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  1. Hiya I've had similar issues with est. People have said it smells of urine on me, even in low doses with a lot of cover (Arrgggh)! I just decided est might not suit me, but I was using it in a different format to CB an unscented spray for that "other place". I did dilute it down a lot, but it's not my thing I guess Maybe it's something in my own phero sig that it jars with. Even women were weird with me when I wore it. Seems to work very well for most other folk though! May
  2. Umm... maple??? Does maple cause a few problems? I've been trying to isolate an ingredient that goes a bit weird on me... May
  3. Ooh thanks! And big congrats to Dolly too, for passing another milestone! May
  4. You have to try it Dolly. It's yum-tiddly-tump-tious. It's kind of the olfactory equivalent of drinking creamy, dreamy cocktails on a banana and coconut-strewn beach while being fanned by a drop-dead-gorgeous-hunks dressed in unfeasibly tight and scandalously skimpy underwear. May May
  5. Ah, thanks Darbla. I get it now! It's not a phrase I have heard used over here, but it now makes perfect sense! Thanks!! May
  6. By the way, on my skin, CFM smells great with Cougar (scented Cougar). The two fragrances compliment each other beautifully. I can't say anything about the phero effects of the combo (yet) perhaps someone else could try it and step in? But the two together smell divine! May
  7. Me Jane! didn't gel brilliantly with my skin chemisty at first , but I got great results with it. However, I have found that blending it with a little Summer of Sin makes for a beautiful tropical beach cocktail confection. Lovin' it! May
  8. I'm really looking forward to this too - especially as I got a code for two free trial vials with my bottle of fortune cookie. It's going to be great to see reports on what the blends actually smell like - we've got an idea from text, but a report from someone who has sniffed the concoctions. By the way - a bit of US to Brit translation. I kinda get what Jonesin' means but where the heck did the term come from? May
  9. I'm beginning to think that EST effects different folks differently. I diluted the heck out of the stuff from "the other place" (which is less potent than here) the dilution I tried was under 5 mcg per spray. My step-mother said I stunk of urine and that put me off straight away. Interestingly, I noticed no hits or good effects but some folk said I smelt dreadful. I don't know if it is my skin chemistry or other people's olfactory sense, but like a lot of pheros, it's seems to effect some people very differently. I wonder if it is a genetic thing, I know there has been some research into blood groups and pheros. May
  10. Blimey, they look amazing! So amazing in fact that I have just HAD to amend my order Sorry, Mara! Hugs May
  11. Hiya Mara, I've sent you an order via email. No dash for the items, I just want to make sure you got the email as I've been having "issues" with gmail of late! Hugs May
  12. I think I might have to make Me, Jane my holiday perfume. May
  13. Whhooo! Congratulations Ladies they look amazing! It's going to be very hard to resist temptation this month! :dancingfruits0nm:
  14. I dunno. Going by some of the men I know I think a perfume blend of barbecues and beer could be a truly lust-inducing love potion. May
  15. I' m guessing that Liberty Belle is something to do with the 4th July.... Now as a brit I don't know your traditions, but as someone said maybe fireworks... I dunno why but I'm imagining a kind of fairground, you know Candy floss, toffee apples, maybe popcorn.. What do you guys eat and do on the 4th? Sinister Girl, rest up and get well soon, we can have fun guessing in the meantime May
  16. No worries Mara, I know these things happen I'm totally cool and happy to pull Sakura if it is similar. It's probably more suited to spring and cherry blossom season anyway. May
  17. "Blossom of Love" looks lovely. It's worrying me a little though, just going on the label art (which could be very misleading) it seems to have a very similar theme to my August idea which is a japanese cherry blossom love spell. This might be worth considering when we select for August. Do we really need two perfumes with what could be, to the casual observer or first-time shopper, a similar theme? No problems if not. I can pull the idea. Otherwise I reckon "forever after" could be your committment potion. Liberty Bell is obviously American-themed. And I am wondering if "and everything nice" has sugar and spice in it? May
  18. Stalk? STALK? We're clawing at the door! May
  19. Heya Countess, Great to see you here! May
  20. I'm not joking, my last Fortune Cookie fortune read: "Help, I am being help prisoner in a Chinese bakery". May
  21. May

    Dirty Sexy

    Yup, tried it... so that also rules out Honeyed Seductions. I've also tried 976 girl and Nasty Habits. All the ones everyone raves about as being amazingly sexy are just argggh on me. It's getting a bit depressing... I do seem to have tricky skin, although the horribly chemically enhanced and stabilised commercial brews do stay true on me. I guess this is one of the drawbacks of fresh non-chemically adulterated products. May
  22. May

    Dirty Sexy

    My sample of Dirty Sexy arrived. I've tried it twice now. Mara? Danna? I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for the really gruesome thing my skin chemistry does to your lovely perfume. I think the pin-up series just doesn't suit me overall... Enough said. May
  23. Hi all if anyone has tried it yet, can post a quick review of Fortune Cookie? I am mightily intrigued . Ditto if anyone has tried any of the new fragrances, I'd love to see some reviews.... May
  24. Heck I love this stuff. PG II manages to keep all the best bits of PG I and add in the sexiest bits of Sugared Honeycomb without losing anything in the translation. I know it smells great on its own - but I'm sure this will also make a great layering note for a lot of other blends. It's potent stuff though, you don't need much and it just wafts around you like a yummy, honeyed cloud for hours - heck I can even smell it when I wake up the next day. I've only just bought a big bottle and I am already considering stocking up on a second. Lovely, lovely, yumscious stuff... May
  25. I finally got my paws on a bottle of Allegro, and me likee! On me it's not very citrusy. I get a burst of the softer fruits, the guava and nectarines and apricot. No melon, but melon doesn't always stick around on me. It's summery and smells of sweet, sticky soft fruits. Very nice. Unfortunately it fades on me fairly quickly - within a couple of hours - but it's yummy and makes me want to chew my own arm. May
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