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  1. I have noticed with alpha nol people treat me like I'm really young and they probably think I'm like 12. I hate appearing younger than my age!
  2. It lowers social anxiety and improves mood.
  3. I am wearing this today and I imagine it would be similar to layering Hamantaschen with Sugared Hazelnut. I get a lot of hazelnut along with some berry filling and flaky pastry crust. It's really good layered with Sugared Hazelnut!
  4. Are beta androstAnol and DHEAS going to be available as trial sprays?
  5. This smells a little like vomit when I first apply. I think some berries do that to me. But once it settles in, it actually smells really good! Does benzoin smell like brown sugar? This smells like blackberries on marshmallow fluff coated in sticky brown sugar to me. It smells like a really yummy dessert.
  6. This reminds me of potpourri. I don't really get donuts, but I get yummy pumpkin spices.
  7. This is beautiful! I was scared of the cherry but I'm glad I gave it a chance. The cherry melds with the rest of the scent very nicely. I think I may need a full bottle.
  8. This smells just like EGG to me. I agree with xev, Egg always reminded me of Cougar so this is like Cougar too!
  9. I like any blend that I want to affect a lot of people in spray and I like oil for blends that I only want to affect people close to me.
  10. I want to try cougar, sws, pp, topper and g2!
  11. There's more in the cart! Now I can wait for my sample patiently.
  12. Oh that's weird! The same thing happens to me. MRF with SS4W doesn't work. Maybe it's the scent!
  13. Wow you got it already? I hope I get mine before the bottles sell out!
  14. I don't think this is very sexual on me but when I wear it, people are really helpful! It doesn't do a thing for my bf but I think I will get a bottle anyway to wear when I go shopping.
  15. bruiseviolet


    I love this scent. It makes me feel like I am on a deserted beach where there is no suntan lotion or other adulterating scents. This is just the pure sparkling ocean and salty sea air.
  16. I really hope I don't like this. I just got a sample because I wasn't sure if this is my kind of scent.
  17. I agree this is clean smelling. I thought it was too spicy because the spice amps on me at first but it settles down quickly and becomes a subtle, clean pumpkin scent. It also smells almost creamy to me. This is a perfect scent for Fall!
  18. The PEs look so good too! I need to resist temptation.
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