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    The only drawback to Frog is that it dies down quite quickly on me and on holiday I don't want to be rummaging in my bag to reapply very often. I'd love it either double strength or may invest in a scent locket. In fact I've found one I want on ebay, so fingers crossed. I kind of want something I can roll on and that is good to go all day. May
  2. May


    I really like Frog. I am considering making it one of my vacation/ holiday perfumes. On hot days, when everyone else is all sticky and icky, it would just be like walkign around in your own lush green and cool oasis. I'm torn between Frog and something tropical.... May
  3. That's a shame I know a lot of the Ladies loved PB too.. May
  4. Now you know why I had to have two... YUM! May
  5. I think this is one you are just going to have to keep making... May
  6. I just wish I could make the image bat it's eyelids... May
  7. Thanks for your reviews ladies. I'm hoping that the scent of Allegro is a bit "bolder" or "stronger" than Cougar. I love the phero effect of Cougar on me, it makes me happy! But you know me and subtle scents! I think I'll order a big bottle of Allegro though, the phero effect sounds right up my street! May
  8. May

    Top Five

    Some changes here. 1) Cougar, cos it makes me feel happy (I'm hoping Allegro will also put a spring in my step) 2) Dominance - Love the rose and chocolate combo 3) Sabra - Just because it's fab 4) Scandalous - Love the cinnamon 5) Heart of Kapet - I like smelling like incense.... May
  9. May


    A google search for "Nile Temple Blend" asking for just pages from the UK - shows nothing... Looks like they are not exporting it to the UK - or nobody is importing it.. May
  10. Thanks Danna.... It would be great if you could.... May
  11. Hi all Allegro is one of those at the top of my wishlist, could somebody help me make my mind up by reviewing it? Thanks in advance! May
  12. Well, after reading the reviews on this one. I think I will skip ordering a sample and go straight for a big bottle. I know I love the honey scents here anyway. May
  13. Try layering it with Hamantaschen... Oh MY! May
  14. May

    'Til Death

    Dolly, my skin does such horrible - and I mean REALLY horrible things to this D5 does nothing... Frankly, on me it instantly morphs and smells just like overwhelmingly strong, acrid, and past its sell-by-date curry powder. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: I think I might need to avoid oud - I do horrible things to it AND then mega-amp it. I've showered and I still smell like a dodgy take-away. I know it's just me - because it smells great in the bottle and on cotton wool. May
  15. That's kind of what I thought, but Chai's post made me wonder... I have to admit though I prefer mine to come with a scent designed to compliment it. Like the Grapefruit scent makes people think youth so that was tied into the youthful pheros in Cougar. I don't think I am as likely to buy add-ins, or buy the two seperately. Although I would be interested in trying, for example, a cougar rebrew with a new complimentary perfume. I just like the two together. So I guess I will just stock up on what I like and grab new phero limiteds as and when they come out. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: Which makes deciding on my next shopping list a lot easier. May
  16. Do you mean that the fragranced pheros like Dominance with the rose will sell-out and cycle through, but we will still be able to add the unscented dominance phero blend to anything we like? Or do you mean that the the fragranced pheros, as they stand, will always be available? Just a bit confused... May
  17. May


    What Scourger said. I really like this one, but I don't think there is anything I can add to her fantastic review! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: So another vote of confidence here! May
  18. May

    'Til Death

    My parcel arrived this morning. (YAY!) This perfume smells lovely in the bottle - however, my skin does unbelievably foul, foul, foul things to this... I bet it smells great on everyone else though... I am gutted... May
  19. May


    Oh how I NEED my package... I think I am going to have to amp up the fortitude of the postie-trap May
  20. May


    These, made me LOL and this one is just soo... awwwwww... I so *HEART* hedgehogs... MAY
  21. May


    So I won't end up trying to devour my own arm then? May
  22. May

    'Til Death

    Yay! Yay! YAY!! The reviews of the new scents have started... I LOVE this bit... more! More! MORE! Thank You Gale! May PS... I think I may have hyperventilated a bit here... anyone got a brown paper bag?
  23. Hi Liz I have used both Pink Sugar and Boudloir as covers and they work fine. Pink Sugar is pretty but, to be honest, a bit "young" for my tastes. It's fun for Summer though. I've been using Boudoir for years, so I already knew I liked that one. Both cover EoW. May
  24. I have Red and have tried the others, except Sugared Cinnamon. Unfortunately Plaisirs does not "stick" (I can't wait for the D5 to arrive). Daaaannnnnaaaaa? Please, please Native soil?? May
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