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  1. Love the labels! Can't wait for descriptions too!
  2. thank you Mara! I was over-thinking where to find them as well, can't wait for descriptions and labels
  3. I feel silly asking, but is virgin Sneaky a non-SS4W Sneaky?
  4. OMG, too funny...I last posted on this review and I'm doing it again! I'm on a beachy theme this week with coconut fragrances so am trying this one again. The berry and coconut still disappear so quickly, but I'm going to trying layering with sugared berries to amp them up a bit.
  5. Beautiful artwork on the labels, can't wait to see the descriptions
  6. My bottle just arrived and I'm in love. Wonderful summertime sultry delight!!!
  7. amyrose


    An update...As the day has gone on, the tea and honey created the sophisticated notes, I've been sniffing my wrists through the morning to help identify. It isn't old-lady at all, but classy and fresh. The tea especially was very smooth and mellow, and with the tonka, reminded me of how black tea leaves smell before brewing. I'm so glad I tried layering both of these, the addition of UNE really helped tone down the vetiver.
  8. amyrose


    I'm trying it out today with UNE, so far it is just lovely...and sophisticated, but want to give it some more time to meld on my skin and see how it wears.
  9. This one sounded so interesting in the description and am glad I got a sample to try it out. It was very nutty on me (nut, maple, pecan scents on me tend to amp like crazy), not much sweet or butter/cream. However as it dried down the tobacco softly appeared, reminds me a bit of my dad's pipe tobacco smell. I want to give this one another try to see how well it wears on me again.
  10. amyrose


    This is very floral on me, hardly any Tonka even after wearing for several hours, but the tea and vetiver are the strongest with the honey lightly underneath. Having read through everyone's reviews, I need to try this again and have a crazy idea of pairing it with a touch of UNE for more honey and less vetiver...
  11. This is one of my favorites from the November 2012 sampler. I love the almond in this one. This does remind me of yummy marzipan but then after a few hours of wearing the almond and vanilla settle down and the amber really blends in. A very subtle and feminine scent
  12. Can I reserve an Afternoon Delight please?
  13. Love the labels! Can't wait to see more about descriptions. I'm seriously considering a bottle of Afternoon Delight, yum...maybe others
  14. amyrose


    Love the sweetness of the chocolate right off, I feel like a treat and did slather it on. Once the sweetness fades away I have a lovely soft lingering scent, slightly floral yet yummy but also the hay gives this a very nice outdoors early fall feel. What's funny, the hay in this still triggers my allergies, which happened when I first tested it, but I love it too much to care!
  15. OMG, this is an amazing scent! Very yummy, very sexy yet delicate at the same time. The honey and whipped cream is delicious. I was worried that the caramel sugar would amp on me, caramel and nut scents usually do, but not this delight of the perfume gods. The amber and spice are light and round it out so it doesn't get too sweet. This is the second in my new found love for honey scents, UNE and this. Gotta get a full bottle!
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