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  1. I really love scented Cougar and I find it an excellent work blend, but I should like a change as I always wear the same thing. I am customer facing so I need men and women to like me and want to do business with the company. I find many pheros with cops in them, make women very bitchy, wary whereas the pure social blends like OW don't quite have the pazazz of Cougar which does give me that extra sparkle. Lumina is quite pleasant but I dont really find it very sexy, elegant yes but not sexy. Cougar over all other pheros seems to make me popular with both men and woman, who lean in closer, even finding boring info interesting and exciting. I have had female colleagues gush about me when wearing it. Lumina just does not always quite work. I find the scent of Cougar, the grapefruit etc subtle but enticing so therefore very work suitable and also good for post work social functions. Does Sparkle Fuschia have a suitable work scent? How does it compare to Scented Cougar? Swimming with sharks is not a phero I need at work because I mostly don't deal with flesh-eating ratscums however any other suggestions for something apart from scented cougar that would give unisex appeal and a bit of dazzle would be appreciated. I'd like to vary my phero-palette. Thanks.
  2. This is leathery, sagey and boozey on my beau, its very manly, dark and earthy and is really delicious on first application, I find his skin absorbs it much faster than bodice ripper albeit it lasts well for quite a few hours and as it dissipates, a few spicey, smokey, soft bourbon notes cling to his skin. A very sexy scent made for 'real men' who are proud of their masculinity. When I sniff at the bottle, I find it a very sensual odour, It makes me think of a roll in the hay with a muscular, tough, sexy swaggering bloke who is well made in every way.
  3. I love this on my beau. It starts off as a very sweet, violet and amber but in under an hour the sandalwood and moss start to peep through marrying with the sweeter top notes. I really like how it stays so close to his skin and lasts for hours. It is very sexy and unique, I have never encountered anything like it before. Gorgeous.
  4. I loved this one, beautiful floral with whispers of musk and sandalwood. It also imbued me with an aura of delectable sexuality which never ceased to arouse my other half, unfortunately in a plane to Europe the contents ended up all over my make up case as the pressure did something funny to the bottle. I am savouring the few droplets I have left for some special feral occasions....
  5. Anything with Cuddlebunny in it I recommend, it leads to loving, emotional connection and beautiful love-making in my many experiences... Enjoy!!!
  6. Hello and Welcome. If I were you I would start with the scented cougar, the scent is divine and in my opinion actually helps the pheromones disperse somehow as the scent is very compelling and in my experience has drawn men in, they come closer to get a smell and then boom they get hit by the pheromones. Cougar is one of my favourite blends and although I like the unscented, I think this one works amazingly well in its scented version. Secondly I recommend cuddlebunny, it sounds like it would fit perfectly with your personality. EST if you look at all the reviews here is a woman's best friend, there is nothing like it, cuddlebunny, scented smells delicious. I guarantee it will make you feel ultra feminine, adorable and in turn men will perceive you to be that way. It changes a man's mood like nothing else. When my other half gets dyspeptic and grumpy I simply slather my neck, chest and stomach with cuddlebunny and he becomes docile, loving and cannot keep his hands off of me. Cuddlebunny makes men want to hug you, adore you and not only that but some phero blends make men want to ravish you like australopithecus (like OCCO) but cuddlebunny ensures they treat you as the Princess you are because of the EST which I recommend you read up on. I must dash but am sure all the lovely members of the forum will provide you with all the advice you need. Enjoy!
  7. Much as I love Lace I prefer Cougar, Lace makes me very feminine, very sparkly but also bouncy and a bit giggly which is fine with girlfriends and in informal situations but Cougar is excellent in all situations whether work, family or love as it does impart a glow whilst the wearer remains suave and sophisticated.
