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    Sugared Roses

    Hi all I could not find a thread on this - but let me know if there is one. First off the bat I love the solid perfumes here. Easy and convenient to carry, you can carry them in your hand luggage on flights with zero fuss as they are not liquids, they smell great, help you feel fresh and revived in stuffy airports and the formulation here means they leave a lovely glow-like sheen on your skin when applied. The roses scent here is a sweet but seductive rose that is not at all cloying. I recently had to travel for work, and unfortuntely the flight was full and the man sitting next to me had a SERIOUS body odour problem. NOT nice, in fact every time he moved the odour made me feel physically sick. Fortunately I had the sugared roses solid with me. I applied to my pulse points, liberally to my neck and smeared the tiniest-weeniest bit on the skin (not the mouth) under my nose. Because yummy as the fragrance is, I am guessing it is probably not meant to be eaten. Anyway. The perfume saved the day, and my sanity, I went from being in cattle-class hell, to feeling as if I was standing in a lovers rose-garden full of the most divinely scented roses. It has a really good throw as well, people really detect this one on you and relate to it. I am never going to fly, without some solid perfume in my pocket, again. Best May
  2. I tried this one today and I agree with all of the posts above - I don't know how they got the smell of an autumn bonfire into a perfume, but I am very glad they did! And they have done it perfectly! This is lovely. May
  3. May

    Top Five

    Just five?? Only FIVE! :unsure: As a newbie I haven't tried a lot of the potions yet, but I really like these: 1) Artemis 2) Hecate's Night Potion 3) Medium 4) Sabra's Secret 5) Sugared Amber May
  4. ARTEMIS - The Greek Moon Goddess, Artemis is the Goddess of The Hunt and The Wild. In my mind, she is a fierce creature, with all the physical and psychological attributes of a huntress and protector. Strong, brave, intimidating and commanding, Artemis is the assertive and confident scent in our collection. This potion is defined by the scent of bold resins and wild greens that wrap you in a magical cloak of strength and protection. I got this is a whole bunch of trial vials I ordered. It wasn't one of the first I tried from the batch, but I have gone absolutely bonkers over it. The best way to describe it, and put across the mood, is to ask you if you have ever been in one of those delicious exotic shops that sells incense, candles and that wonderful handcarved furniture from Bali and India? This smells ever bit as yummy as those shops do. It's wonderfully resinous, feminine and exotic and to say it lingers is a bit of an understatement. My father commented that he could still smell this in rooms long after I had left them. (Even my stepmother loves it.. and she hates most perfumes.) Now a big warning. This is SERIOUSLY on the endangered list! Which is why I just put in a very frantic order to make sure I got a big bottle. If you like potent resinous perfumes (and exotic and magickal shops) My best advice is not to hang about and get your order in pronto! May
  5. May


    Another vote for Medium. It's lovely and just as described above. I also think it's quite a "sexy" fragrance - which is an additional benefit! Another one for my wish list! May
  6. Another regular user of Essence of Woman and other pheromomes here. Like Ink I tend to use quite a bit of EoW but I find that I get better results if I use less than many ladies do - or several hours after application. I like Phero Girl, but to be honest although I find the fragrance really lovely, it is a bit too delicate for my personal preference I tend to like big, deep and rich perfumes, that others find hard to miss. I tend to wear what a lot of people would consider to be "evening" perfumes during the day. But, most people, unlike me, prefer a more subtle fragrance - so I reckon this will be popular. May
  7. May

    Sabra's Secret

    St. George slaughtered The Dragon in defense of Princess Sabra, but knowing the Dragon's blood to be full of magic, Princess Sabra secreted away as much as she could in order to create her own potions - including this one, which she used to ensure that George became her husband. Dragon's Blood is a common ingredient in many a traditional witchy potion. Because of it's wide use, we held off using it in any of our potions until we could come up with a blend that we felt would truly showcase this distinctive ingredient in a unique and special way. This lovely potion is more sophisticated and 'multi-leveled' than the average fair. The scent of Dragon's Blood is cradled between top notes of aromatic Flowers, Fruits, Berries and Honey, and a base of rich resins and musk, with a dash of Cumin and Patchouli. I really do like this one, for me the fruits and berries really do shine through. It's quite a complex blend. It's sweet but not sugar sweet, more akin to the sweetness of dried fruits and rich honey. It sits on my skin well - many perfumes, particularly the more "food" based ones tend to disappear on my skin in minutes, if not seconds - but this lingers seductively. An intricate yet deep fragrance. Nice one! May
  8. I've just received a sample of this, and I really don't have much to add to the reviews above - except to say that I agree with them wholeheartedly. This is a lovely amber, soft and rich with just enough resin at it's heart to make it sophisticated without being overpowering or cloying. This is gorgeous as a stand-alone, but I can see how it would also be scrumptious layered with other scents. May
  9. Like Poenari. I have this in the solid form. I think before I go further I should say that my preference, perfume-wise, is for heady intoxicating brews. Light florals and subtle fragances tend not to be my greatest favorites. On me, LP Black is buttercream and vanilla. The other notes do not really come through - but that's cool because I do like vanilla (who doesn't) as long as it noticeably vanilla. And this is. For me, this is a voluptous vanilla with thick sinful, calorie-laden buttercream and it's not claggy or cloying. It's just yummy. The solids are nice too because the base the perfume is suspended in is very moisturising and leaves a nice sheen on your skin. So I tend to rub it along my collarbones as well as on my pulse points. It has a great highlighting effect. May
  10. May

    Valentine's Chocolate

    Hiya I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but there is something on it here. http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=142 May
  11. I was lucky enough to get a sample of this with my first order. It's a beautiful and fairly complex perfume. On my skin, the first thing I notice when I put it on is the scent of damp earth and then the scent of a bouquet of headily perfumed flowers breaks though and the damp earth becomes a backdrop to the brightly coloured blooms. It reminds me of the perfume of an intensely fragrant and extensive flower garden after a spring shower. Gorgeous May
  12. Hi all. I'm new here, some of you might know me from another forum though. I received my first order from Love Potions recently and got sugared red berries as a sample. (Thank you!) It is - to my nose - intensely sweet, it puts me in mind of all those fruity boiled sweets you can buy (UK US translation I think "boiled sweets" might be "hard candy"). It reminds me of the cherry, strawberry and raspberry fruit drops we all enjoyed as a child. It also has a "creamy" edge to it. Strawberries, raspberries, cherries with sugar and cream. Yummy! It is very evocative of childhood summer sweets and absolutely charming. Although my personal preference is for heavier, smokier, darker perfumes I can quite understand why this one would be a runaway winner for a lot of users. May
  13. Hi Everyone My name is May. I think one or two of the people here might know me from other forums where I have the same username! I live in Glasgow in Scotland and I adore perfumes. I've just placed an order for Love Potion Black and Love Potion Red - but the others all look so good. I think I might have to try Scandalous Intentions and Sweet Revenge next! But there are about a dozen others that have taken my eye too! But in the meantime I will just have to sit and wait patiently for the postman! Which is the bit I hate most. Best May
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