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  1. Having been under the weather with the flu recently and rather non compos mentis, I accidentally ordered stone cougar instead of cougar. I have always adored the delicious grapefruit scent of cougar so am kicking myself for having failed to restock with that fruitfest having said that I am always up for something new.


    I wondered what the differences are?

    Does one need to apply less given that stonecougar is unscented?

    Also what type of scents would obscure the pungent odour that I have read stonecougar may have virgin?


    Any other comments or advice appreciated! :Emoticons0424:

  2. I find that it depends how much body heat I am diffusing. I use oil pheros and find they work just like those essential oil diffusers you can buy at the Body Shop and other such locations: the heat warms the oil and disperses it hence IMHO oil-based pheros only really disperse thus producing hits, if I generate heat.

    This is why oil is great for bedroom antics, the more heat you build up, the more pheros you disperse, so the pheros seem to work in tandem with the oooh-lala.


    On a very cold day I find that oils will not work that optimally for this reason.

    In summer I can put on an oil based phero and get instant hits precisely because I'm warm and like a scented candle just oozing pheros. On an average day I find that it takes 1-2 hours for my body to have produced enough heat for the pheros to start swirling around me.


    I don't own many silicone pheros, because I prefer oil and find oil pheros disperse better and longer, so I really cannot comment.


    I own very few alcohol pheros but have found that the effects are very fast with alcohol and indeed sillage does go further however my issue with alcohol was a) it often irritates my skin B) you need to know exactly how much to use or you can have OTT effects which actually can be detrimental to one's desired intent.


    I find the best testing place for pheros has been places where I do a lot of physical activity, largely my gym, because as I work, get heated up and sweat that really pushes out the pheros. I also find a very good place to wear pheros, apart from the chest area, if you're wearing a sleeveless t shirt is slightly below the armpits, because the heat and sweaty (ew) nature of that region, lends well to dispersing the pheros.

  3. You need something, IMHO, in business with women and men, that is not overtly sexual or gender-focused, you said you need to "appear professional, committed to the business concept, confident and convincing and TRUST WORTHY.." so I dont know that LFM is ideal, although it probably will give you a confidence boost.


    For this reason I also vote for SWS with persuasion potion, failing that Open windows as always been great for me in business as it literally does that, seems to open up opportunities.

  4. Thanks for the advice.

    I am worried that Bang and sexpionage make one very attractive to men but have noticed such potions can make some women very competitive. I would like this particular lady to feel most at ease and relaxed with in my company thus I definitely need something unisexy.


    I do concur that, BAM or anything with betas will be good to feel comfortable together and also close but maybe I can combine these perchance with something alpha? I find that beta stuff can make everyone very serious, talkative whilst alpha stuff gets everyone giggly and free.


    Maybe BAM + LAM (+ cops?) I don't want to be overkill. I'd like to find something that works equally well on both men and women. I have la femme mystère in spray which works well I have noticed in mixed gender situations but I need the oil which will be on its way to me soon as it is so hot here right now I find spray pheros burn off to fast to be effective in this weather without constant reapplication. So LFM is out right now.


    Do you find Super Sexy makes women feel attracted to and mesmerised by you too??

    Otherwise Cougar with cops maybe the way to go.


    I have already tried perfect match with cops which worked well in that we all felt very close but it lacked the sexiness spell for my lady friend, it was more like she wanted to be my BFF which is also fine with me but I would like to play with the ambiguity!


    I find that he is a free spirit whereas I have heard that she can be wild through stories but she always seems to be reserved or in check. She does not drink so that plan won't work either!


    It's not as if I am dying to be naughty but I would love to feel that the possibility was a hand's reach away! !!! :say66:


    Any more thoughts?

    Thanks ladies!

  5. I know a very attractive couple, I already feel that there is a mutual attraction between them and my partner, but what if I wanted to have a little fun with it all and make their desire all the stronger for me?

    I know cops work on all men and was thinking of wearing G2 + cops but G2 always makes me feel adverse to men.

    I know cougar can make all sexes worship you but it's not necessarily sexual.


    Any advice on what to wear?

  6. Strange question I know but I find cats seem to be very sensitive to pheromones. I had a vial of cuddlebunny in my handbag and was at a friend`s house who has a cat and the furry purry spent at least 15 minutes sniffing my bag so I assume it was picking up on the scent. I was not wearing any pheromones myself.


    Curious to find out which pheromones cats like and dislike. They say curiosity killed the cat :cat692: but I never liked that expression and cats have nine lives do they not....?

  7. This is one of Mara`s perfectly confectioned pheros where the scent and the effect meld in a blissful symbiosis.


    Scent-wise, it smells delicious, it`s a fruity gentle floral that is very feminine, fresh and floaty. If it were an item of clothing it would be an oh so slightly low-cut, white, flowing summer dress with the lightest pink and green floral detail on the thin straps, which as it billowed in the breeze would sometimes reveal a perfectly formed leg for just a second. My point is it is sexy but not in an obvious, slutty way, rather it tempts in a very subtle, lady-of-the-lake way.


