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  1. This doesn't smell like cherry but it reminds me of cherry for some reason. At the same time, it smells very beachy and nice. This is my favorite of the samples I got.
  2. I had high hopes for this but something smells off on me, probably the buttercream. I'm so glad I also got gotcha unscented so I can test it!
  3. It lowers social anxiety and improves mood.
  4. I am wearing this today and I imagine it would be similar to layering Hamantaschen with Sugared Hazelnut. I get a lot of hazelnut along with some berry filling and flaky pastry crust. It's really good layered with Sugared Hazelnut!
  5. I want to try cougar, sws, pp, topper and g2!
  6. Oh that's weird! The same thing happens to me. MRF with SS4W doesn't work. Maybe it's the scent!
  7. I don't think this is very sexual on me but when I wear it, people are really helpful! It doesn't do a thing for my bf but I think I will get a bottle anyway to wear when I go shopping.
  8. bruiseviolet


    I love this scent. It makes me feel like I am on a deserted beach where there is no suntan lotion or other adulterating scents. This is just the pure sparkling ocean and salty sea air.
  9. Velvet and Steel Fortune Cookie Beth's Blushing Milkmaid Amanda's Sweet Pink Flowers Musk in the Pixie Dust
  10. I was gonna guess Intellectual woman too!
  11. Maybe a long lost phero is making a comeback?
  12. In my sniffee, I didn't get any earth, but in my bottle, it smells like earth. Weird, it reminds me of Rabid. Does this have an earth note in it?
  13. Another thing is that not every blend works for everyone since we all have different chemistries. It could be the dosage or maybe you would do better with another blend.
  14. To those that have tried this, is it anything like Night of the Fae?
  15. I wonder if that means the sale will be up today?
  16. Is the sale gonna be at the end of this week or next week?
  17. It seemed to work when I first tried it in Detective and the Dame. Now I wear it in MRF and I feel like it just works on everyone else. Maybe it just works in that one scent for me or maybe it stopped working, I dunno.
  18. Does anyone else feel when they wear this, that everyone else gets a lot of attention but not you? I feel like this makes everyone around me seem sexier and it doesn't work on me.
  19. This stuff works so good. My bf had to go away and he was so sad to leave me even though it is only for a week. He is not usually like that at all! Maybe it was also because I was wearing other romantic blends all week, like heart and soul, and the feelings just built up. I don't really see a lot of blatant hits, but I think they work their magic behind the scenes and its like a cumulative effect.
  20. I got my own PE. It's gonna smell like mint chip ice cream. I wrote about it two years ago but finally decided to get it.
  21. I got a PE, Velevet and Steel boosted with Open Windows and samples of Phantom's Breath, Nymph, Jubilee and Compromising Positions.
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