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  1. Violitious: Berry-ish violets with a soft musk like purple-licious scent!!! Luckily the violet isnt violent. Just a smooth, very grounded violet with distinct purple berries.(blackberry? blueberry?). I typically test out my oils without reading the descriptions... For some reason the dry down reminds me of LP: PINK! It has that very soft-musk quality that makes the blend almost creamy?! If you're a fan of dark berries and dont mind the soft whiff of violets, do try Violitious!!! MPM
  2. Mimosa Pour Moi


    Miasma: Ohhh yes, strong lily yet NOT too crazy floral if you're not a floral person! Fear not! Like holding bunch of lilies in the hand and take a deep sniff of the flowers. It's got an edg to this blend however....just tad sharp for a few seconds before it mellows to a gorgeous soft scent. The short lived sharpness gives Miasma a "sinster, calculating" vibe to the blend. It's not an innocent lily blend, it's a very cold, crips type of lilies..with a tinest hint of green in the background. Sharp, cool,collective yet beautiful is Miasma! MPM
  3. Mimosa Pour Moi


    Drooling!! Glad I have one enroute to me!!!! MPM
  4. Mimosa Pour Moi


    Have this on en route to me. Cant wait to sniff it!!! MPM
  5. Hi KK, Welcome to the LP addiction! <wink wink> Please give Melodie some hugs and kisses. MPM
  6. My 5: 1. LP: Red 2. Nectar Du Printemps 3. Skull Orchard 4. Winter Snow Blossom 5. Pure Sugar I have so many new scents on my wishlist!!!!!! Oyy. MPM
  7. I'm not hot mama & I'm extremely shy, but i FEEL like one when I dab with LP:RED. The scent makes me more daring! LOL. MPM
  8. OPs..sorry to quote to entire post!!!!!! " LP Red simply IS the very epitome of aphrodisiac.. Ethereal, haunting, yet sexy, spicy and just plain hot at times. An ever-changing chameleon and a true jewel in the crown of artisan perfumery. In short - a masterpiece. If you've never tried it, I urge you to, as it is quite simply - utterly mind-blowing." You said it better than I could!!!!! No matter what blend I wear, i always come back to LP:Red. ...or when I"m being indecisive, always reach for LP:RED. It's a men magnet. It's not psychological effect or anything, but i swear each time I have LP: RED on there are always more looks from men! Especially in close spaces(subway) It's as if the scent wake up their senses...they take a moment out of their deep thoughts, and "sniff" the nice aroma around them.... :*) I'm 3/4 done with my bottle. MUST replace more soon! MPM
  9. Oidhche Shamhna: "The early Trick-or-Treaters of Scotland and Ireland went round to farmer's houses for treats of coin or fresh buttered bread. The tradition continues and crosses the pond in this more modern American treat - the fragrance of fresh buttered popcorn balls, drizzled with milk chocolate and caramel!" Wet: MMMM mouth watering butter popcorn balls!!!!! I can smell the toffee like quality caramel and chocolate. It makes me hungry when I wear this. Dry: Sticky butter popcorns still going strong...milk chocolate fades...caramel is sticking on my skin like a glue!!! It's just delicous!!!! I need some chocolates, NOW! Verditc: I miss Scotland and my boss told me I smelled good the other day. She couldnt tell what it was but said smelle like bisuits and chocolates. Over all the blend smells like those large popcorn or chocolate balls in a giant tin that you would see around Holiday seasons... MPM
  10. Sugared Bonfire: "A traditional Halloween Bonfire ~ smokey woods and hot, sugary, toasting marshmallows! Wet: MMMM gooey marshmallows!!!!! Then it is followed by a hint of HOT(but not spicy) cinnamon-like scented woods. Dry: No more marshmallows but the somkey woods still present. The scent morphs from toothaching roasting marshmallows to "firey" woods(leaves, branches, stems...). It's got something "resiny" lurking undertone. I like how i can wear something "resiny" without being too spicy. Verdict: It really smells like I"m camping by the bonfire and eating marshmallows!! Although it's mark for both genders, I think it's mellow enough for females wanting a little kick to jazz up the gourmand marshmallows. MPM
  11. Sugared Berries: "Sugared sweetened Blueberries, Boisenberries, Blackberries, Black Currant, and Wood Berry." Wet: Woot! Gorgeous boisenberryes and blackberries...HInt of blueberries here 'n there. I'm not sure what wood berry supposed to smell like but over all it's a dark berry scent. Dry: Blueberries everywhere. Boisenberries and other berries are quiet a bit but the blend becomes juicier and less sugary. More of that dusted sugar powder mingle with the berries.... Verdict: MUST HAVE A BOTTLE! I love how the dark berries are well blend here. It's sweet, soft, juicy, yet "dark" at the same time!! Perfect for this fall cripsy cold air (finally feels like autumn!)
  12. Out of all the Sugared series I love Pure Sugar the best. It's so fairy-tale like whimiscal of a scent for me. It makes me very jolly when I wear it. To my nose it's mostly a "white" sugar blend. I think because of it that's why i am getting an airy/light fluffy vibe to it. The dry down stays very true and i never got that weird plastic/doll/musky smell i can get with "lighter" blends. I'm glad it's mostly a "white" sugar scent god knows it makes me happy and when i am happy i am NICE MPM
  13. It's the best grape scent ever. I love that you said it's got that icy cooliness. To my nose it's that and bit of crystaline kick to it. MPM
  14. Hope to see Sugared Grapes up there soon. I cant wait as I do adore LP#3 for women. Thank you for brewing up this blend! Looking forward to more new scents to come!!! Yours, MPM
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