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  1. This isn't very pink on me, unfortunately. It smells like white musk to me with a very, very subtle hint of pink. It smells very clean. I like it but its not what I expected. I think all my decants are suffering from travel shock right now!
  2. I want so many sugareds. I am trying to narrow it down but its impossible.
  3. Wow, so pretty everyone!!! Ivy, you remind me of cotton candy I love it.
  4. Same here! I usually find melon scents too candy sweet but the grass and earth notes really balance everything out and make it a more interesting scent. I don't usually like to wear grass and earth scents either but all these notes I am not crazy about combine to form something I really like. It feels like your outside in a beautiful garden. I get the grass and earth the most and the melon is in the background sweetening it up.
  5. Now that it has dried down it smells like a clean white floral musk. It has a little bit of a soapy scent in a good way. I like both stages!
  6. The swamp water sounds scary but its not. To me, this is a light aquatic cucumber melon scent. It reminds me of Night of the Fae, but it is a little less sparkly and more grown up. I was iffy on the notes but got a sample for the intent and I'm glad I did because it is one of my favorites of the samples I got.
  7. I wonder what veggie musk smells like. I wish I got a sample of this. Oh well, next order!
  8. Garland and Lace V2 and V5 Cauldron Cake Halo's Lavender Musk Velvet and Steel Petit Four Your Thoughts
  9. At first, I thought this wasn't for me. All the sugared white musk scents like spider silk and egg smell the same to me. I thought this was indistinguishable from those but then I decided to wear only this with no other scents and it became totally different! It has a lot more going on. I get a subtle bright fruity scent which must be the apricot. There's something a little bit minty too and very subtle florals. It reminds me of a sheer lucky in love #7 without the green notes. It is so sheer yet complex. I love it.
  10. bruiseviolet


    Is this similar to the orange almond hydrating water?
  11. OCCO pink is my favorite! It starts off very girly like pink cotton candy and lemonade. As it dries, it softens and smells more elegant. The lemon burns off and the amber comes out more. It's a soft pink amber scent that stays close to my skin and is so pretty.
  12. I'm not usually a fan of florals, especially green florals but I like this one a lot! There's something peppery in this. Must be the carnation. I wish the intent would work for me but haven't seen any signs of it working yet.
  13. I was a little worried that this would be too dirty for me but it's not. My bf says I smell like baby powder and I don't think he likes it. I think it's the way it's intermingling with the Happy Ending I put on earlier. I'm going to have to try it by itself or with a different scent.
  14. V5 is so much like V2! I got mine a couple months back and I think it is getting more like V2 over time. V2 seems to be spicier but maybe the spices will come out more with age.
  15. Hopefully it works better with my chemistry because I think maybe cops are not compatible with me (I don't notice any effects).
  16. Can't wait to try it! I wonder if it works better than cops.
  17. This smells just like the holidays! I get creamy figgy pudding and spices. I was afraid of the green notes but I can't even smell them. They must be way in the background. I like this better than expected.
  18. I'm gonna get a full bottle of Flying Potion. So happy there was a rebrew with Levitation. I wanted the original but don't like alpha-nol so this is perfect. Also thinking about samples of Pumpkin Souffle, Cauldron Cake and Tombstone Tart.
  19. They sell them at Cost Plus World Market.
  20. This is so pretty! I actually wanted a perfume that smelled just like this, this is the perfume of my dreams. I wasn't sure if I could ever find this scent but here it is on my hand right now. I don't even like lavender but I love this! I can't really smell the lavender, all the notes meld together so smoothly. Such a pretty and feminine skin scent. I'm so lucky that I got a bottle.
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