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  1. I just received my first ever Beta, La Femme Mystère. I have always previously used scented phero oils because I am no good with alcohol being that it irritates my skin, but thought this could be used on clothes. I wanted to experiment as I am not used to using a phero that is unscented and sense that if it were scented I could judge better what I am spraying and when and where it is dispersing, if that makes sense. I don't want to clobber the whole bottle, in case of an accident but thought of pipetting some of the pheros off into another bottle and adding a scent to the pheros so I can judge my usage a bit better. I can see now why people get personal blends concocted! The Question is: what kind of scent can I mix in? Should I use an LP DPG Oil or should I use an alcohol based scent? Any advice would be great. I don't want to wreck my great pheros but am a little eager to scent some of the mix. Thank you!
  2. Celrynnya, sweetheart I am so sorry to hear that sometimes you are down and I understand that being a sad little lamb, poor love, can be hard. I know that you accept it but I wondered whether a few things might help you during those times? Have you tried guided meditations, relaxation exercises, affirmation exercises, EFT or thought exercises? I can recommend a very good book by R. Byrne called Secret: the Power which gives some useful exercises and great information. The exercises can help if one does them daily. I would really like to share a conversation, chat or some emails with you. I had some times in my life when all was not as I wished it to be and found psychologists much as they tried could not much help me but I found many other beautiful things that did. These things opened my eyes to a new world which I sailed through to (it sounds corny but its true) a different and beautiful existance full of love, light and magnificent things. I don't want to intrude but if you ever want to exchange emails or have a chat, please ask Mara for my email address. Much love to you sweet and beautiful, brave lady.
  3. Hooray! I just arrived back in Canada and got the package which came extra quick, waiting for me to arrive! Mara you are wonderful and Mermaids is delicious so As usual all the little baby perfume vials are also full of amazing brews and potions
  4. This is delicious, I just got my bottle! Thanks Mara you Goddess! This is fruity, floral, tangy, sea-salty all at the same time. Both my SO and his mother, whom I had take a sniff thought this was just a lovely passe-partout scent.
  5. Thanks Tyvey I agree, double standards abound and I did ask the lady to leave, she was aware we were together and at that time we both wore rings of betrothal on our ring fingers which appeared to be wedding bands. Albeit the act that followed was not to be condoned nor entirely intentional as I did not know my strength as yet. But was not her action also vicious knowing that I was attached to the man she spoke to? @Luna, I have long felt that some things deserve to be and are special and sacred. Once tainted those things can be felt to have become mundane, unhallowed, mere temporal specks or even highly distressing. Violence can be meted out in many ways upon a person. I am fine with other people being in open relationships but I have no desire to encourage or indulge in such behaviour in my own couple. Based upon my own numerous empirical observations although people are not to be equated with property, chattel or the like, adhering to a paradigm where partners in a loving relationship treat each other as free agents unshackled by any form of possession, although idealistically sound, does in practice generally lead to feelings of dispossession, emotional anomie, sexual alienation, instability, irreverence, disrespect and too often agony of the heart. All of the latter are also forms of violence albeit at a psychological level but wounds of the pysche can be extremely hurtful, harmful and difficult to heal in my opinion. But as I said other couples and people are of course free to do what they want as long as they respect my wishes and my ontology and do not interfere in my affairs of my heart. If I psychoanalyse myself, my own act of violence, my reaction enacted physically upon a stranger (in the above story) threatening the sanctity of my couple was no doubt the result of my own multiple past experiences both from my own point of view but also witnessing repercussions and distress amongst members of my family and close friends, as a child and as an adult. Ich dien love especially my love.
