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  1. I have a feeling that even after a drawer-full my patience will still not subside as from what I have read the LP ladies are constantly hubble bubbling and troubling to brew up new magickal potions that will cause us to constantly want to cry for more LP and click order this!order that! order me! order me too! and our bank accounts to cry: warning! warning! and our evenings from what I've read will be equally full of cries but more like sighs and moany cries.... no wonder my patience is at an all time low
  2. yes been working/reading this site/giggling working/reading this site/giggling working/reading this site/giggling constantly since mara kindly told me about the forum.....and its nice to know there are devilishly like-minded women out there somewhere.... all the women I have met since coming to Toronto from Europe are angelically boring. I met one who was opening up her secrets as she is French like moi but then she clammed up but ahah!!! that is why I cannot wait for the True Confessions I ordered to make its way to me in the post, the sooner it gets here the sooner she shall reveal all to moi .......
  3. OMG ROTFLMAO I can see this site is more than just perfumes.... you ladies are hilarious!!
  4. OK thanks! that is useful... I understand the Veruca feeling... I want my LP order NOW!!! LOL!!! but patience will have to be my virtue.....until it arrives!
  5. Thanks for all the advice ladies....your comments are wonderfully helpful. I'll try stay with tutti frutti scents, honeys and resins. I dont have LP red on the way unfortunately -no that is on my next to order when I have "le fric" (the cash)- although Mara did mention she would include a few samples :-) hoping it may somehow find its way in there in sample form. So I'm limited right now to what I currently own to cover the cops. I recently got a present of DKNY delicious which smells fruity like green apples, maybe that kind of fruity will do the trick?? Will have to put my cops on, on my little balcony outside, as per your advice, air it for 10 mins then DKNY it. I live in a small apartment -on the 20th floor, that still amazes me, I just moved from Europe and the most floors we have in our houses there is 5. On the other hand I'm hoping some of my own blends might marry well with cops- the key word is hoping as I am a total neophyte. I am a bit of a sorceress and do so love to mix up my own concoctions and make a lot of my own cosmetics such as body butters and shampoo, which is what prompted me to try pheros as it sounds like a lot of frolics can be had blending and experimenting with them... oh I cannot wait until my package arrives.... At the moment I own the following ingredients which I mix into various scents: -vanilla -patchouli -rose -sugared rose -candied rose -jasmin -musk -frankincense -nag champa (sandalwood) I also own raw cocoa butter which lends a choco smell to everything... wondering whether to buy ylang ylang or orange as those are both fruity.... also thinking about heating up almond oil with honey in it to see whether it retains the scent of honey and whether it is sticky and unpleasant to wear. Until I have more dinero to spend on LP red and LP samplers, my own concoctions will have to do. I do have a nice collection of the above scents though, where I am from, in Paris, I would go to a closeby area where people are from the Maghreb (Morocca, Tunisia, Algeria etc) and they sell a lot of pure musk, rose and other oils very cheaply in little roll on bottles as that is what women use in those countries. Now I moved to Toronto I miss my excursions to those exotic shops that also stocked all sorts of goodies like real eye kajal (kohl), cheap pure argan oil etc.... But one door closes and another opens...In my crystal ball I see many happy shopping trips on the LP site...
  6. Merci so much lovely ladies... I shall post my comments and report back once I have experimented with my new concoctions and now LP Red is on my next to order list...... do rose and jasmine scents cover well? vanilla perhaps? It has been my impression so far, the more sweet and sugary the scent the better...
  7. I just arrived in Canada a few months ago and just arrived on this board too.... I am half English and half French so hello and bonjour to tout le monde on this board well-versed in the magickal scented lexicon of pheros. I have some advice to request from you savvy sage pheros pros. I just placed my first order for: Lace Sexology Bam Blatant Invitation EoW True Confessions Obviously my initial bias is towards sexually enhancing blends however I hope to order more social blends once my now stripped wallet has recovered from this current denuding... Any advice from experienced pheros-users as to how best to hide especially the cops heavy EoW with perfume would be great... any particular scents better than others?? I love using essential oils, any that you think would serve me well? I did want to order some prescented like OCCO but then I thought why do a waltz when you can do a tango... so I ordered mostly unscented blends. I told my homme that I had ordered perfume -did not tell him anything about the pheros- I just came to join him in Canada as he is from here and he's talking marriage so I can stay here and get my papers once my tourist visa expires, I 'm hoping true confessions will open him up so I can ascertain if his motivations and heart are true! Afterall its been a huge culture shock coming here to skyscraper land and coca culture from my previous world of gothic ancient cobblestoned streets full of gargoyles and rich with the history of thousands of years of my European ancestors. Anyway I don't want him to smell anything fishy, cheesy or otherwise so advice as how best to surreptitiously wear my cops and others would be tremendous.
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