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  1. Joanna's Christmas Candy Fortune Cookie Velvet Kisses Seamonkey's Musk in the Pixie Dust Nekomusume
  2. This is similar to Velvet Kisses, but with cream added. It's a little sharp at first, but then the cream mellows everything out. I love it and need a bottle!
  3. You have a gift for describing scents! Really helpful review.
  4. I got Sensual Harmony and Velvet Kisses boosted with BI, plus a few samples.
  5. bruiseviolet


    I didn't like this one at first because it smells like soil, but I like it with Autumnal Apples! Those go so good together. It really makes the apple notes come out and the earthy notes become complimentary instead of dominant. Thanks for the suggestion, Gaby.
  6. Is UN just as effective as MRF? The concentration in MRF works perfectly for me so I'm worried if I get UN, I'll OD.
  7. I was thinking that too! I think that's why a lot of ladies are on the same cycle here too.
  8. In the bottle, this reminds me of a non-sweet Evil in Carnation, kind of peppery. I had high hopes since I love that one. However, this smelled bad on me for the first couple hours and I was sad. At first it smells ok, but I think it needs some sweetness. It's really bland. A little later, it smells like a rotten bandaid and layering it can't help. But then all of a sudden it starts smelling good! The sweetness comes out and it reminds me of Taxed. I guess I can't let anyone smell me for the first couple hours when I wear this, This one is a very interesting morpher.
  9. Congrats Elizabeth! That's the best one, I think.
  10. Does the ginger smell similar? Is this one more creamy? I can't even smell the floral in Temptasia so guess I don't have to be scared of the florals in this.
  11. This one really was fluffy smelling, like raspberry mousse maybe. But after it melds with my skin, it turns to vomit. So sad because this one is really nice if only it would work with my skin!
  12. I have PM in oil and it works very, very well so I think oil should work for you!
  13. This doesn't smell dirty on me like Pherogirl does! It smells like tamarind. After it settles down a bit, it smells like chocolate tamarind. It doesn't smell like I expected but I am glad it is not a dirty honey scent because those don't work on me.
  14. I almost didn't get this one, but ended up getting a sample because I had to choose more for my sampler. I'm so glad I got it because it is so yummy! I don't know why I thought I wouldn't like it. At first, it is really chocolately and smells delicious! Later, the chocolate goes away and I am left with the yummiest vanilla ice cream scent ever. I don't really get any of the fruit scents, but that is ok. I definitely need a bottle!
  15. Would like to see la fleur cremeuse come back!
  16. I love this! When it dries down, it leaves a very light, sheer scent, like a veil of vanilla cupcake frosting on my skin. It's similar to occo white but I like this better. Occo white can get a little bit sour on me. I keep getting whiffs of it and it smells so good! It's not a very complex scent so I think it would be great for layering!
  17. This really does smell like babies, but its not really baby powdery. It's really nice! It also reminds me of Any Color You Like. I think this is like a baby wearing that perfume.
  18. I ordered a bottle of la femme mystere with samples of candy apple cutie and new!
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