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  1. I adore this one! It is love at first sight.


    I received this one in a swap and I wish I had ordered a bottle in my latest order because this is a beautiful sensual, mysterious resinous scent that is sweet without being saccharine. I am wondering if majmua is anything like this one...?

    This scent says 'come closer, don't be afraid, step into my sensual world, my harem and watch my dance of the seven veils'.

  2. Great reports, you really described these perfectly. These would be great in the reviews section too. I love Lace, Leather for getting things done, Cougar for being at a party and Heart and Soul for bonding with friends and loved ones. Cuddlebunny is my favourite at home scent. I really love what you wrote about it, I feel the same. Whenever I wear it I become ultrafeminine, I just feel like wearing candy pink lipstick, I feel deserving of love and cuddles and when I am around SO he just cannot hug me enough and he keeps calling me a little sweetie-girl.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your situation, you are truly a courageous warrior woman to be dealing with all of this. I take my hat off to your bravery and ability to discard negativity. Here's sending you hugs for all you have been through. :blush:

    It is never easy being a woman let alone having to deal with idiot men who are undeserving of one's majesty. Plus seeing his current woman daily. You are Amazonian!


    I find cougar is a magnificent phero for 'sparkle' factor nonetheless I think it works differently on each individual. I'm in my late twenties and find it attracts older men/women to me, but not so much the younger or same age.


    Sexology is a great phero until you have SS4W I would say try it out and test run it before using to impact your ex. See how it works for you. I tend to notice that it has a somewhat similar effect to SS4W although not entirely, in that it can make men feel obsessed. In my experience Sexology really seems to get younger men and men of one's age, quite besotted, I have had boys follow me around like puppies with the little wet tongues peeping out of their salivating chops! It's really very amusing. I :) Sexology. It is definitely a WMD that I cannot be without!

  4. I am ordering a trial vial of this with trepidation so shall update once I receive it. I am curious to see whether on my skin this shall smell like blossoms or bottoms.

    I own EOW and my partner tells me that prior to dry down or if I fail to cover the odour appropriately, I emit the stink of 3 week old camembert- the kind that is running off the plate in the pantry- mixed with the stench of a homeless man's pustule-ridden feet.

  5. I'm tempted by this one when I return from Europe....maybe order it now so its waiting for me when I arrive back in North America. I'm already sold on the scent but now more really curious about the phero effects....I'll be watching this thread to see what the lovely ladies here report. I'm a big fan of Lace so this sounds great!

  6. "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!" LOL!!!! could not agree more.....


    Thanks guys! I have put SS4W safely away in my closet for ultra sexy moments en mi casa only.


    I think Tabby (dominance in perfume) should work to establish space, I sometimes wear Dangerous Games to the gym as it seems to make other gym goers respect my space more, esp men and last time I wore it, the guy -the one who went gaga with SS4W- was very polite and respectful when I was wearing DG. It also gives me a no nonsense edge. This is my first time wearing tabby in the outside world but I suspect it will make me give off the 'don't push it with me' attitude as a trial run at home made me feel very much like the strict Mistress of my Domain...Tabby it is and no more shorts either for a while!

  7. This is a super SEXY blend.... I'm going away soon and wanted to get SS4W before my trip so I could use it if I get a chance.


    Anyway I road tested this in my gym, yes bad idea I know, but I saw my parcel had arrived just as I was leaving the building to work out, so I slipped the package in my gym bag and when I arrived at the gym I had to rip it open and test the goodies. I only gently swiped SS4W on my arm to get an idea of the scent, I also swiped detective and dame but perhaps this was inappropriate and foolhardy of me.


    The one guy that talks to me in the gym is a trainer- apart from a sweet gay man- and is French Canadian, has always been a bit blatant. I suppose the two of us speaking French means he thinks he can say what he likes without anyone understanding but yesterday all he could talk about was sex sex sex and dirty sex!! It was just as if SS4W had opened the floodgates and he was verbalizing all these dirty thoughts and I was honestly shocked! He even told me how he was blatantly staring at my behind. I tried to interject but it was as if he could not stop himself!!! I just gave him a nod, a condescending one at that and ended up walking away more amused than anything as I realised what had just occurred! Normally I would have bitten a man's head off for such talk but he is my only acquaintance and really I wonder if it is not my fault for wearing shorts and SS4W!!!



    I think next time I will have to wear Dangerous Games or Tabby so I can put him in his place and put him back in his place, get the verbal whip out!


    Mara has outdone herself again...

  8. I love the scent of this one, one of my favourites scentwise- hmm wondering what other LPs smell like this?


    The berries and leather complement each other making this neither cloying nor too dark, its very yin yang, femininity and masculinity in one. Albeit many descriptions have been given, nonetheless let me mention that on me the scent and even the feel of the LP reminds me of:

    donning a black leather jacket whilst wearing a cute dark pink berry-flavoured lip gloss on lush lips:

    femme fatale yet femme respectée = sexy and also sassy.


