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  1. Amazing labels! And what a collection of Sugars, oh my!!!
  2. I'm a slow one with all of this too. But just got on line after a week off (stay-cation before school starts) and am thrilled to see the thread on Rules. Let the reading begin!
  3. amyrose


    I found my sample of this that I forgot I had! This one is pretty much all fresh pear on me, early on there is a hint of the brown sugar, but my skin eats that up. Then fig appears and mixes with the pear too, no sign of vanilla/butter/pumpkin sadly. Once wearing the fig dominates and as a result it ended up smelling a bit soapy! Fresh and light but the soapy wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted to spice it up a bit so I layered with some LP Original (I don't have any LP Red but thought that might be good too?). On me LP wears pretty much vanilla/patchouli, but that gives the U
  4. I tried out my sample of OCCO Blue last night, it's mossy and powdery with just a hint of sugar. These scents have been consistent for me each time I wear, and no tobacco which I was hoping to smell. On me this one is definitely androgynous. Am stalking OCCO Pink next.
  5. I'm also totally stalking, my list keeps growing! Can't wait...
  6. StacyK, I haven't yet, but will check it out...thank you!
  7. Maybe my chemistry, maybe my sample has aged some, but initially today this almost reminded me of Fuzzy Wuzzy, maybe similar vanilla in both? And today I finally get some nutmeg! Didn't get that at all when I first reviewed. It is a bit of an eggnog scent too, and very soft and cuddly that has lingered all day and isn't overly strong. I couldn't tell how well LFM worked for me today, but am at work in boring open-source software development land (but I smell nice!) I wish this one wasn't sold out, am going to think about getting a sample of Compromising Positions to see how that nutmeg
  8. amyrose

    Purple Pitch

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one yet, one of my first LP's and a favorite. So much for being organized! The combination of the violet with a touch of pear, the black musk and patch is amazing. Deep Sticky Violets is correct! The combo of musks and resins in this wears really well on me, and paired with the floral/fruit. No sign of the cumin, which is ok as spices on me can get too spicy. Also the patch in this isn't as strong, or perhaps is well-balanced with the amber/musk. I am curious about the Orris...description I read was that it's sweet, woodsy, violet. So this
  9. amyrose

    3 of Pears

    Thank you! I'll take a look, Unwrapped is on my ISO of list
  10. Sale!!! Can't wait to experience this, wish list has been started
  11. amyrose

    3 of Pears

    I got this as a small sample along with a recent order, have been wanting to try as I also am a pear fan. Wet this is all juicy pear and floral, very lovely and delicate. Thankfully the floral didn't overpower me. I was a bit nervous about the "nutty" side amp'ing on me but it hasn't in this one, yes! Instead it's a light nutty mix with a hint of the plumeria, unfortunately the pear is all gone and my skin has eaten this one up, barely there now.
  12. amyrose


    I have an old sniffy of this, finally giving it a try. Right off this is very floral and heavy. Dry down is soft and still all floral, but no hint of the spices on me, so odd!
  13. Wow, these all look really great! Can't wait to see descriptions (and am happy to spy a Tonka in the mix, one of my favorites!!)
  14. Wow, the patch sniffed from the bottle is really really strong. I admit I had to work up the guts to try this as I wasn't sure what it would do on my skin. Am so glad I got that confidence, LOL. I really love this one and the patchouli softens considerably once it dries down. The vanilla and cocoa butter together are yummy, slightly chocolatey together (reminded me a bit like Glamour Puss). The sweetness of these with the amber/honey and the patch together wore very soft on my skin, and not over-powering at all. I'm trying to think of the right words to describe, but this definitely
  15. Definitely need to get more than just a sample now.
  16. This is wonderful, I'm a huge Sparkle Fuchsia fan so when I learned a few weeks ago how similar MM is, I had to get a sample to try (thank you Halo!). I was curious if the pink would be pink-sparkly or cherry from reading the reviews, it's been both on me. When I first applied there was a subtle whiff of maraschino cherry; a happy start. But after that it's been all pumpkin sugary marshmallow goodness and all day long too.
  17. Initially this was a very strong sugar and "water" scent, assuming from the lotus. The lavender was not coming across strong at all on me. After dry-down the lavender and blackberry came out, very soft and feminine. After wearing for a few hours the scent is lavender and sugar now. Not syrupy at all but soft and sweet. I love how it's evolving as I've been wearing it! A clean delicate fragrance, wears very close to the skin too.
  18. My order arrived yesterday, almost ran after the mailman to get it! Thank you for the goodies and the bag is beautiful. I'm so excited to wear my new scents!
  19. Soft juicy sweet roses this time around, and so strange that there isn't any rose in this but I swear I can smell them. Must be some of the peony coming through. Now it's all lemon/verbena and musk, and lingers...a very feminine scent. It's wonderful! My sample has aged some too so that may be some of the difference. Adding to my wish-list
  20. amyrose


    This is spicy fun for me, but spicy not in a usual way (autumny spice). I was worried initially when I first put Esther on as I could smell the honey right away, and usually honey-scents smell horrible on me. Now once dry the fruit and spice are together and balance each other. It's a bit foody, but not sweet or overpowering, almost smells gourmet like entering in to a market with lots of herbal/spice scents mixed together.
  21. Trying this one today, had a little sample of it and wanted some variety! This is sweet and mint right off, definitely a flirty scent and feminine but my skin soaked it all up. It's very faint now and mostly the poppy is what I can detect, which is nice but completely different than when wet. It still has a bit of softness that is on the verge of being powdery, reminds me of Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom.
  22. amyrose


    I love the bourbon/vanilla in Nola! I was a bit worried in reading the reviews and not knowing if the brown sugar/pecan would amp on me but instead they just blended in with the amber (most prominent of those three) and the boozyness came out. It's definitely a complex perfume, sultry yet not over-powering with any one scent to knock you over. The smoke stayed true to wood smoke too, which I love mixed with the vanilla. I hadn't tried my sample of it until yesterday and am so glad I did!
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