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  1. Thank you so much for this ladies. It's exactly what I wanted. A glorious full and sexy Rose with a background of powdered milk chocolate and a touch of geranium to bring out the Rose. It stays on my skin - which can eat a lot of perfumes - and lasts through to the next day. Glorious Thank you! May
  2. I think super-duper strength TC has to be my next purchase. I've been promising it to myself for ages I used to use a mix of x2 IH with x2 IO from the other place and boy did I find out everything that went on. Must get some. It's one of those things you need to have in your stash for when you really need it. If you know what I mean. May
  3. I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has noticed any difference (effects-wise) between the original Cougar Potion and the Stone version. I still have two bottles of the Original but have never tried the Stone. Thanks May
  4. Hi Ail Sorry to hear that life is still hard-going. We are all holding good thoughts for you! Thanks for letting me know that OW has no est, you know I struggle with that 'mone but I haven't given up yet! Best May
  5. Ah now, here is another question what is 60/40? I'm guessing it's a ratio 60 per cent alcohol or whatever to 40 per cent perfume or unscented in a spray. Also is 1 oz equal to 30 ml?* May *Ok I could google this one so I know I am being lazy.
  6. Thanks Dolly I'll give OW a go. I think it has est though so keep your fingers crossed that I'll get away with it. If not I may have to rehome it. Diane has kindly given me a couple of suggestions that might help so I'll try them out. May
  7. Love to trade Rosebud. I don't know if I have anything you want tho' it might have to be the moniez.... I'll go and have a look at your trade list. Drop me an email I'll pop the address on your trade post. May
  8. Thank you ladies. I think when my money fairy arrives I might have to try dom x 2 in alcohol to see if it does for me what leather in the same format seems to be doing for everyone else! I must try open windows, I'm still itching to try true confessions too! So many pheros, so little time... May
  9. Hi everyone, I have two questions. Which LP phero gives similar effects to you-know-who's 'Shine' (TAA)? Secondly, Am I right in thinking that Leather and Dom are the just the same except that Leather has Est to soften it a little? Ta in advance May
  10. Stupid question time again. Sorry but where can you find the PEs listed? I can't seem to find a link. May
  11. OOh Wow! Thank you Mara and Danna and that label looks terrific! Can't wait to smell this! I'm going to be on edge waiting for the postie! In case anyone is wondering, Rose (attar/ otto type) with a soft background of chocolate and a touch of rose geranium. May
  12. I have tried it sprayed on my hair in the past. But will try it in a scent locket. May
  13. I can see the images in Internet explorer but not when using Firefox - if this is any help at all! May
  14. I'm wondering this too, I know a lot of people liked the original girl/ girl I think there were self-effects too? Anyone? May
  15. Beautiful as ever! Congratulations everyone! May
  16. I'm stalking and Jonesin' for news of my PE too. I'm also hoping for Sex Bomb... but that might be very unrealistic... May
  17. May

    Dream Lover

    I've had a sample of this hoarded away for a couple of years. I was saving it until I could do the whole working with it. But never quite got around to it. Is the working still listed on the site anywhere? I might have a go in the summer. May
  18. I'd love to see Sabra's Secret come back so I can add to my little stash... And I know Messalina is impossible but I quite liked that one too.... May
  19. Thanks for the feedback everyone. As my mother and step-mother are not related I don't think it can be genetic. I am going to re trade the sexology it doesn't seem to suit my skin chemistry or phero make up. I think I will avoid est for a while May
  20. I don't think it's people trying to take me down a notch. Because my Mother and my Step-mother are among those who have detected urine with est. It's not just them though and it does seem to be mostly women. But I cannot imagine either my Ma or my step-Ma just wanting to make me feel bad. I don't get urine from est myself, not at all. So I was suprised I even got a urine comment when I diluted my bottle of straight est - which was already dilute tenfold and more than tenfold. Maybe it just does not ring "true" on me. I remember it is a synthetic version of a phero found in the urine of pregnant women. It seems on me there is none of the cuddly effect, just the urine. I think I will hang on to the sexology but cover it with something that would cover the scent of a cow byre - ie Opium and just use it ultra-ultra sparingly. I haven't had a chance to try it among many males yet. It will be interesting to see how that goes. But I am going to have to stay away from Est heavy blends. I had hoped I would get away with est if it was part of a scented blend. I'm beginning to think I must be really weird.
  21. Thanks Luna I have had this response with sexology but I have also had it on more than one occasion when just wearing pure est (androtics) even in very dilute concentrations. I am becoming inclined to believe it just does not sit well with my personal phero signature and chemistry. Which annoys me no end. Ditto TAH can make me a bit grumpy unless I stick it on the back of my neck. It doesn't suit my temperament - mind you TAL makes me feel amazing as do the nols! I've tried scented Cougar and enjoyed it but I had the pre-stone (pharmacom?) first version. May *edited because I'm a twit and can't type
  22. Hi all Is there a simple way of finding out which blends have Est and which do not. I have had some very negative responses from Est - usually from other women who seem to find the smell very offensive on me. I think this is a bit of a personal anomaly on me as even wearing scented sexology close female friends have said it smells like urine. I've had similar comments even with teeny-weeny doses of Est - so I am guessing it just ain't me! I think I might be better staying away from Est. I did try looking for the chart that lists what is in what, but I can't find it. I know there are issues of protecting info in formulas but just a list of what doesn't have Est would be great. I don't need to know what is in anything - just that Est is not included. I'd like to try some new stuff. Thanks in advance May
  23. I really must try True Confessions, I've been itching to give it a go for a while. I'll keep an eye out for the new girl/ girl type phero too, oh and Sex Bomb of course May
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