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  1. That means we can order a sampler set, we just have to mention which one we like to have. Has anyone placed an order already? I'm still hesitating. But I think, I'll try tonight.
  2. Can we order the January sampler set already? I'm asking because I cannot see any of the NRs on the pages, except on the front page. Has anybody placed an order yet?
  3. Beautiful labels! Under Your Spell, Passionate Whispers ... very promising names ... eagerly waiting for descriptions.
  4. What a wonderful idea, water based sprays which can be sprayed all over the body! I'm so excited to try the Lavender Marschmallow, Spun Sugar and the essential sprays.
  5. I'm wearing it today, again. But unlike my first impression, I'm now getting lots of gardenia. May be because I didn't shake the vial in first place. Now, I like it evan more!
  6. I received my chocolate musk today. I have not worn it on my skin yet. Just from the bottle I get lot's of caramel from the bottle. It's a bit more tart than the musk in T.M.I., most probably due to the dark chocolate. Have to test it on my skin for a while.
  7. This is so fruity and yummie, I'd like to lick my wrists! The pear and the pomegranate go so well together, with some pumpkin just a hint of marple sugar. A wonderful carrier for the TH phero.
  8. This is cool and fresh. My first impression: blueberries and tea. There's just a hint of sugar. It's quite tart, but I would wear it, too.
  9. This one is a pink scent which I really like. Usually, I'm not that much into pink scents, but this one is so sweet and lovely. A very light scent, no sharp edges. It's just sooo pretty.
  10. Oh, this is beautiful! Watermelon, rose water, lime. Very fresh and fruity on the skin, feels like summer. I love it.
  11. I get mostly buttercream, some pineapple but not much of the gardenia, which I expected to be more prominent. It's a beautiful summer scent, though.
  12. snowflake


    This is really fruity and I like the mulberry scent. I think Summer Solstice 2009 also had mulberry, which was one of my favourites.
  13. Strong candy scent. I get vanilla, a bit peppermint, a bit chocolate. I'm still not sure if this one is for me.
  14. snowflake

    Snow Musk

    This is wonderful, musky peppermint, a really cool feeling. I thought I could detect some lemon in the background, but may be it's the tea. I like this scent!
  15. Creamy, slightly spicy. I get gingerbread first, than hazelnut, brown sugar. Very warm and creamy.
  16. Very fresh and fruity, the plum is the first note, but all in all it gives a 'chilling' winter impression.
  17. I think this scent is not for me. I cannot make out which particular note is the most prominent, but the blend seems quite strong. I'll see how it develops after drydown.
  18. I can't smell the copulins at all. The scent is quite strong, I get mostly honey and berries. To me, this scent seems rather masculine.
  19. Just received mine. It's a very sophisticated scent, floral and fruity. After drydown it's more floral than fruity. I like it.
  20. A collection of single notes which can be used for layering, too. A wonderful idea, EOSP!
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