  6. I am glad the subject was deemed pertinent. Apart from the films I also recommend Marilyn Strathern, Judith Butler and an amazing book by Donna Haraway called Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature. I am sorry to hear other women are causing women on this forum some angst or malaise with their partners, I have also experienced this kind of behaviour and I am not very patient although I have learned with time to be less jealous. It is a shame that our society is so patriarchal, that it pits women against women rather than allowing us to unite. It's the paradigm of divide and rule, because if we supported and respected each other in every walk of life things would be different. I have noticed that a lot of this behaviour stems from insecurity which as we have seen is a result of media airbrushed non-existent women as role models who many women feel they have to live up to and be desired by man (married, taken or not), dog and pigeon. But I feel lucky to be part of this great forum and also have some great female friends. Once when in my early twenties I reacted really badly , this was when I had just quit boxing as it was not pushing me enough and I became the only and first female ever in my university's powerlifting team (similar to Olympic Weightlifting) and I was being taught by an all-male team to squat, deadlift and bench as much weight as possible. I was training very intensely and the blokes trained me with no mercy, there was no crying to get out of it. I became one of the 'men' for at least 8-10 hours a week. I was often in a lot of pain (esp on recovery days) and I learned to get very angry so I could lift over 250 pounds when I only weighed about 110 pounds for about 5 foot 7 or 8 inches. Due to my body type I remained lean-looking not incredible hulkish at all. I had muscles but not noticeably as my high muscle density meant I was very strong but you would not know it unless I stripped naked and you saw my six pack and shapely hamstrings. So initially I still looked like a sweet young girl but underneath I was jacked as hell. I was at a cigar bar one night with my boyfriend and other friends and it was very obvious that I was with my boyfriend since we were snogging, holding hands, I was sitting on his lap for a while etc. My boyfriend got up to go the bar to get us drinks and practically the minute he got up this lady just pounced on him and was blatantly trying to chat him up. I sauntered up to the two of them and the woman was asking him for his telephone number. My man had a Mclaren racing shirt on and she was pulling the old trick: 'oh I work for Mclaren, I can get you another shirt if you give me your number I can call you and deliver it to you personally.' Now I don't know whether my man was born yesterday, was enjoying the attention or was simply mesmerised by the idea of another Mclaren shirt but he was sucking it all up. The woman was getting her phone out of her bag to take his number when I just barged in and exclaimed 'What?! Can't you see I'm with him?!' She tried to fob me off by pretending it was all innocent but the woman was not moving away nor backing down. All the testosterone (and probably some PMS estrogen) just went coursing through me as if I was about to do a big lift. I just went ballastic and my archenemy did not see it coming, a sweet, angel-faced thing like me became BeEllezebub. I did not know how strong I had become (in a real life scenario that is) from all my training, so when I went to push the woman away from my chap she went hurtling right across the bar -it seemed faster than the speed of light!- and slammed into a wall extremely violently and then fell, hurting herself quite badly! Everyone was flabbergasted, the woman was completely shocked and stayed for about five minutes, trembling in fright and left looking very pale! Some of her friends stayed and I noticed, chose to sit at the table the farthest away from ours. I got some stick from some people especially men saying my behaviour was outlandish and inappropriate, my boyfriend til this day thinks it was OTT but I remind him, he should be happy to have someone care for him as much. But albeit one guy was really impressed. He even said he wished he had a woman as ballsy as me! And after that one of my female flatmates treated me with kid gloves whenever there was a dispute about who was paying what bills for cleaning products etc. Now I don't condone violence and with years I have mellowed and prefer Buddhism to boxing but I have to say I frightened away any potential competition. I don't think I'd do the same thing again, not that I am as incredibly strong as I used to be but I am definitely still quite powerful and potentially dangerous! I would love to always be about peace, love and smiles but if a lady hurts me by purposely going after the person I love most on this earth I will defend my territory with force if I have to!
