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  1. I'm not hot mama & I'm extremely shy, but i FEEL like one when I dab with LP:RED. The scent makes me more daring! LOL. MPM
  2. OPs..sorry to quote to entire post!!!!!! " LP Red simply IS the very epitome of aphrodisiac.. Ethereal, haunting, yet sexy, spicy and just plain hot at times. An ever-changing chameleon and a true jewel in the crown of artisan perfumery. In short - a masterpiece. If you've never tried it, I urge you to, as it is quite simply - utterly mind-blowing." You said it better than I could!!!!! No matter what blend I wear, i always come back to LP:Red. ...or when I"m being indecisive, always reach for LP:RED. It's a men magnet. It's not psychological effect or anything, but i swear each
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