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  1. When I first got my sample it was still winter, and this wore beautifully casual. Light and soft, and the white musk and oak moss together one me blends perfectly. It's very subtle and not an overpowering scent. I was worried the oak moss may be too earthy but it stayed "green" and light. I was hoping for more of my favorite Tonka to come out, but my chemistry is strange. I've discovered though when I wore this again with humidity in the air, that it can go a bit musty on me. I reapplied and that helped, but the change of seasons was a surprise!
  2. I dusted this one off for today, wanted to give it another try to see if me + patch still amps like crazy. It does, but I went easy on applying it for the sake of my coworkers. I love the pink fruity scent with the lite-patchouli when wet and about an hour into wearing it. Then the scent becomes a vanilla/patchouli combo, which smells great and isn't overpowering. But I miss the "pink" now that a few hours have passed since applying. I'm scouting out some ideas of other scents that I might be able to wear with this one to sweeten it up for me (e.g. Glass Slipper?), am open to sugary/fr
  3. Am wearing this one today, still one of my favorites for summer (or wearing in winter wishing it was summer!). The marshmallow and cocoa butter are a dream for me, and my coworkers love smelling the scent too.
  4. The lavender and sugar/mint/cotton combination in Upstairs Downstairs is very clean and fresh. I wasn't sure initially how much the cotton would amp on me and I'd smell like fabric softener, but that didn't happen at all! This is a feel-good scent on me and was perfect for wearing to work too, and lasted all day into bedtime (sweet dreams...).
  5. amyrose


    I am in love with Defrosted, what a great combination! (love the Vermont Country store too for the nostalgic items, fun reading through everyone's reviews on the scents in this one) When I sniffed this one it had a cool icy wintery scent, maybe the ivy and pine. But once on and warming up on me the Iris is heavenly and not over-powering at all. Everything is mixing beautifully together and wears feminine, though I may need to test it on a guy after reading others comments on it.
  6. This was my thought too! However...once I applied it was all floral, and still is all floral even a few hours after applying. I had my strange season allergy reaction too (had that happen with Treat) but thankfully was short lived after about 15 minutes of applying. The sweet pea is still going strong and was a little overpowering for me, I'm a floral lover too. I'm hoping that as I continue to wear this one, which I want to love, the floral settles down and blends with the other scents.
  7. amyrose

    Veloute Lavande

    I was thinking of trying the same for night-time
  8. amyrose

    Veloute Lavande

    Just got this one and love! The lavender is so fresh and clean, and the combo with the musk/jasmine on me is amazing. I am loving wearing this today, very cuddly and soft but not powdery.
  9. My order arrived Saturday, thank you for the goodies included!!! I love the Mardi Gras theme
  10. Yay,just got my shipping notice!!! I'm so excited for the sampler, have been checking the mail in advance of getting the official notice (wishfully thinking).
  11. I love love the woods and smoke combination in this! The musk blends in so well with both of those too, and the amber and vanilla are just in the background, nothing too strong. This is a subtle scent on me, very nice.
  12. An absolutely yummy fragrance on me. Wet it reminds me of a banana split, but dries down to a soft vanilla/caramel scent. None of the ingredients are overpowering to one another. I wore it on purpose since it has Mother's Little Helper and I had 5 little boys in a mini van for a very long day. I didn't notice an impact on the kids, but for me I felt much more at ease and ready to face the day. Mom-confidence!
  13. This review is quiet! I had worn Gretna Green again this winter after accidentally forgetting that I had it. I still think this one is lovely, never thought I'd like to wear mistletoe but it agrees with my body chemistry. It's still a green scent but not piney, almost floral. It's a soft scent that lingers and isn't cloying either. Very feminine
  14. Never had a previous version but am loving v5 from the November batch. Yummy spices with a hint of the nutmeg/eggnog on top.
  15. This was very powdery at first with the ylang ylang, not much sandalwood. As it warmed on my skin the the vanilla and sandalwood mixed together with the ylang getting more prominent. Even after several hours the scent remains vanilla/ylang with the others subtly in the background. No one scent amped on me. A very feminine scent, would be great for date night.
  16. amyrose


    Love! The cocoa and hay combination on me is absolutely wonderful. The balance between the cocoa and earth/outdoor scents of the hay/oak/earth is so perfect. Definitely autumn but warm and cozy too. I don't even care that my hay fever is acting up again (I'm allergic to oak), I'd slather this all over!!!
  17. Tried this out 2 nights ago. The scent while wet is a pleasant honey scent, but turned to a dirty honey after it dried and agree with others that this has staying power! My issue with it was it triggered my hay fever. I got horribly congested, runny nose etc. Considering its plant based I'm not surprised with my reaction. I will try it again with benadryl and also want to layer it to mask the dirty honey scent.
  18. My package arrived today,hooray! Can't wait to try the sampler and others. Thank you!!
  19. amyrose

    Lost Highway

    This one is a hidden gem for me! I only have a sniffie and think I could use some more. Smelling it directly and when I first applied it reminded me of a road-side diner smell! Which started as a bit of a turn off, but wanted to see how it would dry down. Likely the diner = carrot amping, I also had a hint of smoke or something but it faded away. As it dried down the beeswax and honey melded with the cake and creamy butter, with a bit of the carnation. Yum. It's delicious smelling and feminine all together.
  20. My order is on the way!!! Am so excited to receive the November sampler and other samples.
  21. This scent is so feminine, love the roses with the grapefruit. It's very floral initially when wet, but once dry the rose + jonquil balance each other out. I could see where this could be overpowering if I apply too much but seemed to have gotten it just right today.
  22. Good luck with the move! I hope it goes well and no bumps.
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