  7. I am glad all you ladies are in love-filled relationships. This is a long reply but on a subject that is dear to me and that has been the focus of some of my personal research since studying as an undergraduate in London. Those who are interested may have the patience to read this brief history of Female power. Our static one-dimensional media promotes female role models: actresses, female singers etc. solely on the basis of their looks, unlike the male idols who are more likely to also be popular due to character traits. Think of Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan women who look good on airbrushed paper but who have no character traits that we can pin down apart from possible whoriness +and/or drug abuse issues which IMHO is not a positive thing anyhow. In films, the heroines of action movies with a few exceptions like Tomb raider or Charlie's angels (which I find ridiculous as women with no muscles in high heels kick ass, this perpetuates the bimbo ideal) are usually in the role of pathetic females who are always getting themselves into trouble (kidnapped etc), they don't have characters of note, just sit around look immaculately dressed/made up and pretty, and eventually have to be rescued by a brave, charismatic man- typically a 007 type. Some men who are insecure like to reproduce this paradigm. I was out last night in Paris, in one of the trendiest bars where people go to see and be seen, and the amount of balding, obese 50 something men with highly attractive, young women was actually a little disturbing. You wonder whether either person can be truly happy with a relationship that appears to be a muted form of prostitution and based on surface image only. Such a relationship is only based on the insecurities of both parties (him- his lack of looks? Her- her lack of income?- I can only project here, so I may be wrong!) But the truth is, these skin deep frameworks are only recent models and not to insult any Christians, are partly the product of the history of the Christian church with the help of the Greeks. I am not condemning Christians here but Christian history has some pretty brutal parts in particular in the treatment of women in the 15th-16th century. From around 10,000 years ago (it has been now proven that signs of humanity started then, look up the Japanese under water city if you're not convinced) til around the 1400s many of what are now termed Pagan or pantheonistic belief forms existed whereby female Goddesses where worshipped for their character traits, associations with nature, things connected to life itself in all it's rawness. Beauty was tangential to their persona. Think of the Norse Goddess Frigga, even the Greek Goddesses, Athena, Diane or the Hindu Goddesses Kali, Durga, the Celtic Goddesses Nantosuelta and the list goes on! Indeed it has been proven by archeologists that initially people believed that earth was ruled, created, managed by a female Deity, God used to be a woman! In the ancient temples Greece, Sicily, representations of the male God (often a phallus shaped monument) were always outside the sacred circle and at the center of the sacred innermost part of the temple, a female representation would be found (often a pregnant looking statue or other obviously female figure). Stonehenge and Avebury Stone circle have been shown to be linked to female Deities, Silbury Hill is basically a huge breast. Female Goddesses were linked to nature, creation and much more. Hence the role of nature and nurture were pivotal to beliefs. Obviously in female-based religious systems women had an egalitarian role and held positions of supreme importance and were venerated as creators of life not as bimbettes! The Greeks were the first to shift all of this when they made Zeus, a male God, the all encompassing creator of the universe, but still the female Goddesses remained even if they were subjected to a male ruler now. Obviously the Romans picked up on all of this, modelling their Gods and Goddesses on Greek theology. Women still remained, in society, in some positions (but not as strong as before) of power, there were still females involved in medicine, magic, midwivery and more- think of the High Priestesses/Oracles of Greece and the Sibyls of Roman times who might me making state decisions on whether to go to war or not. When the Christian church took hold of true power, this all began to change, although the Virgin Mary was very popular especially in Catholic areas, as she represented the mother Goddess and gave birth to Jesus. During the reformation which attempted to wipe out all other beliefs, paganism was considered heretic. Women had been the guardians also of nature, living with and shifting with her seasons (hence the equinoxes were marked by Beltane and other ceremonies in England and Ireland, for example). But all this was to shift and once male powers took hold our relationship with nature changed, all this culminating in the Industrial revolution when the destruction of nature, the submission of nature and women to male power, reached it's zenith. But back to the 15th