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  1. I thought I was safe this month because it didn't sound like I would like any of the scents but I got a sampler for the intents and it turns out that I like every one of them!
  2. In my opinion it is a must have! Shouldn't be too hard to get rid of it if you don't like it.
  3. I hope I don't like any of these. I haven't gotten my samples and they're already all gone!
  4. I just got my sale order and I'm so happy! I love my PE. I think that might be my favorite label ever, it is so cute!! I was also so excited to find out what you were rebrewing and it came out perfect! Thank you so much for the store credit! It feels like Christmas with all these surprises.
  5. bruiseviolet

    Double O

    Mine is arriving today. Can't wait!
  6. This is so yummy. Buttery vanilla cookies with a touch of darkness from the clove. It's too bad that it was before my time!
  7. I would like Garland and Lace V2 and Christmas Clove Cookies to come back!
  8. I hope so. I have been waiting for a favorite PEs month.
  9. I think this would be a good one to get boosted because it's like Sneaky Clean in that no one would suspect you're wearing perfume. It smells like you're fresh from the shower clean. I don't want to smell like perfume when I go to bed at night but sometimes I want to wear pheros so I think this would be perfect for that!
  10. This is really spicy gingerbread at first. I wasn't crazy about it but the drydown smells really really good! The spice calms down and it gets really soft and creamy. Gingerbread scents usually smell weird on me but this is one of the rare ones I like!
  11. But Blue Corn Girl is very similar and its available!
  12. That's a great idea for a theme! I've been seeing a lot of edible flower recipes in magazines lately and I want to make all of them. I love flower flavored food and food scented flowers.
  13. It was dead though. I think that must be bad luck.
  14. Yes I got it! And there was a little ladybug stuck to the box!
  15. Heart and Soul doesn't seem to do much for me but I love Treasured Hearts!
  16. The mailman said that someone else delivered the package yesterday and he can't find the key. So I dunno if this means that they gave the key to the wrong person and someone else has my package or if it's still in the mailbox and no one knows where the key is! Probably the latter or else the mailman would have gotten the key back. I'm so mad I want my LPs! And I probably had other packages waiting for me too.
  17. Tracking info says my package was delivered yesterday but it wasn't! I better get it today!!!
  18. I wasn't sure about the honey in this, but it is one I can wear! The citrus is strongest on me, but I think this scent is pretty subtle overall, like a creamy skin scent with pink grapefruit on top.
  19. This reminds me a lot of Tealess Strumpet, but there seems to be more of a tart brightness from the lemon. I know they both have lemon but its stronger in this one for me.
  20. This is a very green floral. I'm not normally into floral or green scents, but somehow this works! It's not too loud or cloying. Unfortunately, I don't see any effects from the magickal intent of this potion.
  21. Maybe its like those foundations that come with multiple shades and you twist the bottle to get your perfect shade...except in this case, you twist to get your perfect scent!
  22. How is the chocolate in this? Is it similar to any other chocolate LPs?
  23. LFM did nothing for me too, but this works very well! I was thinking maybe I got LFM by mistake because I couldn't smell any cops but they must be in there cuz this works! I think you should try this one!
  24. I'm trying this today and I get zero cops smell. I'm not even wearing a cover. Can anyone else smell the cops in this?
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