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  1. This body cream is luxurious. The scent has such a rich but not overpowering aroma, warm and perfect for fall time and the cream makes my dry hands smooth and hydrated, I work with chemicals and this doesn't burn like some other creams I own and it's nice because it smells so good unlike the other creams I have that smell almost medicinal for my dry hands. Thank you for this beautiful creation.

  2. This smells GREEN when wet. Like when I take a nature walk after a rain when everything is damp and the aroma's of the trees, moss, flowers and grass are wafting upwards after the downpour. It's lovely. After dry down it becomes a mixture of greens and cream and becomes warmer and cozy. This is a very nice spring/summer scent but can be worn anytime of course, it's just the fragrance reminds me of everything I love about those seasons.

  3. I really am enjoying my sample of this. If silver had a fragrance this is it. It smells almost cold, it really does cool the internal fire, stress and anxiety and makes me feel more at ease. The scent is uni-sex. It has a bit of masculinity to it and still pretty for a woman to wear. I feel more stable and grounded when I wear this, this potion is a must for any busy person.

  4. Welcome,Chrisy...I noted in your post to the Backstage Pass thread not to miss out on the big sale of one of your favs ...believe me,it will be one of many :abfx:



    Thanks Calii for letting me know, thats so sweet of you. I got some! And I can't wait to try out the new ones and have even more favs.

  5. Thanks Calii. I've been using my daughters bottle so I am happy that it's on sale too. I just bought a few actually, so now I don't have to sneak any from her, she'll like that I'll have my own now. :abfx:

  6. Hello, new here. I received a free sample of Sand Witch from my daughter and ever since we have had fun sampling new scents here and there. I use essential oils and some of my favorites are lavender and patchouli. I'm used to the commercial alcohol perfume sprays so these oils are a nice change, they really do blend with your skin instead of just cover your skin like commercial sprays.

    I'm interested in the perfumes and a few of the pheromones LP offers, they all sound so beautiful and I hope I can get some early Christmas shopping going, these would make great stocking stuffers. I am very interested in the tranquility pheromone, Elixer of Silver for myself, it sounds like something I am in need of so I will explore the reviews soon. I look forward to reading more of this forum and posting more as well. Thank you to the members for being so informative and thank you Mara for the welcome and all your help.

  7. This is my favorite scent from LP so far. My daughter and I have sampled only a few and this one works so well with both of our skin chemistries. When wet it smells like a peach dessert, something almost cakey and creamy peach. As it dries down it matures with the peony coming through to lighten up the dessert feel but it doesn't get too light because then the musk comes through as well to give it it's edge. Dry on me, it doesn't smell like a food scent because it works so well with the other notes, not one single note stands out in particular, the notes all just mingle about, complementing each other. I feel that this can be worn anywhere, anytime. It is a warm friendly scent but at the same time can be intimate and sexy . You all did a great job at naming this LP, the sweet and innocent notes to "get backstage" in the first place and then the sexy musk scent when you finally have your way with the band backstage, it's multifaceted.

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