century, during the reformation, the church banned paganism therefore any women practicing medicine, mid-wivery, magic or appearing at all independent (living on their own etc) were believed to be witches and were burned. Joan of Arc who led France to victory was burnt at the stake (although later made a Saint, long after her torture). Note that witch-burning was a big money making scheme for the Church as people were hired to arrest the witch, wash her, cut her hair pre-trial (hair believed to be a source of power), torture her during questioning, question her, burn her ad nauseam. All her property was seized and became the property of the Church. At least 9 million women were tortured and burned to death. This is an event of history that has been well-hidden, everyone knows and even talks about the genocide of the Jews etc but how many of us are truly aware of the horrors that women have undergone? The Jews have monuments, soldiers who died in wars have monuments, but there is not even one monument to honour these poor women who were tortured and burned. There is a fascinating film called The Burning Times by the National Film Board of Canada, which is free online if you are interested! Also free is their film Goddess Remembered which details how God used to be a woman. Obviously since the witch hunts the position of women has changed and women who are powerful, mysterious etc are sometimes despised by insecure men and women, even called witches, although the original meaning of witch was very positive prior to the demonisation of independent women by the church. But the underlying truth of life doesn't change, I believe that personality still remains a strong factor in how thinking, sentient people decide who they will be with. For a man who is balanced mentally and otherwise, obviously a woman of intelligence, character, charisma, vivaciousness and drive will be more interesting than an empty vessel. Also society is slowly changing, as we realise the importance of deeper values, of maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature, as women realise they cannot adhere to patriarchal values and become stronger and better partners because of it, values and ideals are shifting again. Hopefully back to the yin yang that the world needs to be in balance once again.
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of Love and Potions ......
  9. I have just ordered this, absolutely brimming with zeal to try this one out! Sounds simply divine!
  10. Glad you guys liked my review! And that I could share some of the love and hilarity of the best day at the gym, ever! Whoever is watching over me, thank you for understanding what I needed and what I love I wish you ladies in the Non-OAP gyms good luck in your pheroed work-outs! Much love to you all
  11. Well I'm in Europe from what I've seen we are way more liberal here and open about this kind of thing too! But that's changing too: I heaar from friends body building men all over the world are keen to show off their goods oooh and how happy I am to be their audience whenever they want!!!! I wore a big swipe of heavy cops in underarm area and cleavage. Occo, pherogirl, etc!!! and sweat a lot, and you never know what might happen!
  12. yes squats went very fast! It is true that a man stripping is a real treat for a lady nowadays given the hyper sexualisation of the female as unless in the gay community in general the female body has been more sexualised than the male in the Western world for the last decade or so, although things have not always been this way and in certain communities and definitely in some species of animals/reptiles etc the male is more sexualised. And given events yesterday I sense change and it is very positive! Strip strip strip men! LOL
  13. N.B: I may use too many exclamation marks but I do need to portray the excitement I felt. Cops will make men strip in public: Last night I went to the gym and I had some coppy pheros on from beforehand. It has been really hot in England lately so I was sweating up a storm after a short while and no doubt this caused my oil based pheros to disperse a lot. I went into the weights room, started doing squats. I was the only girl in the room. That probably spelled trouble already. I noticed a man who has always been friendly watching me. I did my next set of squats and when I turned around the man was taking off his t-shirt and his torso was naked. He started to pose in the mirror, flexing chest, abs, biceps etc. I have to say, in his baggy t shirt he did not appear to be anything special but wow when he took it off his muscles were huge and very well formed. But this was not the end of it! He then proceeded to take off his trousers too!!! :banana055: Stripping down to only his boxers and was posing in his undies!!!! His legs were very muscular, he was in great shape and my mind did wonder imagining other places too where I hoped he would be equally firm! :snake1: But this was not the end of this story either, for his friend showed up and then he started taking off his top too and they started posing in the mirror and then the