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  1. I am loving this scent more and more. It smells like orange flavored cake with pink accents to me now. Pink, orange and fluffy.
  2. I think you should try wearing it out and see if men try to talk to you or if you get a lot of stares. It might just be the wrong environment. Also, try wearing it shopping. I noticed that the female sales associates were really helpful when I wore it! but I agree that you should see the greatest effects in an intimate setting so you might wanna save it for those kinds of times.
  3. I didn't like this when I first tried it. I was looking for a fluffy cotton candy scent and this isn't it, but it is still very yummy! It reminds me of caramel apples and cookies!
  4. New top five! The Wolf and the Shepherdess Ravished Sugared Amber Who's That Lady 7 Minutes to Midnight
  5. I usually use like 5 sprays. I hope I am not overdoing it! I hate when people wear too much perfume and I wouldn't want to do the same thing.
  6. bruiseviolet

    Lost Highway

    This smells just like carrot cake with frosting and everything! Something in it turns on my skin though...like oranges...but I don't think this has oranges in it. Maybe carrots do the same thing. And I guess carnations go good with cake? Evil in Carnation reminds me of cake frosting and this has carnation in it too. This would be yummy if it didn't have that orangey smell on me.
  7. This is like Teddy Man 2 to me! Like a chocalatey version. This is like creamy hot chocolate with Teddy Man 2 in the background.
  8. This is very very sweet when I first put it on and I get a lot of almond! I get almond, cocoa butter and cream. Something about it reminds me of Snowbound. It does become less sweet and more wearable as it dries down though.
  9. bruiseviolet


    I like this! It is spicy and dirty. It smells a little bit like sweat to me, but thankfully not too much. I don't smell any floral, I think it is more dirty and musky.
  10. This is a dirty sexy floral. It smells like an ordinary floral in the vial but then becomes dirty and sexy on the skin. I didn't know any of the notes when I tried it so it surprised me. I just expected it to smell like violets.
  11. This is a light, pretty springtime scent. Very clean and fresh!
  12. bruiseviolet

    EGG 2009

    This is very pretty! It doesn't smell at all how I thought it would. It is not foody at all, it is soft and feminine and a little perfumey. There seems to be a hint of cocoa butter. It is a very very subtle scent.
  13. I ordered 2 bottles of WTL, Sparkle Fuchsia and some samples!
  14. I wore this again last night. It was more woodsy on me and it made me feel so relaxed. I think it works better than tranquility potion. I may need a full bottle.
  15. I thought this would be a weird combination...coffee and jelly donut...but it actually works! It smells more like raspberry coffee to me, like a really rich higher end gourmet coffee. I cannot smell the cops at all.
  16. No it's not like pink sugar. It's clean, pink, slightly creamy, and smells really smooth if that makes sense. I think the lanolin + florals makes it smell a bit like soap. So imagine a smooth, creamy bar of soap with a cotton candy scent. That's what it makes me think of.
  17. No this is not like cuddle bunny, it's pink! It is different from the other pink scents here though. You should try it.
  18. This affects my bf the same way and makes him more focused on me as well. He usually doesn't react to the sexual blends, this works better.
  19. I love this one. This is my other favorite. This reminds me of soap, and I know that sounds bad, but it isn't bad at all! It's just a little clean and fresh and keeps the cotton candy from being too sweet.
  20. Surprisingly, this is not too foody. It has more of a perfumey feel to me...that may be the florals. The cardamom is a little sharp on me at first but it doesn't last long and it dries down to a softer scent. This isn't too floral either, it has just a hint on a subtle, creamy background.
  21. I love the lip butter you included in my order. It smells like berries and makes my lips so smooth and hydrated. Just what I needed! I think you guys should sell lip products!
  22. bruiseviolet

    Fairy Lure

    At first, this is bright, citrusy and sparkly. As it dries, it becomes creamier and the orange really starts to come out. This is just like an orange creamsicle. Usually orange does not work on me, but this is more like sweet orange flavoring rather than a real orange or orange peel, which is probably why this smells so good on me.
  23. When I first put this on, I could really smell the creamy LP base underneath the berries and pink sugars. After dry down, the creaminess has receded and I get more of the pink sugar. It reminds me of Amber Enchantment now.
  24. I only got the apple in this and none of the other fruits. Like Fest of Fools, this was very thin on me and lacked depth. I guess apple scents don't work for me.
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