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  1. I didn't like this at first, but after it dries down it is a nice vanilla scent. I didn't notice any effects from the beta androstenol but the copulins worked! Well I'm not sure, I paired this with Eternal Chain so I don't know what did what. I don't see my bf often so I was too impatient to test one at a time.
  2. This is a nice, fruity scent but it starts to smell soapy on me after it dries down.
  3. I like this, it smells like a spicy watermelon!
  4. This smells so good,I think it's my favorite fragrance I've tried so far. I love love love it! when I first put it on it smells tropical for some reason and after it dries down, it smells soft, slightly sweet and beautiful and lasts a long time.
  5. This one didn't work for me at all. It had a really strong citrus scent. Not tropical at all. Weird!
  6. I like this scent. It smells like cake topped with strawberry and orange syrup and a little bit of spice. The scent doesn't last long on me though. It seems like fruity scents don't last on my skin.
  7. This smells so good! It smells like suntan lotion, but then that fades and it smells creamy and citrusy also. It's a nice, soft scent. I'm not sure if I want a full bottle because it smells really subtle after drydown. I'm not sure if I will be able to enjoy the scent. I'll have to try wearing this some more!
  8. I like this scent when I first apply it. It smells sweet and sugary, but that quickly changes on my skin and it just smells like smoke. I can't decide if I like it.
  9. This smells good, but banana is by far the strongest note when I put it on. I get a little bit of strawberry also. I like it but probably wouldn't get a full bottle because I'm not into smelling like a banana.
  10. I love this one. On me I get mostly cinnamon, but it smells sweet like cinnamon mixed with sugar crystals.
  11. I think I had my first hit! I was at the bank, sitting and waiting. Then a guy that works there came up to me and asked if I needed help...I was like no, just waiting for someone. Then he didn't walk away after that, he just stood there next to me. I could feel that he was looking at me and wanted to say something. Then he asked if I had plans for the weekend and he seemed nervous like he was interested in me. I know it doesn't sound that great like other people's hits but I was beginning to think that pheromones don't work on me cuz I never noticed anything before, so I was really excited abo
  12. Thank you! Now I will have to test this out and see if it works!
  13. It might just be me cuz I don't think it's supposed to smell like soda, but that is what this makes me think of! It's mostly just when wet that it reminds me of cola, but I like the scent after it dries down too.
  14. This scent is really nice, it smells very similar to cupidity to me, but cupidity smells like soap on me after a while and this one doesn't. Does anyone know what the intent of this one is supposed to be? I never got to read the description for it.
  15. I wasn't sure if I would like this scent, but I do! It smells kind of like cola or some kind of soda to me for some reason.
  16. Yea I will be sure to test it again before I decide to swap it, especially since I want to test how the pheros affect others. I did not put much on, should I try putting on more? I didn't put on too much since I thought that would just intensify the spiciness. Well I will try this again tomorrow and hopefully I'll like it better! edit: Ok, maybe I did just need to roll it before applying it. I put some more on and it was still spicy, but not so intense. It smelled creamy also. My mom came in the room and said, "something smells good" and she always tells me how she does not like food scent
  17. I just got my bottle of this scent and it doesn't smell as good as I had hoped. It is very spicy on me. All I smell is very hot cinnamon. I also haven't gotten the feel good self effects that others have reported.
  18. I clicked on the email link in your profile but got a message saying I'm not allowed to email from this board, so I sent an email to the one listed in the contact info on the main page of this site. Hope that's the right one!
  19. I never got a confirmation and I checked my spam folder as well, but I do see that my order was placed in my paypal account. Can you let me know if you got it? Thank you!
  20. I placed my first order and I did not recieve any order confirmation. Is this normal? I know its too early for a shipping confirmation but I'm just wondering if we are supposed to recieve an order confirmation as well. I placed my order on Saturday. Thanks!
  21. I'm going to order Garland and Lace. I love sweet food scents and that one sounds so yummy.
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