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  1. Evil in Carnation Pomme de Poison Scented Cougar Pure Sugar Sugared Amber
  2. This is a lot like Pink Sugar. Really sweet, pink and girly. I love it.
  3. This really smells like a gourmet pb&j sandwich. I didn't like it at first, but it is growing on me.
  4. Is this similar to Teddy Man because of the nuts and woods? I wonder if I would like it.
  5. bruiseviolet


    This one is yummy. It reminds me of Garland and Lace V2, only not as spicy..maybe it's the maple? People said that I smelled like syrup when I wore Garland and Lace V2. I think this is my second favorite for this month, after Festival of Lights.
  6. My favorite too. Halo, it doesn't really smell like white chocolate to me, I was surprised. Maybe because the peppermint smell covers up some of the white chocolate, I dunno, but it smells EXACTLY like hot chocolate to me.
  7. Festival of Lights The holidays are a time to join in celebration with friends and loved ones, and many traditions are shared the world over - such as the Festival of Lights - which is celebrated by multiple cultures. A memory of joyous warmth is shared in our swoon-worthy hot cocoa scent...but with a twist. This is a version known as "Snowflake Cocoa" which is wholly light and fluffy with white chocolate, steamed milk, whipped cream, marshmallow and a kiss of peppermint. We must warn you against gnawing your own arm off, but we can't guarantee someone else might not try! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. This smelled a lot different than I thought it would. I didn't get any grape or tart fruit at all. I basically only got walnut.
  9. I haven't tried true confessions but seems like true confessions or open windows might work also. Alpha androstenol is supposed to make people chatty and friendly. TC is mostly beta androstenol though, which is for deeper communication...so depends what mood you want.
  10. Maybe try treasured hearts? That is supposed to make you less intimidating and make you approachable. I think it works!
  11. I like this better after dry down when the fruit fades away. Then it becomes more of a white scent than a silver scent to me. It is subtle, soft and sweet.
  12. bruiseviolet


    This doesn't smell too much like gum to me. I get mostly green apple and don't really smell the mint. I will have to wear it more to see if it curbs my appetite.
  13. It is weird because this does smell a bit like chocolate even though chocolate is not listed in the description. It is fruity with a hint of yummy spice. It smells so delicious it makes me hungry when I wear this.
  14. bruiseviolet


    This smells like delicious, fruity, buttery pastries. Sweet with a hint of spice. Too bad it is sold out.
  15. I got a bottle of Karmiel's Silken Moonlight, and samples of Unwrapped, Snowbound, Garland and Lace, Festival of Lights and Mapacho.
  16. This smells just like baby powder on me.
  17. This doesn't smell at all like I expected but I like it! I don't get cherries, flowers or smoke. It smells kind of like Vain to me. Kind of a minty smell, but not mint.
  18. The cherries in this were really strong, but after drydown they settle down and it smells just like incense.
  19. Is the pheromone content in the BAMs and LAMs higher than in the other perfumes since they are just lightly fragranced? Or is it still 1/3 the strength or the unscented pheros?
  20. This is not incensy on me. Also, the currant is not as strong as I expected, which I think is a god thing. After it dries down, the currant disappears and it is soft, white, powdery and sweet. It's not too powdery though. I like it!
  21. Oh maybe these kinds of pheromones don't work during stressful times. My bf was stressed because he had a business trip so maybe it wasn't the right time to test this one and MRF. I'll give them another try when he gets back.
  22. My bf didn't respond to the pheromones in this. I think maybe it's the androstenone because he didn't really respond to mara's rocket fuel either.
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