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  1. This smells good! It starts off as spicy rum, then dries down to creamy coconut sprinkled with cardamom. It has a very tropical feel. :grin_sun:
  2. This was mostly rose on me, which to me smells like soap. This one is not for me.
  3. This smells a lot like the lemon in Mothership, only creamier. After it dries down, the creamy lemon goes away and it is a soft fruity scent.
  4. This smells very sexy. I think I amp the honey. It smells a little bit smokey also. It's like smokey honey covered with a thin veil of pumpkin and lavender, sprinkled with nutmeg. Very yummy. :bizoo:
  5. This reminds me of a less complex, more red version of Soie et Fourrure. It is very perfumey at first, but dries down to a soft cinnamon scent. It's not hot cinnamon, but soft and powdery.
  6. I like this one! I think I get mostly carnation, but it has a smokey quality also. This is my favorite pink sugar scent from LP that I've tried so far.
  7. I agree with everyone, this is more floral than pear, but a nice scent nonetheless!
  8. The woods are more prominent than the apple in this. It's a very clean scent and it's nice but too masculine for me. I think it would smell better on a man.
  9. This one smells like citrus to me...must be the tart fruits. It actually doesn't smell too much like tea or honey. It's a very clean and sophisticated scent.
  10. I decided to try this scent to see if I like the smell of tobacco and I'm glad that I tried it! I don't know how to describe the scent, but it is soft, subtle and not masculine at all on me. It doesn't smell how I thought it would but I like it more than I expected. I just wish the scent was stronger or lasted longer on me because it doesn't seem to last very long.
  11. I'm wearing this today and it smells just like Christmas! I'm getting less of the fresh apple scent and more of the potpourri scent. Either way, this fragrance is really nice! It reminds me of when I was little and Christmas at my grandparents house even though I don't think they had potpourri. I need a full bottle!
  12. I really like this one. It's a cool, crisp scent that smells just like a ripe, juicy red apple but also has the feel of potpourri.
  13. This is such a beautiful scent, but I can't really smell it on my skin. I am so disappointed, I am hoping that it just needs to age a bit.
  14. What is SFZGGCWT? I just got a sample pack of all the new womens scents.
  15. Irresistible Forces - Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Women & Men A lesson in physics of the intimate kind... No one could possibly resist once they get a whiff of our blend of rich tonka and sandalwood melding with sensual amber and made shimmeringly bright with green tea and tangerine. We then really let the sunshine in with our exclusive OPEN WINDOWS pheromone formula, an uplifting social mix designed to bring those immovable objects right into your path...so you can dazzle them all!
  16. when searching...hopefully that means it's almost time to order.
  17. This one is very much a peaches and cream scent to me. It's not my kind of scent, but if you like peaches and cream this smells just like the real thing!
  18. I didn't get any fire with this. It reminds me of furniture polish or pine sol. Didn't work for me!
  19. I decided to try this on my skin even though I didn't like it before and it's not bad! Maybe I just needed to let it sit for a while. I think I'm gonna keep my sample now.
  20. This one smells a lot like Buns of Cinn, but with a lot more pecan. I like it!
  21. I like this one but it is not as cinnamony on me as I had hoped. It reminds me of apple cinnamon cereal bars when I first apply...so I guess I can smell a little cinnamon but I was hoping that it would be a spicier scent, more like Buns of Cinn or Garland and Lace.
  22. Thanks Beccah! Compromising Positions sounds yummy!
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