latter guy's girlfriend appeared and started taking photos as they took all sorts of positions, posing, flexing, showing off their shapely muscles at all angles and those firm legs ooooh! This show went on for a while. The gym trainer came into the room and started looking at me and laughing as if he sensed this was all for my benefit! Clothes were finally put back on and in a way that made things easier, for a while there it was hard to be polite and not ogle, I had to do some sideways glances so I did not come off as obscene as everyone knows I have a boyfriend (who was not there that night). I would have liked to be more brazen but I don't want to send the wrong messages in a place where I need to work out seriously 2-3 times a week. Later the guy with the girlfriend was acting like he was going to accidentally bump into my pheroed pair of coconuts... and being really randy with me...after all this excitement finally I went home with quite the appetite for manflesh I must say! I have no doubt this show was prompted by all the testosterone that naturally occurs in the gym amped by my cops, either way I'm probably doing them a favour in their work outs, as cops makes them release more testosterone!!! There are some men in my gym in the past that I have had major crushes on and I would probably have an O on the spot if they stripped naked in front of me. This particular guy I had never really noticed (but probably will now as I was so surprised about what lay beneath that T and trousers !!!). Golly gosh! All I can say is: jolly good show! I am very grateful for whatever the Divine forces choose to send me and feel blessed to have been the catalyst for such a spontaneous and marvellous strip show by two muscly men! I have to say the first man who stripped was particularly well-made, carved out of marble and toned as well. I was blessed last night to have such a wonderful work out. I also have to give a big thank you to LPP and Mara and the makers of cops for gracing us with their magick potions that make men reveal naked bodies to us. That was the most exciting work out I have had for a while, but I trust not the last!!! Thank you divine forces, angels of light and love for working in your mysterious ways! I really like this way of working that you have sometimes! I wish you ladies the best of luck in using your pheros and may we all be blessed by naked men time and time again!
  14. Dolly, ditto. I do love Lace and it makes men ultra-attentive when around me and women very caring nonetheless I have to be careful when I wear this. I especially avoid usage at work, since it tends to make very ditsy and forgetful. Last time I wore it out to a restaurant, for dinner with a girlfriend, we had male waiters fawning over our table, eyes all over us but at the end of the night I put my girl friend's mobile phone in my bag without realising it and a string of other mishaps, I was pmsing but nonetheless much as this draws the other sex in, I have to watch myself as my brain seems to go in the process! Still when I'm craving attention from my S.O. and don't want the homey feeling of cuddlebunny but want a sexy little playful energetic bunny Lace does work wonders, and definitely eases his mood and can even turn him from being all serious and business-like to light-hearted and caring.
  15. It depends what your intention is: for ultimate respect from men and to boost your stamina, energy and drive I recommend Tabby or Dangerous Games (Domina or Leather) but if you want to drive men wild just use something with cops. The gym is ideal for oil based pheros with all that heat and sweat you'll be like an effervescent phero bomb walking around, trust me
  16. Absolutely dying to try this, when I next get paid : I'm thinking WTL sounds like a lot more work suitable in terms of scent than darling clementine, and from what I've read here, it looks like I should get this in alcohol which I normally avoid as I am allergic to it, but spraying on the hair, clothes can bypass that issue.
  17. OK cheers ladies! I'll have to try PP again, I gave it away in a swap as it made me feel 'naked' but maybe it deserves another trial run! Shall have to put this on my next month's order!
  18. Indigo

    Native Soil 2010

    I adore this one, I got it as a sample and it is one of my favourite scents ever sadly I decided I could not buy it as my skin ate it up every time! I am still looking for something that is similar that will stay on my flesh.
  19. Indigo

    Soie et Fourrure

    This is not something I can wear daily, but it is occasionally lovely when one is off to the opera, a night out wine-tasting or being picked up by a chauffeur in a Bentley heading to a four star restaurant. This perfume rhymes with sophistication.
  20. Bumping this as curious to hear about LPers experiences especially in terms of responses from others!?
  21. Cheers for all the responses gorgeous LPers and for the info from the lovely Potion Master! Oh drat! Late for the boat... Any recommendations for any other wonderful work pheros?
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