unscrew the spray part and swipe some on, or dab. Also are you wearing a scented fragrance with it? I imagine you are, maybe try something with a bit more throw to attract those around you to "sniff" a bit more.
  17. Hey guys, I read that a member might add water to their perfume for better diffusion and decided to try it out as a room spray. I have a little spray bottle and I set the nozzle on mist. I added a bit of water and my large sample of Lustylicious. My room smells DIVINE. Oh my, it is so amazing that I had to share. I'm thinking this will be so romantic on Valentine's day, to use a sexy scent instead of a usual "clean" smelling room deodorizer. Even sprayed on the bed, sheets and pillows will add a nice touch.
  18. I thought I understood but I'm still not getting it. I tend to make things harder than they are and so then I confuse myself. So, can anyone tell me what the difference between an Alcohol base and the 60/40 Alcohol to Oil base is? In the Reading Room it lists all of the bases, Oil, Alcohol, 60/40, and Silicone. The reason I'm asking is because I have a bottle of Who's That Lady in an oil base, but I'd like to turn it into a beta. Once I mix the oil with the beta kit what will this be called than........ Alcohol base or 60/40 (silky) base? And will this have the same properties as the $45 WTL spray (which in the cart is listed as Alcohol)?
  19. Hi soblue! You've read about ODing right? I personally would try the lowest concentration first. You'll read "Less is More" all over this forum and it IS true. I know some people associate "less powerful" as negative, but don't think that. I see better results with Cougar with only ONE squirt compared to the three I used to wear when I was testing it out. Sometimes if you use too much of a phero or blend you will actually turn off your target person and even you will notice OD symptoms. Look at it this way, you can get the lowest concentration of Est. and use a few swipes and observe his/yours/and others reactions too it. If indeed you don't notice any "hits" you can always apply more (or less), if more does work than you'll know to go one step up on your next order when ever that may be, but either way the lowest concentration seems like it would work best because you have lots of room to play. No one really knows what will work best for your chem. and the people you are targeting, it's up to you to try it out. Good luck with it and let us know your results.
  20. Ahhhh, so that's what this is....... stupid horny. That explains it. Yesterday I tested this one out for the first time, for effects. My guy was super tired from a long day at work, I showered and then slathered this on my collar bone and my belly. My guy was waiting for me so we could make dinner together and as soon as I whisked past him he put a big grin on his face, gave me a few smacks on my booty and started bouncing around the kitchen like a kid, LMAO, I was like WTH!!!! It was so cute. He told me he suddenly felt so happy, I said it's just food dude and bounced around with him. I didn't think it was the CB because I thought that the est. in this was suppose to make him cuddly, sweet, helpful, ect. Not goofy, ha ha ha, I thought that was LAM's job (which I STILL didn't try yet, gotta get on that ). I enjoyed this, so did he, his smile made me so happy.
  21. Ok so I'm really hating on my skin chem today. I want to love this but it goes plastic. In the vial its gorgeous and deep, on my skin, for the first half hour, it's even better. Sadly, shortly after that, it's all plastic. It's so strange because hours and hours later it pops back out and I smell rich honey, it's like I just applied sugared honeycomb except that it's the LP Black from around 12 hours earlier. I've only tested three times so far within a few weeks so I'm hoping it'll work one day.
  22. Honeybee


    That sounds so nice snowflake. I wish this worked on me but it doesn't. : ( I sound crazy but I can barely smell anything except a faint mustard seed scent, very very faint, weird. I'm like that with a few others though, like Compromising Positions I can barely detect once its on my skin. I must have a bad nose paired with bad chemistry, ah well.
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