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  1. OMG. I had no idea that I would be drooling over my arm on this one! Love! The minty chocolatey goodness hit me up right away, but no one note was overpowering. While the mint didn't last super long it was long enough to draw me into a nice holiday spirit, since I wanted something festive. The peppermint also reminded me of what is in Breathe Into Me, which was nice, though in that blend it can be a bit strong/menthol and in CCC it is gentle and then drifts away. After dry down the vanilla amber mix became wonderful. The vanilla is not overpowering or overly foody vanilla on me, and
  2. I got this as a gift to myself for Christmas and am SOooooo glad that I did, a new item in my lavender collection! I love the label, adorable I did not get the pointy or strong lavender when first applied, or when dried down, on me it's the soft lavender and agree on the cloud of relaxation that surrounds me. I didn't detect much of the woodsmoke but am going to slather it a bit more. It's a very comforting light scent on me, and hoping for some tranquility as I'm at work today with my lovely co-workers.
  3. Thank you thank you! Package arrived today. Yay!!!! Adorable stockings and thank you so much for the sniffies
  4. Shipping notice arrived in my inbox last night, can't wait!!!
  5. amyrose

    Gilded Season

    I wore this on Saturday while putting up my Christmas tree, figured it would kick off the season. I love the tree scents right off, very seasonal. The white peaches emerge after a few hours with just a hint of cedar. Reminds me of walking in the woods in the fall with just a hint of fruit. And the peach wasn't overly bright or sparkling/juicy, but much lighter and definitely not overpowering. The labdanum gave it a nice base, it was hard for me to really figure out what it was...a bit of leather or the resin in it?
  6. I'm cracking up over the Vicks memories that have been posted in this thread. I also was a kid slathered in the stuff, though with a wicked hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and placed on my chest after Vicks had been applied and still had a shirt between me and the heat. My grandmother apparently did the same thing to my mom and her brother's, and it did work wonders for chest congestion and sinuses, but it was always so freakin' hot! And I was always worried the hot water bottle would drain all over me and scald me to death. Ah memories. I switched over to using a heating pad on low fo
  7. Def pinky vanilla fluff, yum! The musk was heavier in the first hour but settles into a very soft (not powdery though) and feminine scent. Initially the musk was a bit musky/damp on me too but that faded off to a soft and light musk. I slathered it on and the scent lasted all day long too which was great considering it's very sheer. The pink in it wasn't overly sweet or fruity either, just very light for a sugar. I did try adding a dab of Sugared Berries late in the day. That was OK but by then Pink Musk had faded quite a bit in comparison (granted I was smelling it all day so I thoug
  8. I second! Am wearing Glamour Puss today and forgot how much I loved it, and Fuzzy Wuzzy another favorite.
  9. This wore as a yummy pink syrupy complex berry. I wore it separately at first to enjoy the sugar and juicy berry scents. So glad it wasn't 100% raspberry on me as the black and boysenberry gave it more depth (I didn't detect the other two berries as much, or they blended well). It was sweet and fruity but not cloying or craft store berry/pink. Then I did my experiment and layered Sugared Berries with LP Original. It was exactly what I was hoping for, a deep berry-mix paired with the mystery of LP. I could wear this combo all year long. This is my first of the sugared collection and
  10. I just got mine yesterday, will post now! (I sampled everything kind of at once last night in a flurry of excitement)
  11. I'm in the same boat, would love for a rebrew as I'm rationing my sample (forced me into other lavender scents which is good, but I really like this one)
  12. For our next wine night, special guest is this PE
  13. I agree!!! I ordered a bottle in the August sale and it is to die for. The violets are amazing and then the poofy marshmallow fluff is divine, not cakey on me either. Great scent Hearts
  14. I just got my shipping notice, so happy! I can't wait for the sale items to arrive, yay This is a great start to my weekend!!!!
  15. Yum. The boozyness of the bourbon plus vanilla and coconut is great, tropical and fun. Thankfully the brown sugar wasn't too powerful on me (sometimes amps and smells strange) but instead once dry the spices peak through, along some of the tobacco and sandalwood. Reminds me a bit of a beachy pipe tobacco smell. This one wears as a fun scent between the vanilla/coconut/spice for a tropical lady and then the pirate-y tobacco. This one wasn't very long lasting though, will try again with more slathering but first application only lasted a few hours.
  16. I would love a Spiced pear (in my mind, an Un-Wrapped minus the brown sugar and more spice)? And another lavender idea, lavender/patchouli, sort of a spa-like scent?
  17. amyrose

    Radium Girl

    Thank you luna65!! I should have looked there before posting! I spotted it and LV's too, yay!
  18. amyrose

    Irish Rose

    The wild and tea roses in Irish Rose is heavenly, not too strong or pointy, slightly sweet on me. Having the fruits included was a very nice fruity addition when wet. I was hoping for more citrus, but will try again to see if it's just my chemistry today. Once this has been on my skin the sweetness of the sugar and musk blend very well with the floral rose and the oak gives it a nice grounding quality and helped the rose not amp on me. The fragrance floats with just a few drops, on me it would go crazy if I slathered. (As a total aside/tangent, I love love love rose scents, reminds me
  19. amyrose

    Radium Girl

    Am adding to my wish list even though it's sold out, fruity floral goodness sounds wonderful for summer (ditto for LV's Sweet Pussycat)...well end of summer now.
  20. Lovely floral! The teas in this mix very well with the orchid, helping to calm the floral down a bit to be a delicate fragrance. This one went a little soapy on me after a few hours, but then leveled out to just a soft spring floral. Reminds me of a sachet type of scent.
  21. I was thinking the same thing! She looks very familiar to me too but for the life of me I can't figure out where I recognized her
  22. These labels are wonderful. I love being able to see everyone, thank you Mara!
  23. Yep, was just stalking there I agree about La Sylphide!!
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