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  1. I hope it's not going to be an extraordinary and crazy thing, but a long long time ago I purchased and started to get moving with this amazing fantastic group. Once I got to fit in, life crushed me and left me learning to learn once again, even the basic daily challenges. My original account was still here today and I was able to find the original Log In! I just purchased several things and was it okay that I can still be active again with the original account and the purchase I just made? Hope this is the correct place this post. Content Count8 JoinedNovember 30, 2010 Last visited 1 minute ago CurrentlyViewing Topic: Hello! 😺 Warning Points0
  2. Been offline for a while to say the least, but as a man type AND having been there, I shall point out one thing that sticks in my mind from your post. . After having a failure in communication after 13 1/2 years with the same beautiful lady (I'm 54, she's 63) where she kept silent and let things fester, she let the anger manifest itself as "put downs" and being critical of every move I made while others in the family and friends circle could get away with murder. You talking about putting ice on the relationship...... It was the major reason I fell out of love with her because she seemed so mean and hateful with her words. If I was your guy, I'd have serious issues with you saying you still loved me after you felt the need to intentionally belittle, hurt or embarrass me with words. Just a thought from a man who gave up and walked away because of one thing::::: she never said or did anything to convince me she made a mistake with her sharp tongue out of anger. I personally think you should work on convincing him you'll never let anger drive a wedge between you like that ever again, IF he's willing to try and salvage the relationship. I'm an "ole skool" romantic at heart and wish you the best 'cuz nuttin' beats a great love affair!! My humble male opinion and suggestion on perfume........ wear whatever it was you wore when you first met and dated! Trust me, his memory of why he fell in love will subconsciously include the "smell" that was part of the allure. Now, if you want to try and "bump" that with a bit with some of the "magic dust" these wonderful ladies mix up to mess with men's minds, heck, it sure couldn't hurt!!
  3. Well, all I can say is wow! This stuff attracts attention and seems to please everyone pretty much. I like how it stays nice and subtle all day long although a retouch when getting off work does make it come back to it's peak for the rest of the evening. Mixed with the SS4M, it sure seems to be a potent pair of invisible magnets for the opposite sex. I'm stoked and feeling the Photo by Lagerfeld wil be drawing dust in the medicine cabinet from now on.
  4. Hmmmmm.... Amaretto... interesting comparision and maybe closer than anything I could think of. So check this out, woke up finally this morning (afternoon really) and what hit my brain first but that wonderful fragrance still going strong on the back of my hand. I almost hated to shower and wash it off since the sampler is small.... LOL Hot shower with Dove Inscented so as not to leave any silly smells from soap. Same application as last night (both sides of neck and back of the hands) with the SS4M and then NP4M. This stuff is amazing as far as I'm concerned. I'm one of those that finds something that works and am stuck there forever it seems. Those days are most likely gone forever. Went to the bank to get some bucks for dinner tonight and figured why not see if I can work this stuff and finish killing off the skeptic in me. I decided to fill out the deposit slip in her little cubby hole thing at the counter instead of out in the lobby. Leaned over there should keep the hands and neck close enough to do the trick I figured. Never got the slip filled out and looked up and there was this strange curious smile on her face. Her first words were, "I like that cologne but have never smelled anything like it. What is it?". I told her it was a magic love potionbrewed just to get her attention. Kind of the truth and kind of a tale of sorts. A bigger smile, some chit chat while she did her little paperwork and receipt stuff and then a have a great day as I got ready to leave. The hair twirl with her finger was the OMG moment. Seems that's the "sign" according to body language experts that one should pay attention to. Ladies?? The cashier at the Self Checkout came over to fix the scanner and delete an item and then just stayed there while others waited for her. She'd never said more than a casual hi before but now I got a quick lesson on the scanner and help finishing up. The lady at the deli came out instead of pointing out the package on the shelf in clear sight I had missed. Another quick conversation about trying another cheese with the wine I had, all from a lady that never was more than profesionally casual when I was stumped or had questions. I know, informal testing on my part but I figured what the heck. I intentionally asked questions of and requested help from the ones that I've seen there for many many years that were never more than slightly helpful, not always so cheerful and especially the ones that were "taken" and most likely not in the hunt so to say. I'm not the Marlboro Man or some Joe Cool smoozer but I've always been with great looking ladies that found me nice looking. Never was one with the fancy lines or flashy cars and million dollar jobs or suits. However, this North Pole stuff might well balance the playing field for those that are a touch shy or hesitant to strike up a conversation or get tongue tied in person like me. I have a VIP private dinner at the casino tonight I got invited to that should be an interesting place and group to check out this stuff on. Although the crowd of high rollers is normally a 45 to 50 + age group, there will be some younger ones and a lot of the ones my age are hot as hell still anyway. (Love how you ladies keep the hottttness factor so much longer these days! Your efforts and diligence are truly noticed and appreciated!) I'm thinking some mingling and close quarters should be interesting. Only two more hours and I'll find out I suppose......
