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  1. Wow! Sugared Cardamom, Feast of Tabernacles, and Heart of Kapet sound great!
  2. I liked this one a lot. It smells like a mix of rootbeer and cream soda to me, must be the vanilla! ^^
  3. I just got my first order today, and Sugared Iced Tea is the stand out scent! This is amazingly spot on! It smells just like a strongly brewed batch of iced tea! I smell some lemon in it too and it is just delicious! I smell more of the black tea, very similar to sun tea imo. If you like the smell of iced tea I definitely suggest this one as it smells just like it claims!
  4. Nidaba

    Sugared Carnations

    I need this scent I think! Ever since trying Pink Moon 07 I have been on the look out for a sugary carnation scent that captures that sweetness and spice all at once! Wooo I hope this works on me!
  5. I love this one so much! It is very sugary and sweet overall, with a slight fruitiness in the background. My husband loves it, which means it probably smells foody to him. Overall, it sounds just like its name! Very pink and sweet and girly!
  6. Hello! My name is Kate, but I go by Nidaba online normally. I'm fairly active in the various perfume boards and livejournal groups, but just discovered Love Potion Perfumes fairly recently! I was given some Love Potion vials as a gift from a member of the BPAL forum and now I want to try more! So far my favorites have been: Tea and Strumpets Love Potion: Pink Sugared Cream I already have my first sample order picked out I think. I am planning on grabbing Sugared Ginger, Sugared Pomegranate, Sugared Iced Tea, Dead Mans Float, Sugared Honeycomb, and maybe one more. =] All in all,
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