    I love anything with violet in it and this has a very soft violet sweetness to it that reminds me of the scent of a beautiful British garden on a sunny day replete with butterflies and honeybees sipping from the flowers.


    As for the effects I am in love with them! Luckily my bottle is still full but I hope there are plenty of bottles left as this is definitely a phero I want to have permanently in my collection- hint hint Mara please do not make this a one off! :witch1095:


    It does make one feel very Princessy. Yet as many have pointed out by referring to a pirate Princess, this is not a phero for a weakling Princess that has to be rescued by Prince Charming but one that evokes a Princess that is beautiful, feminine but also very powerful, confident and magnetic. This Princess would not ride on the back of Prince Charming`s horse but have her own beautiful beast and Prince Charming would be riding behind following in awe and reverence. I would not use the word Pirate as for me a Pirate is swash-buckling and wearing this scent I do feel dynamic but not in a masculine way. I feel I can do anything but anything I do shall be accomplished with grace, poise and elegance.


    When I wear this, I have men treat me with respect for my femininity, it makes me feel very self-assured and I have been told I can appear a little unapproachable as I just exude this untouchable feminine power and grace :darkqueen135: .

    This is a winner. Mara please let me know the status of this concoction as per whether it will be a permanent item in your inventory. Merci beaucoup!

  8. My SO has been really stressed at work lately and usually I pherobomb him with CB when he is out of sorts and this takes his edge off but I feel like that is wearing thin or he has become 'resistant' to it.


    I've tried heart and soul and true confessions but neither seemed to really affect him. He is odd that way, in that some pheros seem to work better on him than others. He used to be very sensitive to CB- hence EST- but would get stroppy if I wore Dangerous Games and not react at all to Super Sexy.


    I want something that will chill him out and make him feel comforted, safe, happy and secure or able to open up to me. I do have a bottle of BAM but sadly it is hidden in a stash in another country right now so have not been able to test that.

    He just seems rather pissy lately and it's hard to get him into a good space.


    I'm tempted to try H2H to empathise with him but fear the intense effects mentioned in the reviews so may try to get this in a sample first rather than in a whole bottle. However feel maybe there are some other options for us.




    Any suggestions?


    Thanks lovely LPers

  9. I'm due to attend a dinner with some very high-flying members of society etc. I have the clothes I am to don organised but alas am not sure what pheros to wear.

    I am thinking social rather than sexy, although a tiny hint of sexiness would not go amiss, I also don't want to give out the come hither and roger message to a former PM!

    I have narrowed down me options but am thinking maybe I can mix and match?

    The other thing is silicone, versus oil, versus spray for their diffusion properties. This is a 3 hour dinner followed by drinks and possibly dancing in a ball room. So I am a little inclined not to spray as I will have to keep on re-applying and my clutch is miniscule (although very fashionable) and likely to be loaded with business cards not perfume/pheros unless it is tiny vial or small bottle.

    a) open windows -owned in silicone- social but not sexy and is there a 'wow' factor

    B) cougar- owned in DPG- social and sexy, definitely has 'wow'

    c) la femme mystère- alcohol spray- social and sexy, also sophisticated but reapplication problems

    d) popularity potion- dpg oil- social not sure if sexy, does sometimes make me feel 'naked'


    Can I mix la femme mystère with Cougar?

    Should I wear a little OCCO in my discreet cleavage?


    Is there something else I should consider?


    Any advice requested!

  10. This is just really so delicious, I had to drop in and say it again. My other half was wearing this the other night and I could see why its called body-ripper the dark sexy musky florals are a real turn on.

    Is there any female equivalent to this perfume?

    I really love the notes in it and would love to wear the 'her's' version?

  11. I usually do not like foody scents nor anything chocolatey which is why I opted to purchase a trial vial only, more fool me.

    This is absolutely delicious and has most original aroma to it that I have experienced in a long time.


    I was so worried this would be all chocolate but the coffee beans combined with the myrrh and amber really round it out and lend to it a depth and maturity that is very womanly. I have never liked chocolate orange but once again the mandarin in this is so delicate that it really just embellishes the scent rather than giving off an over-powering citrus aroma.


    CB is probably one of my absolute LP favourites which I will never be without as long as I live (I hope). With CB the scent is gorgeous but more playful, girly, bouncy and it makes me feel all girly and cosy like wearing pretty pink fluffy pjs.


    Velvet Kisses is like the older sophisticated sister, less needy and more rounded. The phero content is probably the same but somehow the scent seems to morph the sentiments I get when wearing it. I feel still very feminine but a lot more calm, less frivolous and more nurturing, understanding, mature.

    Phero effects seem to also correlate as people seem to listen calmly to me when I wear it and treat me as a knowledgeable lady worth paying attention to.


    I am also glad to hear from the above post that the new batch is denser as my skin also did seem to eat this up.


    This is definitely something I need to get a full bottle of when I next order.


    Bottom line:

    Gorgeous, original and sophisticated.

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