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  1. Hi Mara and all,

    I hope you are all well and thriving. It's been years since I posted and I just wanted to check whether it is still possible for you to post to the UK. I have had problems getting liquid items sent to me internationally. So I just wanted to make sure. :)




  2. I am really happy about this one. I did have the original and ran out. I missed it so, last month, I asked Mara if she could do something similar as a PE. She said yes, but outdid herself with this one. I am so glad it's back. I just can't wait to try it. :) I think I might have to get a second bottle fast if it is selling so quickly.

  3. Got this in a trade with Bumbob (thanks!) and have to say I am loving it. This does not come over as white sugar or milk like in any way on me. But this could be my wonky skin chemistry.

    It comes out as sugared honeycomb with a dollop of toffee and nuts. Very rich and more of a treacly sweet than a white sugary sweet. It lasts and lasts and then it last some more.

    There's also a note of smoke and incense (church type) in the background too.

    My Mum came in and asked if I had been cooking Christmas pudding - but it was the SMD. It's strong and has one heck of a throw too.


    Me likey, need big bottle



  4. Interesting thought, May. I have not tried it myself, (male blends don't give me a headache, but they do tend to make me bitchy).


    I know you have been using pheros a lot longer than me, so you probably know all this already, but I shall respond for those who are newbie-er. This blend is bio-identical to that of healthy young male excretions, just amplified a ton. It may either really change a female's signature and make her come off like a man, or it could come off as totally incongruous and confuse/annoy/turn off people.


    Have you tried Dominance for women yet, May?


    Hi Mara,


    Yes, I have. The scented version. I like it very much and it does gel well with my personality. I've used very strong male blends in the past for extreme situations. I don't know if you remember but I had a hell of a problem with my boss who was a bit posessive to put it mildly. I wanted a transfer to get out of a bad environment (this is putting it mildly). He was an arrogant and domineering personality and there was a meeting between us and one other to sort it out.


    I drowned myself in male pheros, to cut a long story short, alpha-boss sat silently - staring at the floor and sitting on this hands. He reminded me of a small child sitting on the 'naughty step' I got out but it still took me a while to shake him because he did NOT want me to leave as I was taking my funding with me.


    Admittedly it is very rare for me to use that much of a 'male' phero. But it absolutely worked. I did use lower doses at times for 'funzies' and because I like the huff on myself. I did find they could give me a bit of respect. I did wonder if it was because people's (subconsious) reactions to a male smell on me led them to come to the (subconscious) belief that I had a very 'alpha' male around me and possibly willing to 'protect' me.


    Dunno if that was it or not but I know that some men wear a very low level of cops to give them that 'bad boy' phero edge. Maybe I'm was doing something similar in reverse? :D Admittedly I haven't tried all the male pheros but I don't usually get headaches or snippy with them and so far I have not had any aggression from others while wearing them.



  5. Hi all,


    Quick question. Dolly and some of the people from the 'other place' might remember I often used male phero blends. Mostly when I had to try to 'dominate' situations or meetings or just be Queen Pooh of Poop Mountain (and a bit scary with it). And, usually, these blends worked very, very well for me.


    So I am deadly curious about Charisma. Have any ladies tried it? Did you notice any effects, self or otherwise?


    Thanks in advance



  6. Hi Tyvey.


    I also get the plasticky banana but if you add some Summer of Sin to it it mutes the plastic right out.


    I also don't usually do too well with TAH but I do find it useful to have some in case I even need to project that "soft" feminine vibe. :D So I usually hang on to some.



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