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    Bizarre déité, brune comme les nuits,
    Au parfum mélangé de musc et de havane,
    Oeuvre de quelque obi, le Faust de la savane,
    Sorcière au flanc d'ébène, enfant des noirs minuits,

    Je préfère au constance, à l'opium, au nuits,
    L'élixir de ta bouche où l'amour se pavane;
    Quand vers toi mes désirs partent en caravane,
    Tes yeux sont la citerne où boivent mes ennuis.

    Par ces deux grands yeux noirs, soupiraux de ton âme,
    Ô démon sans pitié! verse-moi moins de flamme;
    Je ne suis pas le Styx pour t'embrasser neuf fois,

    Hélas! et je ne puis, Mégère libertine,
    Pour briser ton courage et te mettre aux abois,
    Dans l'enfer de ton lit devenir Proserpine!

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  1. This will always be a fave of mine, I wore it yesterday and bumped into an old friend who was being so strange around me, he was rather DIHL and then he disappeared very fast. A few days later I asked him about it, he said I just looked so good that day that he`d had this odd feeling that he would try to kiss me, even though he knows I`m a taken woman, which is why he left in a hurry and that he`d never felt that way before....that something must have come over him!! Just goes to show what SS4W can do!
  2. This sounds fab scent-wise but I am curious about the effects it has.... any juicy stories?
  3. when I wear this- I have the spray with cops- men look at me like I am sex on legs, it is for night time wear only.... women give me compliments but it's a strange mix of jealousy and wow she is hot....
  4. I wore this in spray with cops added in for NY. We went to a small party, I did not feel very sociable, very suave but rather quiet and keeping to myself, which I suppose is the mystère angle, I found myself less inclined to talk about myself than usual and more geared towards speaking about politics, opera etc and other non-personal topics of conversation. On the other hand I felt very beautiful in a swanny way. I got some lusty looks from a few men who looked like they were having a hard time keeping their mitts friendly when it came to the goodbye hug. When we got home my other half could
  5. Indigo

    Cat's Eye

    This is possibly my favourite LP perfume ever. It is exotic, sultry, sexy yet sophisticated without being overly smutty. I get compliments every time I wear it what a pity there are only tiny vials of this left and this is a scent worthy of at least two large bottles.
  6. I had to try this after all the reviews I read and I concur that this is a brilliant must-have phero that I hope Mara will include in the permanent collection. It does make one smell deliciously clean, it is a very delicate soap suds and linen type scent which innocently obfuscates the naughty cops in this blend. A lovely concoction. Self effects are immediate for me. I feel like I am the vixen-Queen-of-Sheba. My other half definitely was affected as he kept complimenting me on how delectable I looked. This chap in the gym saw me when it was slowly wearing off but still his eyes prac
  7. Indigo

    Cat's Eye

    I wish this and Potion Bastet would be rebrewed.... I seem to find the sexiest scents when they're sold out.....
  8. I swiped a generous quantity of Occo red on my self last night with a hint of Cuddle bunny. Let me just say this: not only did it work last night in the ways I wanted with my SO but this morning I could still smell Occo red in my cleavage so I rolled over towards SO to embrace him in my arms and Occo red did its magic one more time..... Long live Occo red.
  9. my pleasure ..... enjoy the cuddles and adoration as well as the you get from choosing all the blends with tons of EST in them
  10. Nutrix Cuddlebunny is phenomenal! If I had to chose only one phero to take on a desert island with my other half it would be cuddlebunny. I have loved other pheros more for my self-effects or their effects on others but on SO nothing works better than cuddlebunny in calming him and getting him devoted to moi...and only me. I have seen that pheros seem to affect different men (and women) differently. For example I have a friend whom everytime I wear UN supersexy goes crazy for me but my SO he does not seem to notice when I don that phero! I do believe however cuddlebunny seems to be a goo
  11. Ok I've only road-tested this once, so results are not yet conclusive but so far I have to say this has the wow factor, or rather seems to give me the wow factor in the eyes of men and even some women, in fact strangely it seems to work better on my SO than the super sexy concentrate! He never seemed to react with the UN but there is something about this one, perhaps the marriage of scent and phero, that works on him! If this passes through in the future with such flying colours on numerous occasions with SO I think this is going to be a phero that has to be permanently ensconced into my pher
  12. Miss Chrissy, I find that Cops on their own can make my SO testy, probably literally too much testosterone. So Cops solo can either make him horny, crabby or both whereas cops concocted with EST tempers the testiness making him more docile, caring and adoring. I don't like overly alpha males and in the bedroom it puts me off. I find cops on their own can make men think you're up for a rogering on Their terms or in general situations that you're just up for it full stop. In the bedroom with one's SO that translates as him feeling free to toss one around like a ragdoll whereas a few drops of
  13. will there be ample re-brews or should one order now before the last of the sneaky sex magick disappears?
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