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  1. Yep, it's a clean green floral. It took some patience to let it develop, but turned into something quite nice.
  2. Is there one more position open? Can I get in?
  3. THANK YOU PM! Mystery solved.
  4. I'll jump in. This has a whole lot goin' on. There are so many ingredients competing for nose time I have a hard time picking out any one or two. The overall effect for me is clean green floral. I think I prefer scents with a just a few elements as my nose isn't very sophiticated! Edit for jumping in too quickly: The drydown is much nicer. It's almost like the chorus starts and the variety of voices start singing in unison. This is pretty!
  5. Here, here! Thank you Mara & the LP Gang for the wonderful extras with each order. The tiny tarot was a stroke of genius!
  6. ElizabethOSP, you did a MUCH better job sleuthing this one than I was able to!! I was at a loss and couldn't figure out what the heck it was. Thanks for chiming in.
  7. rinster

    The Star

    Without looking at the notes I intially thought this was a white floral, possible gardenia. (It must have been the honeysuckle and/or jasmine.) I agree this is a very sophisticated, classic feminine scent.
  8. rinster

    The Sun

    Wet, this was a blast of lemon on me, even though it isn't an ingredient (that's the bergamot, maybe?) The next note I get is spearmint, which I wouldn't have thought would be good with lemon, but it has the effect of making me feel very alert. This may be good for driving on long trips!
  9. rinster

    The Lovers

    The combination of fruit and sandalwood have a similar juicy/dry juxtaposition that I found intriguing in Vampire Cabernet, but I like this one better.
  10. This is so bubbly and flirty! I get sparkling pink grapefruit over a creamy base. Ebullient!
  11. rinster


    Lovely, gentle and clean. It's not harsh at all, which I usually associate with clean scents. I'll need to test this again when I don't have the other nine scents up and down each arm because it is getting overshadowed right now. Upon initial application, though, I really liked it!
  12. rinster

    The Magician

    Initially, the cedar is front and center. Since that note tends to smell like pencil shavings on me, I didn't have high hopes. The berry came out after a bit, and the florals are just in the background.
  13. rinster

    The World

    I'll second Chesire Kitten. It's definitely not a straight up banana, and the more it dries, the more it melds with the other ingredients. I get quite a bit of maple. It's very distinctive--out of all the test patches up and down both arms, I can defintely pick this one out easily.
  14. Thanks, Beccah! Sounds like we had a similar experience.
  15. I received an intriguing sniffie and am curious if anyone can give me more info on it. It's simply called: PE: Bianca (Alcohol Based Perfume) I did a search on the PE forum, but it doesn't seem to be "Bianca's Winter Wind" because I'm not getting any mint. It is a bit boozy in the vial, but on my skin it's a soft whisper of fragrance, like when you've washed your hands and a little scent remains. I'm curious to know what's in it because it made my eyes water a bit when I sniffed! Thanks!
  16. This was a surprise hit for me! I was afraid it would be too candy like and sweet, but it turned out to be one of my favorites. It's got that wonderful LP base, but the berries give it just a touch of sweetness like it could be Sparkle Fuchsia's distant cousin.
  17. rinster

    Lady Frost

    We had a piece of Key Lime pie for dessert the other night at one of our favorite restaurants and although this isn't exactly like it, it's got a cool, creamy citrus vibe that reminds me of that.
  18. In the vial the sweetness and vanilla are prominent, but on my skin it becomes a blast of cinnamon. On drydown the cinnamon calms down and it smolders into a rich, resinous treat. Love it.
  19. I ordered the Love Potion Sampler pack recently and to my surprise I adored ones that I thought I'd be ambivalent about and was meh on the ones I thought would be home runs. Gotta love those sampler packs! I thought Black was a sure thing, but I actually preferred Red, Pink, and Original. Black is nice, but I'm beginning to think honey isn't fond of me.
  20. This brings back memories of college where we would bring a thermos of hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps!.
  21. rinster


    I agree! This is a wonderful slightly spicy amber. It reminds me a bit of BPAL's "The Lion", but I prefer this one.
  22. This smells kind of wheat like on my skin when it's wet, almost like yeasty bread. After dry down it's very sweet and comforting.
  23. rinster

    Fest of Fools

    This was a very kind freebie in my order (Thank you!) What a great time of year to get this scent. It positively makes me want to go a-wassailing! Fest is a very clear, bright fruity scent. I'd call it a fruit punch, but it has nothing whatsoever in common with a sugary kid's drink. This smells like mulling spices and actual pieces of fruit. Yum.
  24. This absorbed into my skin very quickly and leaves my skin soft but with no greasy residue. Nice! The scent is delicious, but not overpowering. Mara was so kind to send my package with signature required delivery, so it didn't sit in my mailbox all day and freeze. Thank you!
  25. rinster

    Vicars & Tarts

    This one smelled fantastic in the body cream version for me. It's a luscious almond/pecan confection. In the trial vial, the frankincense was more a little more prominent. I prefer this as scented cream, but the oil is nice, too.
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