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  1. I didn't think I would like to smell like coffee but I guess I was wrong. After trying this, I decided I needed a full bottle! This one goes through like 3 different stages on me and I love all of them. First it smells just like strong black coffee, then it's like a creamy, lightly spiced latte. The long drydown is a beautiful amber. It reminds me of Ambre Amour! I don't really get any caramel though. Maybe caramel smells like coffee to me and I can't pick it out.
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    This is my favorite of the new releases. It smells more like an orange creamsicle than an orange cupcake on me. The drydown is woodsy and sexy. It smells different than when I first put it on so I was wondering who smelled so good and it was me!
  3. I was wondering this too. I saw it on the GGG list on etsy. Is it being discontinued?
  4. This smells a lot different to me than the original. This one is very strongly white musk, which I don't really like so I was kind of sad. The original was more warm and fuzzy while this one has a cooler feel. I'm still happy to have a permanent LFM scent though!
  5. I too think this should be a permanent sws scent! It's the best sws scent I've tried, a nice change from the usual clean unisex scent. It's like a fresh fruit salad and I can see myself reaching for this a lot!
  6. I'm not really attracted to peach scents but I like this one! I didn't know what the notes were when I first tried it and I was surprised when I found out it was peach. I don't like honey scents either but I guess when you combine the two it transforms into something really yummy! It's just a fruity feminine scent to me. I'll probably get a full bottle because I really like the effects of the phero too.
  7. I didn't really like this at first but it has grown on me and now I love it. I think it must have had travel shock when I first tried it. It was more like a very sweet candied floral. Now it is more well rounded and so pretty. I like that it is sweet and a bit perfumey yet unobstrusive.
  8. I don't like this when wet but it ended up surprising me and transforming into something I like. It smells very sharp and floral at first but it softens a lot as it dries down. The green fig comes out and I love the scent of fig. It's very fresh and light. I like that the scent doesn't overwhelm even though it covers bang perfectly!
  9. I was lucky enough to get a sniffee of this in a trade. I get creamy mango and caramel that are perfectly melded together. There is some brightness from the mango but the caramel tempers it so the overall impression I get is creamy. It reminds me of ice cream! This will be perfect for warmer weather.
  10. Mine is too. It makes me very upset!
  11. After setting this one aside for a while, I love it! It is not too sweet anymore and the bonfire aspect is there. It's not too strong, just perfect. It's a beautiful smoky marshmallow that wears close to the skin.
  12. This reminds me a lot of treasure of pearls for some reason. I still don't get a lot of pink but its one of my top 2 favorite sugareds so far.
  13. This isn't very pink on me, unfortunately. It smells like white musk to me with a very, very subtle hint of pink. It smells very clean. I like it but its not what I expected. I think all my decants are suffering from travel shock right now!
  14. I was really looking forward to this one but I don't think it works for me. I get a very sweet marshmallow, too sweet for me. It also goes plasticky on my skin. I don't get any of the bonfire part until long after dry down. Hopefully it is just going through travel shock. I will set it aside and try again later!
  15. I want so many sugareds. I am trying to narrow it down but its impossible.
  16. Can pheros affect birds? Sometimes I think they affect my parrot. When I wear certain pheros he gets really lovey dovey and tries to regurgitate on me.
  17. Wow, so pretty everyone!!! Ivy, you remind me of cotton candy I love it.
  18. When I first got this it was very sweet. I think it was the plumeria taking over everything so I set it aside for a while. Now everything has blended together nicely and it really does smell like you just came from the beach! It is not a strong suntan oil smell. It is a close skin scent like you have some remnants of suntan oil on your skin after spending all day at the beach and you have some salt from the air on your skin. This is the kind of scent that can take you away to another place. I am always looking for beach scents and this is perfect!
  19. Same here! I usually find melon scents too candy sweet but the grass and earth notes really balance everything out and make it a more interesting scent. I don't usually like to wear grass and earth scents either but all these notes I am not crazy about combine to form something I really like. It feels like your outside in a beautiful garden. I get the grass and earth the most and the melon is in the background sweetening it up.
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