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  1. Hey rinster! Get one & enjoy the musky goodness!!! I'm going to end up with *4 bottles* --we're totally taken care of. I think Mara had already set one aside for you before I jumped in, and there was still one extra left for me. :D


    Thank you, Elizabeth. You are very kind! :D

  2. :bananajoy::):yeahthat: ACK! Is there one of mine left? I'd love to snag that if it's available! I'm planning on putting my order through on Friday or Saturday when my paycheck hits the bank. Is that kosher?


    Mara - Can you please give mine to Elizabeth? It's her present to hubby and I'd feel bad taking it.

  3. So you won't have to scroll back to the other pages...


    Here's what I have:


    3 bottles of ElizabethOSP's Hound Dog

    (1 bottle for Luna, 1 bottle for Rinster?)


    Will invoice later when you guys are ready, or yes, you can buy a GC x 5 and write that it's for one of these PEs.


    Thanks, PM! I'll do the 5X gift certs and add it to my April sample order. It will probably be in a few days after I feed my paypal $.

  4. This started out rather lemony on me, them became a bit tropical with the coconut and pineapple, that miraculously morphed into a "just showered" skin scent. I wouldn't have expected that neding from my first sniff; it's fascinating.

  5. I think fans of Pithivier and Dream Lover will like this and vice versa, although each has its own distinct personality. They all three start out with a yummy chocolate front man, supported by their respective backup singers: marshmallow for Bun, violet for Pithivier, and orange/cotton for DL. Vedy nice.

  6. Oh Elizabeth, your description of the scent and your painting are absolutely amazing! I can't imagine how much fun it must be at your house up in the California mountains surrounded by art and music!


    Mara, will there be any leftovers of Elizabeth's scent? I want to roll around in it like a dog on a seagull, too!!! This was a wonderful idea to share to creative processes of these PEs on the forum. All the stories were SO good.

  7. I don't notice any chocolate, although it may play a supporting role. Florals can go a bit strident on me sometimes, but this is gorgeous and elegant. It is extremly lush, but at the same time well-bred and subtle. The beautiful label artwork captures this exactly: the model's creamy complexion and soft pink makeup against the velvety petals are a perfect visual representation of this scent.

  8. Another lovely sniffie! I had read the description a while back and decided the the pine and aquatics would be too astringent for me (really fresh scents make me sneeze.)


    Giving this a skin test, though, the first word to pop into my mind was "gentle". The meadow-like aspects from the daffodils, heather, and thyme are really shining through. At the same time, the cucumber and mint give it a very slight coolness, which is very evocative of the Scottish Highlands. This would be great on a girl or guy.


    Gah, when is there going to be a sale?! There are so many things I want and I can never afford them all. WAAAAHHHH!

  9. Got this as a lovely sniffie with my latest order. My first thought was how much this reminded me of the Autumnal Equinox scents, which are my absolute favorites! Looks like the other reviewers had the same thought.


    I'm not noticing the lemon (which is good), but it's probably adding a bit of sparkle under the radar along with the rhubarb. Even though it's a beautiful spring day, I really like this scent and don't kind if I smell seasonally anachronistic. :Hug_emoticon:

  10. This starts out very chocolately, then lightens up to a very breezy, light scent thanks to the neroli and cotton blossom. It's a very subtle, lovely, soft scent.

  11. BV - I've had that experience, too, particularly with amber scents. Sometimes I have to let them sit a day or two after I receive them and let the fragrance bloom. This one was very sweet on me. The sugar notes reminded me of Egg or Erin's Crystalized Sugar web.

  12. This started out a bit masculine on me, but softened on dry down. Moss scents tend to strike me a very fuzzy and mysterious vibe with me, as does this scent.

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