  5. Well, I'm totally newb so forgive my ignorance in describing fragrances in the way most of you do. However, let me start by saying I'm so freaking stoked with my order of Super Sexy for Men and to find the samplers in with it although I screwed up and hadn't posted yet....... WOW! The one that caught my nose as it were was the North Pole for Men. I've never worn, much less bought anything like this so it took some doing to try it today...... I shall forever bow down to the Potion Master!! Her wish is my command!!! I had no idea how to go about gauging how much to try, especially the SS4M. So, I put the old roller against the left and right sides of the neck and maybe rolled a light track about an inch long on both sides. I then did the same with the back of both hands. I took the NP4M and using the little plastic swabby doo thingie, put a small line by each of these areas about two inches long I suppose. As it dried, I found the fragrance light but distinct, soft but not girly smelling but at the same time, robust for lack of a better term. I normally wear Photo by Lagerfeld so this was a change from the sandalwood fragrance I'd come to like. Now for the real test. I went to work and found an empty table in the drivers lounge, said my hellos to everyone, got my route manifest and sat down to plot my route directions for the day. The first strange thing was the lady that NEVER raised her eyes from one of the number puzzle block books she works in. She came in and instead of heading to the corner, sat down at my table, passing up the empty ones all around. After exchanging pleasantries, she said she loved my colgne! This from the loner that sits by herself ALL the time. Okay, maybe nothing. Next comes another female driver that says hi from time to time byt he table and after getting her manifest, she asks if she can sit with us. Now, being the ultimate skeptic, I'm thinking okay this is unusual. Within minutes, the two of them are talking about my unique cologne. Manly, different, wow, just to name a few words used. Before long, there were others scooting up to talk to them which led to talking to me which was not the norm at all. Afrter about 45 minutes, I was through and got up to go out and burn one before leaving the yard. Within minutes, guess who's there????? Now I'm thinking this is maybe not so coincidental as I thought. Through out the day, no matter where I stopped, I got smiles, small talk, warm hellos and "See ya later" as never before. Returning the yard, once again I found several ladies that never seemed to give me the time of day, smiling, chatting, asking questions I felt sure they already knew the answer to, twirling their hair, laughing.... hmmmmmm... the skeptic in me is rolling his eyes now in wonder. When I left, I reapplied a touch more of the cologne in the same places and headed to see that someone special. Now, we've had issues this year and she pulled the old lets chill for a while since I'm stressed with the foreclosure and other family drama BS. ( I'm 53 and she's a hot and young looking 61 now but we've been exclusive for 14 years). She noticed but didn't say anything for a bit. I think I caught her off guard with the change from the colgne she always loved on me. At dinner at the casino, the usual waitress we get, must have cleaned the tables around us a million times. Finally when the coast was clear, she told me that was the most wonderful cologne she'd ever smelled. This went on with the cocktail waitress, the lady gambling next to us, the promotion desk... literally everywhere I went, I got compliments, smiles, second glances and even a phone number slipped to me on a napkin! Ms Cool Shoulder that wants to keep things friendly was all of a sudden wnating to know what "we" were doing today on my day off, if she could call when she and her daughter finsihed shopping, etc. etc. which was quite the opposite for her lately. On the way home, I stopped to talk to my bartender buddy at the local watering hole and the bodaciously hot as hell waitress was off and sitting at the bar chatting with some folks. It took only a few minutes to get invited over and introduced around. It took even less time for her to get around to my cologne and wanting to try it herself. I must admit, it smells pretty hot on her whcih surprised me. I've never had so many"leg bumps" on a bar stool and most lasted too long to not be obviously intentional. I'm thinking this stuff is the missing link!! North Pole is going to be my next present to "self". It stays even all day long it seems and is a real attention getter. What a deadly weapon - NP4M to get their attention and draw them in and then SS4M to take their breath away and put them under a spell. Heck, I think I'm falling for me too!!! I know, it's only the first day but there can't be that many coincidences in one day. All I can say is the mall is my target for today...... On ascale of 1 - 10, this North Pole is at least an 11. I almost feel guilty wearing this stuff after what I saw today.... NOT!!! I bow to the Potion Master!!
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