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  1. I'd like to try it. Hope, the violet and the amber are more prominent.
  2. I don't know what dragon fruit smells like. I have eaten it several times but I can't remember the smell. Current, cactus fruit and peach combined with LAM, that sounds really good.
  3. I always hesitate when I see a perfume with banana. So far, I never had any banana scent. But I'll definitely try this one.
  4. Does it smell like Cops & Robbers? Coffee scents seem to be a good cover for EoW.
  5. When I see fig, musk & sandalwood, I know I must have it. A good base for Blatant Invitation.
  6. Can't wait to try this, too. I love hibiscus. Don't know how it would smell in combination with pineapple.
  7. snowflake

    Always A Lady

    Sounds like a beautiful, lady-like perfume. I wonder whether the fruits or the roses are the more dominant notes. Or is it the chypre?
  8. Is this a man's perfume or unisex? I'm a bit confused about the comparison with Whoopsy Daisycake which is more suitable for women.
  9. I'm a fan of tuberose and Egyptian musk.
  10. Initially I thought I might skip the February releases to save money and get some un-pheros instead. But when I read the descriptions I'm afraid I can't do without at least the sampler set.
  11. I have tried this a few times in different environments. The self effects are nice, makes me feel very comfortable and confident. Reactions from others: surprisingly I have the impression that people talk much more openly than usual, so as if there's a lot of Beta-nol in it. Beside that, it creates a comfortable and happy mood. I love the alcohol spray, because of its instant diffusion.
  12. A very comfortable scent. I get light smoke, warm & sweet. Good to know that it's strong enough to cover cops. Must be very nice with Cuddle Bunny.
  13. Thank you, Luna. I've never smelled Sogni Incantati, but I'm looking forward to trying this one.
  14. Very interesting blend. Must be very nice for the cold season.
  15. I guess the orange is stronger than the almond, then I'll definitely like it. I love oranges.
  16. I was just wondering what fennel would smell like. Now I read it's like anis. That means it might smell close to Wyz? I'll like it. Oh, fennel makes boobs grow? Not bad.
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