  8. I got a sample of phero girl and am now ordering a whole bottle. This stuff is liquid golden honey sexiness. I made a male friend of mine smell it when it first arrived and his exact words were: 'it smells very primal, animalistic', that was before dry down however but perhaps his response was to the pheros and the honey muskiness. Later on drydown he said it reminded him of an oil that was at a naughty massage parlour he once went to in his youth. I had a perfect testing ground for pherogirl. I was out with two girlfriends at an Italian Restaurant and that evening I was pherofree, presuming we'd just have a girls night. Later that night we went to the bar next door where one of my friends spotted a man, Jean-Marc (from hereon JM), she had a major crush on and with whom things had never worked out, he just did not seem interested in her. Thus seizing the moment, I ferreted around in my hand bag and uncovered the sample of pherogirl. I slathered some on her and also myself although our 3rd friend, Marie-France (from hereon MF), refused as she said pherogirl stunk and smelled too wild for her. However MF was impressed as after that she even noticed how men that would pass us in the bar would sniff the air as if drawn by the scent (and since two of us were slathered we created quite the odor). Men would stare at us, take double glances etc. Anyway JM passed us by and then suddenly pretended to notice us and at first it was awkward as he was hitting on me a lot and much as he was a cutie, I am betrothed already nor would I ever nick a friend's man . JM kept on complimenting me and I had to keep on throwing him in the direction of my girl friend. He suggested we go onto a nightclub which we did. Once at the night club I topped up my girl friend with pheromones, she had a low cut top that barely covered her back so I put plenty on her bare fleshed back. MF was complaining we stunk again but once again was impressed as we kept getting hit on by various men! My friend and I strategically decided to disappear on JM and my girl friend who liked him. We headed off to the dance floor and when we came back, the crush was kissing her back, exactly where I had placed the latest dab of pherogirl. We left and went home leaving the two lovebirds but later I heard from my girl friend that JM was all over her and going wild, trying to get her back to his place although she desisted not wanting to rush things. JM and my girl friend met another time after that but he seemed to go off her and she did not hear from him again apart from a message from him saying she just was not his type, poor love. I wonder whether it was the pheros that night in the heat of the party at the boƮte de nuit that made him go wild and once my friend met him devoid of them, his reaction went back to the initial: I am not interested. Bottom line: Pherogirl is strong stuff and definitely works for sexual advances.
  9. I find oils last longest at about 5 hours and seem to peak at around 2:30- 3 hours when I get the most hits. Silicone DPG lasts about 1-2 hours on me and sprays last about 2 hours also. That's why I love oil, even though it does not have as much throw, you don't need to reply and I always get the most hits.
  10. Try SEXOLOGY next time, guaranteed to make younger men swoon...
  11. Lumina is similar to Lace in that it makes feel very girly, glowy and sparkly however Lace is more ditsy as in giggly girly whereas Lumina is more girly but in control of the situation. With Lace I've been known to lose my keys because I get too caught up in the frolicks, whereas Lumina allows me to stay on top of things.
  12. This is on my Christmas wishlist... I'll probably be a naughty girl and end up buying it for myself
  13. Thanks for the answers! I'll pass the info on and let you know when I have more news.
  14. I recently found this info piece on the site http://lovepotionperfume.com/reading_room/articles/Intent I truly can see how certain scented pheros have been ideally crafted with intent. Mara is a genius in that she is able to correlate a mood scent with a pheromone signature. Some pheros I will always buy unscented, Super Sexy for instance, I love, and unfortunately Detective and the Dame leaked all over my bag when I took the plane, so it died and went to heaven- I wonder if it caused the baggage handlers to feel attracted to my luggage - , but although upset at this premature death of D&D, I just feel unscented SS4W is so much more potent. Yet somehow certain scented pheros, on my skin, seem to work better at transmitting the intent desired over and above unscented pheros and when worn seem to emit the message in a superior fashion and disperse a phero cloud that due to the scent simply seems to get more attention. It's hard to put it into words really. Take Cuddlebunny for instance, I also own this in unscented, but somehow I prefer the scented and my other half also seems to react to the scented better even though in phero content it is lower. Somehow the sweet, bubblegummy, pinky, cottonfluff smell seems to fit so perfectly with the mood of the phero that when I wear cuddlebunny scented, I feel super cuddly, girly, cute, loving yet I dont feel nearly as feminine with the unscented. My partner just loves the smell of cuddlebunny scented and whenever I wear it, he says it reminds him of being a small child as the scent evokes some sweeties he used to eat as a sprout. He becomes playful but submissive around me and very loving. He seems to want to smell me and be close to me a lot more than when I wear unscented CB. Cougar is another scented pheromone that I wear that I would not ever trade for the unscented. The scent seems to make the pheromones work better somehow, or make people want to breathe it in. I have consistent hits with Cougar and it would come very high on my top ten. Systematically people have complimented me on the perfume without knowing of the pherocontent. The other day at a work luncheon, my boss and I went to a small Italian place to schmooze a potential client. The lieu is generally warm and despite being high-class has very sardine-can-like seating arrangements. But this worked to my phero-advantage . It was very warm and I could literally smell the scent of grapefruit filling the air and even I was enthralled and eventually realised it was me disseminating that delicious odour! I immediately noticed how my colleagues were all leaning in even closer to me on our already cramped table, to huff and inhale the Cougar scent and they seemed very affected. My boss starting singing my praises, our client was all over me and everything I said he seemed to think was brilliant! It must have been the a-nol paired with the vino because suddenly everyone was acting very bubbly and a bit high, definitely a touch of giggliness going on. Even the waiter (and in Europe we don't tip so waiters are often disgruntled and inattentive) kept on coming by our table -more than any other- to check up on us and was giving me some star treatment and being rather flirtatious. The scent somehow really enabled the pheros to disperse in the air and increase their huffability, when I went to the loo and came back I could even smell cougar in the air around the table. It was a truly fascinating experience. Finally I have owned EOW for a while and teamed it with various perfumes but have somehow never had the effects that OCCO red, which I recently received, seems to allow for. When I wear EOW layered with a perfume I get perhaps one hit but when I wear OCCO red, I get a lot of DIHL and preferential treatment from men. I can only conclude that in many scented pheros the scent so exactly matches the intent of the phero and allows it to somehow convey the message wanted so much more clearly and allow the scent to hover around one in the air, that scented pheros can sometimes be more successful than unscented. Scent somehow seems to add that touch of magick Mara is truly an amazing lady! I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences?
