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  1. Hi Sundaddysgirl, welcome to the forum! The other ladies gave you already very good suggestions. May be I could recommend Compromising Positions, that's a lovely vanilla scent enhanced with Sexpionage phero blend (heavy on copulins). Works very well. Also the LAM and BAM sample sets are worth trying. So you can find out which scent suits you the most, and then you can get the respective full bottles.
  2. Hi Shelley, welcome to the forum! I have Popularity Potion and Topper, both as spray. Usually, I spray 2 or 3 spritzes of PP on my wrists, add some perfume and then I smear my wrists behind my ears. That works well. As for Topper: 2 or 3 sprays on my hair before I go out, together with a nice perfume. BTW: Enduring Appeal is also a good choice. The scent is just devine and the cougar phere is very popular among the forum ladies.
  3. Beautiful labels! Looking forwad to the descriptions. I'm especially curious about Bonnie.
  4. Welcome to the forum, LolaCherryCola! Have you tried Sexology? You can also get it in a scented version: Indecent Exposure. Or Cuddle Bunny? That worked well with my man.
  5. Welcome to the forum, Signalfire! BTW: Sneaky Clean seems to be back in stock. I would always recommend this for its lovely scent and its Super Sexy 4 Women phero blend.
  6. Is Sneaky Clean still out of stock? The cart shows 0 available.
  7. I will do! Aging is also an important point. From my experience, it's always good to test a new scent again after some time, and yet again after allowing the perfume to settle and age for some time. May be, some day I'll love this one.
  8. This is a beautiful musky pink scent. The hibiscus flower comes out very sweet and lovely on a warm bed of white & pink musk. Such a lovely scent, like one of the musk collection. A youthful springtime perfume!
  9. This perfume is surprising me in really good way. I was a bit afraid of banana scents, but this is really lovely. The banana doesn't come out as very strong but it is definitely there, beautifully complemented by cherry, vanilla and caramel with a pinch of tobacco. I think I might become a fan of banana scents, at least in such a beautiful blend.
  10. I'm not sure if I like this one. It's a very exotic scent but, I don't know, may be it simply doesn't agree with my skin. It's a pity because I like the BI blend. May be I should test it again some other day.
  11. This one smells like strong coffee with dark chocolate (from the vial). On my skin it's this yummie coffee-chocolate scent on a base of amber. There is no cops-smell at all. A perfect cover! I imagine this perfume in a body lotion.
  12. Honeyed Love Potion is like a younger sister of LP Original or LP Red. The apricot is still prominent, but dripping with golden honey and a dash of vanilla. It's warm and lovely. And the Gotcha! phero is very suitable for this scent, a wonderful combination.
  13. I'm trying this one today. It's an alluring evening scent. Tuberose and Egyptian Musk - what a wonderful combination. It's warm and long lasting. I wonder if it would cover phero blends with cops, such as Cuddle Bunny etc.
  14. snowflake

    Always A Lady

    This is really beautiful. I get mostly roses, strawberries and raspberries. After half an hour on my skin, the scent gets even more complex. I can imagine wearing it with Popularity Potion, Cougar, SS4W or even with H&S. And it's also an office friendly scent.
  15. I think those trial size phero blends were 90:10 (90% alcohol). As for me, 4 sprays on wrists, cleavage and behind ears are a good amount.
  16. Thank you for the list. It's good to find all the permanent fragrances at a glance.
  17. I applied 2 dabs on my wrists this morning, and now, after so many hours, the lovely scent is still there. I almost forgot how much I like this scent, light floral with a hint of citrus. I prefer Enduring Appeal rather than the original Cougar Potion.
  18. Ylang, Basil, these are the notes I get at first sniff. Later the carnation appears and pushes the other notes into the background. I can't really make out any of the other notes, but after drydown, this scent is really woody.
  19. This is more dark and heavy, like incense. I use it sparingly, just on my skin. Haven't tried it on my hair yet.
  20. The cedar and the herbs are quite strong. Smells very fresh and uplifting. I think this is more suitable for sports than for the bedroom.
  21. From the essential waters, I like this one the most. Oakmoss and fennel on a bed of marshmallow root. It's a calming bed time scent, very nice on the pillow, too.
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