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  1. Something relaxing in a bath bomb. So we can have a controlled phero bomb for ourselves 🤣
  2. Give me a phero'd up Carbon Black to bathe in 😍 On second thought, don't, and my precious hoarded bottles will be my little secret 🤣 So I vote Tantalize instead to get my orchid fix 😁
  3. LP: Pumpkin w/ Aja *sigh* I was so late to that party.
  4. Mmmm. I scooped this up for the boy because I adored the original North Pole, and comparing the two, the newer version is a little lighter and sweeter to my nose - perhaps the age of the other one gives it more depth, but they're still delicious. I could have sworn that I had a bottle of the 2010 version and not just a trial vial... must go hunting for someone with a bottle. But in the meantime, I'm going to convince the boything to wear this so I can nom on him
  5. Any chance of more (MOAR!!!) wax melts being brewed? I need a lifetime supply of Sugared Honeycomb, and since moving in with my boyfriend am dying to get some sexy phero'd ones...
  6. I've been pairing Carbon Black with Gotcha! just because I adore the scent and it works pretty well for me. Been wearing it around my crush/guyfriend and he's been pretty chatty affectionate, almost pushy chatty, like if I don't answer his questions immediately he pouts. It's kinda cute though
  7. Had some amazing results with this the other day. I was wearing a drop from the UN sample droppers (which I love, by the way - I feel like I can control the amount more and I have a way to measure how much I'm using) when I went out shopping with my mom to test it, but didn't seem to have too much of an effect at one drop. At the end of the day my TG texts, asking if I want to hang out. I tell him I'm busy at the time but I'll let him know when I get back home. Get back, make plans to go see a movie with him, and put two more drops on, letting it dry down but not covering with anythin
  8. Ooooh I wanna try this with Glistening Buttons now, even though that already has cops... Hopefully I'll get the chance to try it out on the unsuspecting boy soon.
  9. Straight out of the bottle I do too. I haven't tried it on my skin though, but I'm hoping since I can smell the berries already it'll be soft and yummy.
  10. Okay, I got the most unexpected hit with this. I swiped some on last weekend for a friend's early Halloween party, because I knew it would give me a kick of confidence and I'm very comfortable with my friend and her friends and knew that nothing would get out of hand. I had a delicious aura of spicy-sweet goodness and a kick-ass, bad-girl confidence about me at her party, and had a ton of fun. The girls were hitting on me sweetly, telling me how cute and sexy I was, while the guys were giving me looks of approval but giving me my space. It was awesome. Then the guy-thing texted, askin
  11. I think Mara said to send a follow-up e-mail to indicate the ones you want...which I still need to do!
  12. I'll jump in and say one for me please! Could I pretty please get it as a spray with the phero blend?
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