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  1. The chocolatini in mx135 does layer well with LP scents. I have worn it mostly with Valentines Chocolate to sweeten it up and extend the scent. It also layers well with PG Dominance but I can't comment on reaction because I have only tested the combo on the top of my hand so far. The rose in PG Dominance manages to stay true and strong combined, amazing to me because chocolatini is so strong. Can't wait to try mx135 layered with Sugar Fried Bananas.
  2. hahaha Stubbed toe eh? Between pheromones, LP, and all of the other etailers I love for bath and scent products I can't use stubbed toe in good conscience. April 27th is my b-day May. Lucky me it will fall just after new releases. I didn't want to add 'Til Death on to my pre-existing order I'm sure Mara and Danna were/are swamped enough with email orders but will surely get a sample next time around. Oooh new smilies!
  3. I'll have to wait on this one until April releases but looking forward to both of your reviews. My birthday is in April perhaps I can use that as an excuse to splurge again so soon.
  4. Paypal invoice arrived-payment sent. Thank goodness I was about to cave and start adding samples on to my purchases. Til' Death is peaking my interest I've never smelled oud and after reading the huuuge post about it at LS years ago I still want a sniff just to see what the fuss is about.
  5. I'm sold. I had been planning to purchase a bottle of Sugared Honeycomb but opted for PheroGirl original this time.
  6. Hahaha! So I wasn't the only one checking the site for updates and then the sale bottles listed for sell outs?
  7. Hard to choose with out scent descriptions yet. But Allegro has me wanting it purely for the label and androstenol. Definitely getting the full size PG cuddle bunny and cougar. From the new releases I want more than I can have. Toss up between Super, Allegro and PG original or super sexy add in to an older scent. Honeyed Seductions is also appealing, way to go Dolly! This one should have had one of your avatars on the label.
  8. I'm loving the label and description of Allegro! I do have questions about phero girl original, can't find the post now but I remember reading that it would be more honeyed this time around? Has the copulin content been increased?
  9. Thanks so much for the February scents Mara & Danna! I HAD TO HAVE Cougar, Bunny and Nasty Habits samples as soon as I noticed they were up! Also thanks to Dolly for posting the news over at Pherotalk.
  10. Mara is the gatekeeper... Are you the keymaster? There is no Danna... only Zuul. Bwhahahahahahha! I could read that again and again being totally entertained each time. Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost? If the answer is "yes," then don't wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals... I'm really looking forward to the new to be phero blends too!
  11. inkling

    Aztec Moon

    I'm trying to avoid purchasing anymore for myself until well after the holidays. But if I my spending wasn't limited I would want to sniff Essence of Luck, Kingdom of Dreams and Wishcraft.
  12. inkling

    Aztec Moon

    No problem Liz. We both may have been asking about this one. Hope you enjoy it, but for me it wasn't the foodie lovers chocolate scent I was hoping for.
  13. inkling

    Sugared Honeycomb

    This is THE honey scent I have been looking for! Most I have tried have been too bland and lacking that sweet tartness that true honey has. Thanks so much girls for chatting this one up until I had to order a sample. Definitely a new favorite and it has great layering possibilities as well as it is drop dead sexy on its own. I may be using this to extend the foodieness of LP Red and Black too.
  14. inkling

    Aztec Moon

    Thank you katz, it was I that requested a review. I received Aztec Moon yesterday, it is much more of a floral than a foodie scent. To my nose the floral was very strong, then it absorbed in to my skin and disappeared before I had a chance to notice more. While it may work for some people this just isn't what I was hoping for, I'm not too fond of heavy florals.
  15. Ooh more phero blends. I would love to see something along a mexican cocoa type of scent. Chocolate, cinnamon, light almond and spice and reminds me of high end chocolates also. LP Red and Black also work VERY well with pheromones so anything with that buttered rum like scent and resinous blend would be great. Looking forward to these new to be releases, my anniversary is Valentines day! Jasmin's response over at Pherotalk:
  16. I am a regular user of pheromone products including essence of woman. Normally I apply neat and make faces like this until it dries down and then apply my perfumes. I use a LOT more eow in one wear than my small sample of Phero Girl contains normally. Surprisingly just a few drops from my sample was very effective, even though I could not detect the eow by scent. So my conclusion would be that the aphrodisiac properties improved upon eow and vice versa. And thanks for listing the ingredients, I knew I was getting a greeny type of note at wet application that must be the orange blossom. I'm very pleased with pairing eow with a Love Potion scent, and have added eow to a few of my other samples now too.
  17. Thanks so much! And wonderful that it is a lasting scent, a lot of essence of woman wearers including myself have much better luck with that one if it has been on the skin for hours and even in to the next day.
  18. Oops I see I have the bottle size wrong and can't edit. I would be interested the amount of copulins per 1/4 oz. bottle of Phero Girl. I'm not looking for complete accuracy or any great mathematical equation. General idea will do. ha ha
  19. Thanks for the welcome. I've noticed eow improves some of my perfumes when wearing it, which is contradictory to smelling eow alone. I've had a few disasterous results trying to combine it with scents too. I agree with everyone, honey has to be perfect. I'm looking forward to sniffing this one, I've purchased a sample. Could you give an idea of the amount of copulins per 1/4 ml. bottle? Light, medium, heavy?
  20. Exciting to see pheromones combined with Love potion oils. Especially essence of woman, mixing it with scent is no easy feat. Thankyou!
  21. Hello I travelled here via an older post by Ail at pheromonetalk forum. The scent descriptions and oohs and ahhs peaked my curiosity and interest. I am a 37 yr. old woman, have been with my husband for 18 years, we have a big silly looking dog named Clive. I'm am hooked on good smells, be it perfumes, candles or incense. I love food scents like vanilla, fruits and spices. I would like to try the love potions in tandem with my pheromones, and really blow hubbys mind.
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