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  1. Love the labels! Can't wait for descriptions too!
  2. thank you Mara! I was over-thinking where to find them as well, can't wait for descriptions and labels
  3. I feel silly asking, but is virgin Sneaky a non-SS4W Sneaky?
  4. Beautiful artwork on the labels, can't wait to see the descriptions
  5. My bottle just arrived and I'm in love. Wonderful summertime sultry delight!!!
  6. This is one of my favorites from the November 2012 sampler. I love the almond in this one. This does remind me of yummy marzipan but then after a few hours of wearing the almond and vanilla settle down and the amber really blends in. A very subtle and feminine scent
  7. Can I reserve an Afternoon Delight please?
  8. Love the labels! Can't wait to see more about descriptions. I'm seriously considering a bottle of Afternoon Delight, yum...maybe others
  9. OMG, this is an amazing scent! Very yummy, very sexy yet delicate at the same time. The honey and whipped cream is delicious. I was worried that the caramel sugar would amp on me, caramel and nut scents usually do, but not this delight of the perfume gods. The amber and spice are light and round it out so it doesn't get too sweet. This is the second in my new found love for honey scents, UNE and this. Gotta get a full bottle!
  10. amyrose


    I just ordered a bottle, on a bit of a whim, but I'm in love with Pherogirl just wanted the scent minus phero to wear to work. Can't wait for this one to arrive! And...I have to say how much I appreciate the forum and everyone's reviews, knowledge and insight to the LP products! It's so helpful when I'm on a mission to find information on a scent or pheromone. Thank you all
  11. I really love this, was a wonderful summer addition. Tropical and aquatic smelling, could be a little androgynous...I think that's the melons, I'm grateful they don't go all out melon but would stay fresh. This did fade faster than other LP's on me and the patch was light.
  12. I couldn't have said it better myself! Agree with all of these, and love this one, exactly what I was looking for in a fruity tropical summer scent. I want to wear it all the time but have been cautious due to the cops lol.
  13. My package arrived today! Absolutely thrilled! Am so looking forward to trying out my goodies. Thank you!!
  14. I pulled this out of my sample box the other day since I hadn't touched it since probably my last review. I had forgotten how much I liked the roses in it, but these roses are tempered on me with the tea. I don't know if this describes the tea correctly, but it makes it bright and fresh, which seems to offset the amount of overall floral. My comparison is to Irish Rose which is heavily rose on me. Enduring Appeal is floral and light.
  15. Thank you thank you! Package arrived today. Yay!!!! Adorable stockings and thank you so much for the sniffies
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