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  1. Wiki copy & paste: Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum & Nakai, family Cucurbitaceae) refers to both fruit and plant of a vine-like (climber and trailer) herb originally from southern Africa and one of the most common types of melon. Bees produce honey by collecting nectar, which is a clear liquid consisting of nearly 80% water with complex sugars. The collecting bees store the nectar in a second stomach and return to the hive where worker bees remove the nectar. The worker bees digest the raw nectar for about 30 minutes using enzymes to break up the complex sugars into simpler ones. Raw honey is then spread out in empty honeycomb cells to dry, which reduces the water content to less than 20%. When nectar is being processed, honeybees create a draft through the hive by fanning with their wings. Once dried, the cells of the honeycomb are sealed (capped) with wax to preserve the honey. Or the easy answer. I like the way it sounds.
  2. I am so happy with this! As a big fan of Sugared Melons I had hoped for that juicy melon scent but the mango combined really gives this a tangy punch that improves the melon for me. I don't detect eow at all while wet or during the dry down. It maintains the tangy melon while a nice hint of sugared honeycomb blooms from beneath it as the melon fades several hours later. I think it is similar to Summer Solstice'08 too, but focuses and is more heavy with melon varieties, which works perfectly for me my skin absorbed the fruitiness on that one much too quickly. Will soon see what my H thinks of the copulins content.
  3. You know it! They'll take their places lovingly beside my Pied Piper and Valentines Chocolates.
  4. I love Sugar Fried Bananas, haven't sniffed the others. I couldn't decide between Deliciously Wicked chocolate and honeys or LA BOOM chocolate and rasberry. So I got both! I do love my chocolates.
  5. I had a tough time choosing. I snagged older scents I've wanted and my baby from the design the august line. I feel dazed and panicked that I missed something (like Summer Solstice..groans), I am so glad to be getting a sample pack so I can sniff everyone elses babies. LOL Nakai Nectar LA BOOM Insight Potion Deliciously Wicked Sale choices were Fortune Cookie & 976-Girl.
  6. Oh they are gorgeous. Excellent job everyone! Thank you for your quick work Mara, and not making us wait until Monday! Now to choose. I thought I knew which ones I would buy & sale freebie to select since I have to limit myself to two. Sigh. I've wanted Lioness for a friend since Vivica posted back in the spring. I'm greedy. Lioness would be perfect for my friend. I'm selfish. The buy 2 get 1 sale makes it easier but I'm afraid to sniff Lioness in case I love it and have to give it up. Then I want last months insight potion just for the label, and summer solstice because I could drink my sample. I hate being limited. So glad I'm getting a sample pack of these I love my samples.
  7. I like this one a lot. The scent is worthy of the gorgeous label. Excellent scent. My skin just eats it up though so I'll be rushing through my sample.
  8. Add me to the impatient list. Before I was here too much checking on the progress of all my favorites for August. Now I'm checking in too many times a day looking for the NEW RELEASES FOR AUG. 2008!
  9. A 1/6 oz. roll on is tiny I would start with 1 drop, wait a few hours and give it a sniff test and add more by 1 drop increments from there. When I mix I aim for barely detectable, but you do have to wait a few hours sometimes even a day because the cops can be temporarily disguised and then resurface. Some of the oils do very well covering eow, some just don't. 1/6 oz.= 5 ml.
  10. May I hope you don't pull your potion idea it sounds lovely. If i were to go by picture, I would say Blossom of Love is peach blossom because it symbolizes a happy marriage. Second guess, persimmon, and that would really drive me crazy! Not that peach wouldn't drive me crazy I love it in scents too! Forgot to give thanks. lol Thanks for the artist names Mara! And thank you both for the new releases!
  11. She sure does! Summer Solstice is my favorite. The pin ups just make me want to collect them all! Argh, I need more money! I'm still 2 months behind. Dang est, set me back of what I could spend on Love Potion goodies in good conscience. I wanted it so badly though.
  12. Gorgeous labels as always. I think the labels have become as important as the scent descriptions for me when choosing. These are just stunning! So glad I was here to see them go up!!
  13. I received this little gem as a sample my last purchase, and promptly dropped it in to my goody bag of samples without sniffing because I don't like the smell of fresh carnations. What a mistake! This is gorgeous, sweet and pepperish floral spice. I've been layering with Pheroboy to add a little girly to it, makes a great pairing.
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