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  1. To be brutally honest. I, personally, have not found applying EoW neat to be the holy grail of female phero usage at all. I've tried neat application from 3 drops to 10 drops of EoW and it's not given me amazing results. When I DO get the results from cops is the day AFTER application. This makes me believe that, for me at least, less cops even residual cops works much more efficiently. I'm not sure why this is, others seem to get great results with neat application, it just does not work well for me. I get better results using diluted cops than EoW neat. Which is why I am sticking with the cops products here. An added bonus is the fact that products like Dominance don't bring my skin up in tiny blood red EoW drop-sized "burns" where I have applied them - which neat EoW does... Just my ten cents worth. May
  2. May

    Spider Silk

    Just to quickly add my observations to this thread. I was a bit concerned that this might be very subtle - and I'm not a big fan of subtle... However, while it is not strong it lingers and does wrap you in a coccoon of fragrance. On me it does smell like sweet baby powder overlaid with an almost "pink" sweetness. It lasts for ages too. May
  3. It was a visit to a village in Andalucia during May last year that sparked my original post about this perfume. May
  4. May

    Summer of Sin

    I did and I also booked my holiday today! So it's getting me nicely in the holiday mood. But I have a dilemma do I order SoS or Hamataschen in my next order. I want both but with booking the hols it's an expensive month! May
  5. May

    Summer of Sin

    Dolly was kind enough to send me a sample of this with my soap order, so I finally got to try it - YAY and BIG thanks to Dolly. Needless to say, I love it. I've got nothing to add to the reviews here, but want to add my vote of confidence. I will be ordering a big bottle of this very soon May
  6. Oh wow! I'm so glad Spanish Gold is being released this month. I've been working on some soul-destroyingly dull work and aching to just put everything down, head to the airport and go to Spain. Obviously I can't do that at the moment - but at least I can smell Spanish now! Thank you ladies! May
  7. Hmmmm... You post this at 11.19 saying you are walking away and then you reply to a post of Dolly's at 11.25... I somehow think the world record for long-distance strolls might be quite safe. May
  8. Aye Get some kip lass... Sometimes it can take days to get the descriptions and the web pages up. It's a lot of work. It's just the Ladies know we wait at the door slavering, so they give us the info as soon as they can, so it's often a bit piecemeal because we get a preview Hugs May PS Guess what it didn't rain on me today! So I don't have to post this! Oops!
  9. OOh, I already want Beltane and Turkish delight. I love the smell of Turkish Delight, and I'd like the bloke from the label of Un too.... I am prepared to wait my turn if necessary.... Whooo. I am excited! May
  10. I wore this outside for the first time today (I'm in a writing phase at the moment - hence no social life) I teamed it up with Scandalous to play down the sugary sweetness a little. This is probably just a coincidence but a middle-aged business man followed me onto a train, stared at me the whole journey and then tried to follow me home... and believe me I am not looking very lovely at the moment.... Apart from that I did notice people seemed very friendly. I'll give it another go on Tuesday - I've got another workshop May
  11. May

    Dirty Sexy

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed... I think my problem with NH was I amped the sweeter notes and ate the lower. I'm still praying though. May
  12. May

    Dirty Sexy

    I FINALLY have a sample of Dirty Sexy coming... Please let it work on me, and please not let it morph and make me smell pure and virginal. I want something Dirty and Sexy in my fragrance wardrobe! ... may
  13. That sounds yummy... I know I love Cougar's feel-good effect, I'll have to try it with Allegro. May
  14. I'm one of those ladies... it has to be very subtle not much A none and a touch of dilute cops, but it gives me very erotic dreams. I could cope well with a-none while I was not on the contraceptive pill, it would be interesting to see if that had changed now I am... Hmmm Experiment soon I think.. May
  15. May

    Dirty Sexy

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but have you tried shaking or rolling the bottle before applying it? One some of the scents here that can make a big difference... May
  16. Thanks! I've ordered a big bottle and I am really, really looking forward to getting it! I love happy sparkly phero mixes with lots of alpha nol Makes me wanna May
  17. May


    Oh heck, I LOVE Eleven, it's got a spicy top note I love. Please don't let this be in the Going, Going Gone thread... May (Running to check!)
  18. Psstt Katz? You might like to cast your vote here.... http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.p...entry9757 May
  19. I love them scented but maybe a scented limited? Mara has said there is a popularity mix but I'm not sure how similar that would be I don't know too much about it- my ideal is playful, glam sex kitten first, with popularity there but muted. A little awe-inspiring, like Kylie Minogue walking into a room full of folk. Sexy first, but playful and fun too. But definitely sexy, ooh-ya! May
  20. Cross-posted, because this is probably the right place for this post and phero pleading. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: For a new phero base I'd like something "sparkly" with that X factor. Kind of a "glamourous" or "star" blend. Not necessarily sexual but something that grabs attention and adds a bit of prestige. Successful but not dominant, kind of "fun, sparkly, successful" not "business woman, power suit, domineering successful" To use the phero talk language we have an Angelina Jolie (Dominance) successful I'd like a "Marilyn Monroe" successful type of blend. Alpha, sexy, but fun. I' m not sure this makes sense? May You got it If this was pherotalk I would say the vibe should be something like combining MX135 inc (TAH) with a LOT of Instant Shine (TAA) and LOTS of cops and some Alpha nol (for bubbliness) but I'm not sure PT titles are industry wide? Giggly and fun sexy. Not work and slightly scary sexy. (Although scary sexy can be lots of fun, sometimes I just want to be dead girly but still dead glam.) May
  21. May

    Fest of Fools

    Ah yes, sticking one's head into one's own cleavage... The unmistakeable body language of a Love Potions addict.... May Of course... *I* don't do this...
  22. May


    Please review it when you get it Scourger! I'd love to know what it's like and how "pondy" it is May
  23. May


    I love it as it is, but it only lasts 2 hours on me. However I put some on some cotton wool about 60 hours ago and I can still smell it. May
  24. May


    I'm going straight for a big bottle of this on my next order. May
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