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  1. will there be an announcement when PE are back and running?
  2. Are we getting Halloweenies this round? Or are we missing it because of the sale?
  3. i am so sad i missed this one! I guess I gotta see if Mara is brewing one for October.
  4. ok, I think i will strongly suggest something with B2.2. Thanks again
  5. all the ladies here have given great advice so I'm just going to say welcome here
  6. thanks ladies. I know most of the men's pheros affect women but i wasn't sure on how they affect other men
  7. I was wondering if there was something like the girl/girl for guys available still. It is for a friend and I have no idea what to share with him other then the sample of Teddy man that have. Any suggestions?
  8. welcome here! can't wait to start seeing your reviews.
  9. welcome here!! sorry i am not frequently on here so i am late to the party, but i was going to suggest something with Dom. It increases my sex drive and makes my man extremely horny. It is my go to when I want to be pursued. I cant wait for you to post your reviews to all the goodies you ordered.
  10. I hope there is flying potion in the October scents
  11. This is pure creamy goodness. It feels like I am being baked in a custard. I picked up a little booze note but it barely showed on my skin. I will let it settle a bit
  12. This was very light fleshy cooked pumpkin. I didn't get any spice. It is fresh feeling tho.
  13. I am in love with my lavender!!! It is well rounded. No sharp medicinal smell. I think it is going to be my new bed time scent. I think it smells better than my lavender plant actually...
  14. Aw ww but Lunnna..... I can't wait for Halloweenies!!
  15. Welcome here! Always great to get a few more guys here.
  16. I am in canada and it's been a little over 2 weeks and still haven't got mine. Once in a while it takes a little longer
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