    As for the phero effects, too much of this can make my SO grumpy but I love it personally.

    Lately I've been feeling less than myself, with my self esteem at low levels and this LP immediately makes me feel vampish, sexy and sure of myself. Like I have become me again. This stuff is great on days when I don't feel like going out of the house, I put it on and I feel ready to face anything. I exude confidence.


    It is good to wear around cocky women. I had to meet one such woman the other day, she seemed to calm down when I put this on and treat me on a more equal level.


    With men, it seems to ensure they respect you and admire you but from a distance as if they are aware that you are attractive but also aware that there is a line not to be crossed.


    Its good to wear in an all male environment so as to 'keep your territory' unchallenged. I like to wear this one in the weights room in my gym. I notice the jerks stay at bay whilst the more friendly types say hello, have a chat but respect my space. It also helps for claiming equipment, my gym gets pretty busy so sometimes muscle macho men are trying to throw their weight around to get to apparatus before me. When I wear this I never have this problem. Indeed I can see how this could work well in an male-dominated office, at home with your male partner, in a bdsm dungeon or any place where females need to take charge.

    Men seem to follow orders on this one without thinking about it, they obey.


    For example, at the gym, this big bloke was using the bar at the squat rack to do curls. I really needed to use the squat rack for squats. I asked him if he might not mind doing his curls elsewhere as he did not need the rack, whereas I did for my squats. He immediately agreed and left.


    Second example, this odd fellow, came to the squat rack where I had just finished my set. He asked me if he could work in, as he wanted to use the same weight I had loaded on the bar, to do clean n jerks.

    I did not particularly want to share the equipment as I was at an intense part of my work out and wanted to increase the weight and do several last hard sets instead of being distracted by this guy who has a strange energy. I noticed the second squat rack behind us was now free, the guy at squat rack 2 left. So I told the odd fellow to go and work out there as it would save us time loading and unloading the bar. He looked a little annoyed but then just followed orders.

    Bottom line: I feel like Queen Elizabeth defeating the Spanish armada when I wear this.

  9. I know: I'm trying to give Indigo a compliment about how she expresses things :)


    Thanks Tyvey :lol: I really like what you wrote too:



    They're flailing, involuntarily reacting to the world the only way they know, like their knee's been banged with a reflex hammer.


    Also when you said:

    I have to be on constant active guard against the very human (and understandable) tendency to project onto others that they could ONLY do such-and-such for the reasons *I* might do so - e.g., 'they must really HATE me- I would never act that way toward someone unless I HATED them'.


    I really have to do the same thing especially as I am overly sensitive and its easy to forget and if you have low self esteem even easier to start finding fault with yourself in such situations!

  10. I like socials in silicone and sexy in oil, I'm not good with alcohol, I often get red skin rashes which is actually how I found LP, looking for an alternative to alcohol. Although I'm sure alcohol works terrifically for its purposes, I have had great hits with oils, silicones and find even without breaking into a sweat I diffuse quite well if I place pheros on my breast line and near to my underarms...

  11. I'm sorry to hear these women were so rotten to you but always remember such negative behaviour never stems from you but usually because other people as Mademoiselle mentioned, may be unhappy or insecure about certain things about themselves or their lives.


    Probably seeing you, secure and popular with the opposite sex brought out elements of dissatisfaction from these women. I know it must have been hurtful to be the recipient of all this negative attention but realize it only stems from other people's incapacity to feel secure and no doubt they actually did not mean to be that hurtful.


    I remember feeling jealous when this hot woman was getting along like a house on fire with my man during a time I felt under the weather as I had been bombarded with family and health problems. Previously I was cool with her but I'm sure that I was nasty to the lady thereafter, I should not have been, but I felt so insecure given that I was going through so much stuff at the time and she was waltzing around without a care in the world and I was worried that my man would feel attracted to a happy-go-lucky girl as opposed to some of my bleaker facets, at the time.

    I was being stupid as a good man will stick with you through rain and shine but still you get my drift, its easy to displace one's lack of self-esteem and worries on to others. Women can be very competitive and not because they really dislike you but because they have insecurities.

    Unfortunately the media and our patriarchal society generally encourages division amongst women rather than cohesiveness and compassion. I suppose we are less trouble that way!

  12. I've seen similar discussions posted before but can't remember where so thought I'd refresh the subject to hear about other people's experiences.

    It seems as if every time I wear Sexology I inadvertently attract men younger than myself, I feel like more than the Cougar blend, it makes younger boys all doe-eyed. Does anyone else have similar experiences with a blend attracting a particular age group?

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