  15. I recommended pheros to a male friend of mine who just 'can't get no satisfaction' and generally receives the 'get loss creep' reaction from 99% of women despite the fact that he's a very nice lad, he just seems to give off the wrong vibes. Anyhow Mara concocted a blend of charisma phero x1 in Iconic Tonic, which according to my friend is a fresh and foresty smelling. My friend thinks he may have had his first hit the other night, he went to a networking event for European business people and had a lady follow him around and then give him her card. He said this never normally happens so concluded that either the lady was trying to do PR for her company or this was a phero hit. I beg the latter. Anyway he asked me how many spritzes of perfume he should use. I recommended 2, one to chest and one split between wrists but truly I have no idea as I never use sprays only oil. Can anyway advise me how many spritzes he should apply and where??? This way my friend can start to work his phero magick on the fair damsels! cheers!
  16. Mara, that absolutely fabulous scent meister, allowed me a preview due to my departure to Europe for several months, so I have test run pure Lumina and yes it is magick, it truly does illuminate the wearer. I will not say much more...you'll have to see yourself!
  17. Ziggy, I understand! I am excited to try more of the OCCO collection now, possibly purple as I do love the scent of violet. I am not familiar with Blue either! The other very coppy pheros I am in with are the samples I got of Pherogirl and Closer. I thought Closer might be skanky from the reviews, but it smells positively deliciously fruity vanilla on me and Pherogirl was described by one of my friends as very primitive smelling but good primitive, honey dirty musky cavegirl with an animal skin on sexy. I will have to review those later.. I should also add that Occo Red turns my tame Canadian teddy bear into a horny little devil . I saw him this weekend and admittedly we had not seen each for quite a while as both of us have been travelling for work but his displays of sexual affection were more intense than they have ever been before. I wore Occo Red the whole weekend as well as some Closer and the whole weekend teddy bear turned randy beast, kept on trying to tango with me (and succeeded also several times I might add) to the point that it was actually hilarious and verging on manic. At one point I was trying not to burn the dinner and the house down in the process as he kept on trying to mount me as I was tending to items on the stove. I am addicted already and know what my next order is!
  18. I think Occo Red might be my favourite of all pheromones with a scent to it. The odour is delicious: on my skin I smell a lot of cinnamon and vanilla. It is a rich, deep and warm scent ideal for autumn and winter. As for the phero effects, now I am home in Europe, this is an ideal lab as unlike in Canada where men are afraid of eye contact, here it is all about eye contact. On Saturday I was walking around London and I was getting a lot of attention from nearly every eligible single male. I have put some red on my skin but also on my scarf as it was a windy day so I assume I was dispersing pheros around me. An added bonus was yesterday I went to join the gym and wore the same scarf to the sports hall, I could still smell the occo red on it. I asked to join for two weeks but was told by the young man at the desk that no such program was available. However he proceeded to be extremely friendly, giving me one week paid pass and 3 other passes for free! Which is unheard of at this particular gym. It must have been the pheros for I was looking quite scruffy in an old sports jacket and no make up yet he was looking at me like a Goddess!
  19. I would say try a sexy blend next time and bring out your vixen.
  20. I got my EoW out the other day for a waltz and I have to say it has aged beautifully and smells delicious on my skin even naked with no phero-dress ontop. Sadly I have to say my comments cannot extend to the the little number this thread is dedicated to. I am going to be 100% honest as TMI seems to be l'ordre du jour when it comes to Jouir De. I am glad I only got a trial vial of Jouir De, initially it smells like pherogirl but then slowly and surely a little note wafts in and out and then says 'I'm here too stay'. This note is too vile for me to wear out or in, it has the malodorous scent of anal sex gone wrong.
  21. Thank you oh ye wondrous Potion Master. I will discuss it with him tomorrow and hopefully place an order soon! baci
  22. I let in my best male friend on my phero secrets. He is in Europe and is now dying for me to order him a bottle of something that will make him a man magnet as he has very little success with the ladies. He sums up the classic girl reaction to him as 'go away creep'. He is not a creep, I know him, just a bit clumsy. I am seeking recommendations, what would be the strongest blend that is most likely to turn a mongrel into prize-winning sexhound? Merci.
  23. bollox. Just checked and isis is sold out :-(
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