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  1. My review is it's fizz/bubbles. I don't smell smoke or woods or a match, it's more of a smell to me and not so much a cologne. The smell doesn't last as long compared to my other bottles. I believe this all may be because my chemistry doesn't react well.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to get her both, unscented and the Dame one. She'll have best of both. Forgot to ask, when you wrote that she can add unscented to a scent, you mean in a separate bottle? She has a few scents she likes, sample sizes.
  3. It's good my girlfriend likes these perfumes because so far she's wanted some for her birthday, Christmas and now vday. It saves me from shopping around the mall for hours for that perfect gift. She's been looking at the forum and gave me a list of ones she wants, I don't know if it's so good now, my wallet hurts. She wants the new mone, ss4w but don't know if I should get the scented or unscented. She left it to me and I'm unsure. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks. I didn't know it had to do with what you order. I ordered a spray so that must be it. Yesterday when I posted I thought it might be lost but that was just the holiday stress talking, I'm last minute with some things so it's my bad. Edit- just checked email, it's on it's way. Thank you.
  5. You ordered express, no? Hmmm, I placed an order last week and didn't get a notice.
  6. Like this. Been using it when I get pissed off. I had a hockey game last night which we lost and this helped get me in a better mood which I'm sure that people around me appreciate too. Was relaxed enough to get to sleep. Our games are so late sometimes that I don't get to sleep cuz I'm all pumped up, but this helped.
  7. A Jay


    Thanks. My order is already on its way.
  8. I like it. It's not too strong like some colognes from the store you spray, but still bold. GF likes it. It lasts a long time too, day to night.
  9. A Jay


    Hey, I'm new here. Family gave me some small samples and I like them. They aren't' strong, I hate when I spray cologne, for the first 10 or so minutes it gives me a headache. These oils don't do that. I have the Nibble one and the Body Ripper. I'm here to get a few samples and bottles. The Teddy looks good. I also want to get my girl something for her new job.
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