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    Coco Honey

    I'm sure your will love it. It is a really beautiful scent!
  2. bruiseviolet

    Coco Honey

    This is one of my favorites! It doesn't smell like how I'd expect it to. I don't pick out the cocoa or honey individually because it is so well blended together. It is kind of perfumey and very pretty like a soft musky skin scent.
  3. I usually stay away from anything described as "dirty sexy" since they usually don't work for me but I got a sniffee of this one and it doesn't smell how I expected it to at all! The honey actually smells good on my skin which is not usually the case with dirty honeys. I can smell the cops a little bit before it dries down and it makes it smell somewhat dirty sexy but then it lies really close to my skin and is so subtle. It reminds me a little of Joir de but this one is much much more wearble for me.
  4. I like this way more than I expected from just seeing the notes! It wears very close to the skin and its something you can wear at any time without being afraid of offending anyone. I get a very light cedar over a perfumey musk. It's pretty feminine on me too and I think it's a versatile scent that would be perfect to wear for any occassion.
  5. I don't usually go for dark scents but I wanted to go for something different and this came out perfect for someone like me! It's a dark scent for people who don't normally like dark scents. I get the raspberry the most and it reminds me of the raspberry in Raspberry Rose Confite, but its not so bright because the chocolate and black musk darken it up. The chocolate is pretty subtle on me but hopefully that will come out more with age. When it dries down, the raspberry burns off and I get a very, very subtle hint of chocolate with black musk. I agree that it is not really a foody scent. This i
  6. I think both the patchouli and pinkness are more subdued in this one. There was something in Double O that didn't work for me.
  7. This is one of those scents that smells different when you get wafts of it naturally vs when you huff the application points. It reminds me a lot of Wolf and the Shepardess. It's a pastel pink scent but not so clean. It's slightly powdery but not really. All of the notes are blended together very well and I can't really pick out one over the other. Whe I sniff my wrists however, I get mainly rose. The long drydown is very pretty. It is a soft pink girly skin scent. I am also wearing OCCO Pink so that could be influencing the scent but they go very well together. I will have to try it on its ow
  8. This came out exactly how I wanted! It's primarily a spicy carnation scent. The pink cake is just a subtle feeling. As it dries down the cake comes out more but it is still not a cake scent. Its more like a carnation scent that reminds you of a cake. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I love it. I think I will need backup bottles.
  9. Now that it has dried down it smells like a clean white floral musk. It has a little bit of a soapy scent in a good way. I like both stages!
  10. The swamp water sounds scary but its not. To me, this is a light aquatic cucumber melon scent. It reminds me of Night of the Fae, but it is a little less sparkly and more grown up. I was iffy on the notes but got a sample for the intent and I'm glad I did because it is one of my favorites of the samples I got.
  11. I wonder what veggie musk smells like. I wish I got a sample of this. Oh well, next order!
  12. This has a unique set of notes, sounds interesting. I will have to get a sample with my next order.
  13. I have no idea what the patch is like. I wanted it to be more in the background but I'm not sure how heavy it is. I just trusted Mara to balance everything.
  14. Pinky Sweet is carnations, buttercream, pink sugar, cake Dark and Vampy is raspberry, dark chocolate, incensy musk, black amber Caramel Rose is caramel, rose, cotton candy, patchouli
  15. I wasn't a big fan of the darlings but this is yummy! I don't get any of the pink sugar, just orange cake. Unfortunately, it fades really fast on my skin!
  16. I've had it for a couple weeks so I'm not sure its that. Have you tried v2? Is it the same?
  17. I think my chemistry changed. This used to smell exactly like cake batter and sprinkles to me too but now something smells sour. Sad. I also get more of the mint now.
  18. Garland and Lace V2 and V5 Cauldron Cake Halo's Lavender Musk Velvet and Steel Petit Four Your Thoughts
  19. This goes on very sweet and plasticky. I agree it is like a strawberry creamsaver. After a while on the skin, it becomes less sweet and more like a strawberry musk. I like it better as it dries down a bit.
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