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  1. I have noticed gay men can be very sensitive to pheros, not that they would ever want to bang you because they are gay! But I used to sometimes bump into a gay friend of mine when wearing pheros and I noticed if I wore cuddlebunny he would get extra femmey around me, adoring, fawning and want to cuddle me and touch me all the time and insist on at least 4 cheek kisses . I have also had some good hits with gays and lace. I know a gay man who has a powerful position in a larger organisation, I need to have him on my side, when I first met him I wore red lace, he seemed quite friendly but then again he had that snobby attitude that gay men can have (he has towards everyone- the looking down one's nose thing). He is a bit of a ....... I need him to adore me, preferably to say yes to suggestions and be open to future collaboration on an important business venture. He has no need to say yes as he has plenty of other options that may pay better but if he likes me enough to want to do business.... I know pheros alone cannot do this but they can help and I have used them to mesmerise in the past . I know EST works well on gays, I'm afraid to use cougar or dangerous games, as he does not like it if anyone appears to be acting superior to him, he prefers modesty. I made the mistake of asserting my superior knowledge on one topic and it did not go down well and since then I have not heard a word so when I next encounter him I need to be fully pheroed up!!! I know however he also admires very feminine ladies, presumably as in his next life he'd like to be one. Any comments and suggestions would be wonderful! Also advice any non phero lps (maybe road opener?) Merci ladies and gents. I love this forum!
  2. I wore this in spray with cops added in for NY. We went to a small party, I did not feel very sociable, very suave but rather quiet and keeping to myself, which I suppose is the mystère angle, I found myself less inclined to talk about myself than usual and more geared towards speaking about politics, opera etc and other non-personal topics of conversation. On the other hand I felt very beautiful in a swanny way. I got some lusty looks from a few men who looked like they were having a hard time keeping their mitts friendly when it came to the goodbye hug. When we got home my other half could not keep his hands off my body and New Year fireworks exploded!
  3. Indigo

    Cat's Eye

    This is possibly my favourite LP perfume ever. It is exotic, sultry, sexy yet sophisticated without being overly smutty. I get compliments every time I wear it what a pity there are only tiny vials of this left and this is a scent worthy of at least two large bottles.
  4. I had to try this after all the reviews I read and I concur that this is a brilliant must-have phero that I hope Mara will include in the permanent collection. It does make one smell deliciously clean, it is a very delicate soap suds and linen type scent which innocently obfuscates the naughty cops in this blend. A lovely concoction. Self effects are immediate for me. I feel like I am the vixen-Queen-of-Sheba. My other half definitely was affected as he kept complimenting me on how delectable I looked. This chap in the gym saw me when it was slowly wearing off but still his eyes practically popped out of his head and then he gave me that smile that men give you when they think that they must know how hot it would be if they had their way with you but no thanks I'm spoken for by a gorgeous geezer!
  5. ok cheers Luna, I'm seeking Venus in furs en dans une fiole really
  6. Indigo

    Mistress of Fate

    Let us know Ivy.......
  7. Indigo

    Cat's Eye

    I wish this and Potion Bastet would be rebrewed.... I seem to find the sexiest scents when they're sold out.....
  8. Is this more: 'Venus in Furs'? or is it 'I stole grandma's mink coat'?
  9. I'm with perfume sniffer on this one. I might need a trial vial before buying. All the notes sound good apart from the hay which I'm not sure about. I had a trial vial of an LP, the name escapes me now, called Hallowed something or other, or something to that effect and it was all flowery notes but it had dirt or earthy-grass notes and sometimes the whole would meld beautifully but sometimes the grass would come through too much and SO would ask me why I smelled like I had been mowing the lawn!
  10. this is one of my LP faves, so light almost ethereal yet the scent of soft musk and florals lingers long after application. It has a certain majestic quality to it- this is not a perfume that any two euro trollop would wear- this has a 100% femme feel to it. It imbues me with the feeling that men should grovel before me and address me as votre altesse, a sensation I adore.
  11. I have read on this forum many times that many of you lovelies prefer to utilise your social pheromones in sprays and your sexy pheros in DPG oil or silicone. I recently ordered LFM in oil but owned it previously in spray. The LFM is the only spray I own since I do love the oils and the way they linger on my skin. However from testing LFM oil vs LFM spray I find LFM spray to be significantly more effective in spray, consistently producing better results. I wondered whether I should consider looking at other pheros in sprays. Which specific phero blends do you prefer in spray? How does the sexy vs social apply to blends that are both sexy and social such as Cougar, Super Sexy or Lace?
  12. I swiped a generous quantity of Occo red on my self last night with a hint of Cuddle bunny. Let me just say this: not only did it work last night in the ways I wanted with my SO but this morning I could still smell Occo red in my cleavage so I rolled over towards SO to embrace him in my arms and Occo red did its magic one more time..... Long live Occo red.
  13. my pleasure ..... enjoy the cuddles and adoration as well as the you get from choosing all the blends with tons of EST in them
  14. Nutrix Cuddlebunny is phenomenal! If I had to chose only one phero to take on a desert island with my other half it would be cuddlebunny. I have loved other pheros more for my self-effects or their effects on others but on SO nothing works better than cuddlebunny in calming him and getting him devoted to moi...and only me. I have seen that pheros seem to affect different men (and women) differently. For example I have a friend whom everytime I wear UN supersexy goes crazy for me but my SO he does not seem to notice when I don that phero! I do believe however cuddlebunny seems to be a good all rounder and work well on most men. Try it and see. I think you'll adore it. It's one phero I can never be without.
  15. Another vote for IW. Thanks Luna for the info on it. Sounds like a potion that would work wonders for me and on others. It would be lovely if Mara could cook it up again UN or maybe with a sophisticated scent as a cover
  16. Ok I've only road-tested this once, so results are not yet conclusive but so far I have to say this has the wow factor, or rather seems to give me the wow factor in the eyes of men and even some women, in fact strangely it seems to work better on my SO than the super sexy concentrate! He never seemed to react with the UN but there is something about this one, perhaps the marriage of scent and phero, that works on him! If this passes through in the future with such flying colours on numerous occasions with SO I think this is going to be a phero that has to be permanently ensconced into my phero collection! It seems to be hit and miss with SO... I shall keep the LP comrades informed...
  17. I love lace UN and had great results with it although it can make me rather ditsy! Looking forward to trying this one!
  18. Interesting Queen of swords, I think that's why I find my scented pheros diffuse better than the unscented even though their strength is less in terms of chemical components.
  19. Miss Chrissy, I find that Cops on their own can make my SO testy, probably literally too much testosterone. So Cops solo can either make him horny, crabby or both whereas cops concocted with EST tempers the testiness making him more docile, caring and adoring. I don't like overly alpha males and in the bedroom it puts me off. I find cops on their own can make men think you're up for a rogering on Their terms or in general situations that you're just up for it full stop. In the bedroom with one's SO that translates as him feeling free to toss one around like a ragdoll whereas a few drops of EST and all of a sudden, yes they want to make passionate oooh-lala to you but it's on Your terms because they respect your femininity and your yin divinity. EST definitely has the Goddess factor.
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