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  1. The cedar and the herbs are quite strong. Smells very fresh and uplifting. I think this is more suitable for sports than for the bedroom.
  2. From the essential waters, I like this one the most. Oakmoss and fennel on a bed of marshmallow root. It's a calming bed time scent, very nice on the pillow, too.
  3. I sprayed this on my arms and legs, avoiding spritzes on cloths because of the dark color of this spray. But it's totally safe on hair. The scent is amazing! Real coffee with a dash of cream. Delicious! I have to stop licjking my arms.
  4. Reminds me of Lady V's Rose Cookies. Just a lighter version. It blends wonderfully with the skin chemistry. A wonderful floral creamy feeling when applied right after shower.
  5. This is more long lasting than some of the other water sprays. The maple and vanilla are quite strong. I sprayed it only on my skin, so far.
  6. This one is my favourite of the month! Beautiful silky lavender, reminds me of Purple Puff. It's something that I would spray on skin and hair and even a bit on my pillow.
  7. A beautiful mixture of tropical fruits and vanilla. I sprayed it on skin and hair, such a nice summertime feeling!
  8. This one feels like pure honey on my skin. So far, I'm not getting much of the fruits, just a bit too much honey for my taste.
  9. This should be the link: http://www.magicalomaha.com/lovepotions.htm The Promise seems to be still available. But the new Promise does not contain Soulmate phero, but Perfect Match instead, if I'm not wrong.
  10. I got my package today. Thank you so much for all those nice sniffies.
  11. When I sprayed it on, the almond was very strong. After a few minutes, the orange came out and the almond remained in the background. I like this well balanced mixture of orange and almond. It feels very nice on the skin.
  12. This is a real pineapple scent, nothing than sweet pineapples and a hint of orange and honey. When it dries down, the orange becomes more prominent. Seems to be a perfect cover for cops. Simply yummy.
  13. I have received a sniffie of this custom perfume. I could not find any review / description anywhere. Well, this is very creamy. I get some vanilla, buttercream, may be some light spices, light musk or amber. All this is what I can smell from the vial, haven't worn it on my skin yet. Has anybody else tried it?
  14. This is a very unique scent. It's somehow floral, especially the first whiff from the vial. Then I get musk and ... may be amber? Some dark honey. The scent is very intense, alluring, yes, a bit like Cat's Eye.
  15. I've just received a sniffie of this wonderful PE. To me, it's a very comfortable scent, light and fresh. I get some citrus and musk, some flowers, can't make out which kind of flowers, frangipani? I don't know if the name of this perfume(Peace Potion) suggests a calming effect, but to me it's a beautiful summer scent, comfortable yet uplifting. Well done, Mara and Pele!
  16. I received a small sniffie with my order which really surprised me in a very good way. I never thought about ordering one of the Mystery Blends, but this one is so good, I can't stop sniffing my arm. It's spicy, yes, but which spices? May be chai spices, cardamom, cloves? It's creamy but not too much. Smells a bit like Indian milk tea. It's simply delicious!
  17. I applied 2 sprays of H&S with a spritz of Topper and some Glas Slipper for an interview. Usually, I wear Popularity Potion for this kind of situation / environment, but today I was just curious about trying something else. I was surprised about how nice and smooth the whole conversation went. So, I learned that Heart & Soul works very well not only with friends / BF etc. and in social settings, but it also creates a very comfortable atmosphere during job interviews, it can help opening up and initiate a deeper conversation which I found can be helpful in many situations. H&S was
  18. OCCO Purple is also one of my favourites. It's so versatile, can be combined with any other purple scents, Purple Pitch etc.
  19. The more I read the reviews about this one, the more eagerly I'm waiting for my package to arrive. It should be here after the weekend. I guess Lavender Marshmallow will be my favorite among the January releases.
  20. I got my shipping notice today. My package is on the way!
  21. You received your package already? Mine has not even been sent out. Waiting so eagerly.
  22. I hope there will be still enough bottles / samples by the middle of next month, because I need to get some money before I place my next order. In the meanwhile, I'm excited to receive/ try my January set.
  23. I'm still testing un-Gotcha! Good to have another perfume with this phero.
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